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San Francisco is the fourth largest city in the state of California.


Escaping a Tail

In San Francisco, Leo Fitz used Lance Hunter's tips for losing a tail to make a getaway in a Quinjet from Robert Gonzales' agents who were following him. Once aboard the craft, he was met by Deathlok in the pilot’s seat, and he was told that Phil Coulson wants to make a deal with Grant Ward.[1]

2015 CrossTech Heist

Return of Scott Lang


Scott Lang returns back to San Francisco

Following three-years sentence in San Quentin State Prison, Scott Lang was released and he reunited with Luis and befriended Kurt and Dave who offer him a position in a burglary; however, Lang exploits his intention about going straight. Furthermore, he learns that his ex-wife has gotten engaged to a police officer, Jim Paxton. His wife also reveals that he cannot see their child anymore if he does not provide child support.[2]

Infiltration into CrossTech

While the congregation ceremony of the Yellowjacket Suit is taking place, Ant-Man, along with his crew and a swarm of ants, infiltrates the Cross Technologies building. After planting explosives and sabotaging all the servers, Lang is captured by Darren Cross. Cross sold both the Ant-Man and Yellowjacket suits to HYDRA. Lang breaks free from his trap, fights the HYDRA agents and chases after the escaped Cross. Then, the planted explosives planted on Cross's unstable Pym Particle formula detonate, imploding the building into the Quantum Realm.[2]

Duel at Maggie Lang's House

Ant-Man explosion

Ant-Man fights Yellowjacket

When Darren Cross dons the Yellowjacket Suit, Scott Lang traps Cross in a bug zapper, but before he can sabotage his suit, he is tasered and arrested by Jim Paxton. Cross escapes to Maggie Lang's House and holds Scott's daughter, Cassie Lang, as a hostage, to lure Scott to him. They both fight once again but as a last effort, Lang shrinks to a subatomic size to finally penetrate and sabotage the Yellowjacket suit. They both shrink uncontrollably in the nothingness of the subatomic quantum realm, with Cross imploding due to his suit being damaged by Scott, who smashed through the suits mechanisms and circuits as he turned subatomic. Scott, fighting unconsciousness and after hearing Cassie calling for him, finds the will to escape and puts a disc with enlarging Pym Particle formula inside the suit's regulator and switching it back on, successfully reverting to his original size.[2]

Steel Serpent's Sales

San Francisco was the hometown of one of the Hand's clients that bought their Steel Serpent using the Rand Enterprises' resources.[3]

School Field Trip

Atlas Academy held a field trip to the Art Institute in San Francisco. Karolina Dean asked her mother, Leslie Dean, to sign a permission slip for the trip, but Leslie refused.[4]

Chase for the Quantum Tunnel

House Arrest


Scott Lang is kidnapped by Hope van Dyne

Released from the Raft by Steve Rogers, Scott Lang decided to cut a deal with the Government of Germany and Homeland Security. Lang was returned to the United States where he was placed under house arrest in his house in San Francisco, supervised by the FBI. Playing with Cassie Lang, he accidentally broke out of the house, FBI agents led by Jimmy Woo arrived at the house to check the perimeter.

At his final days under house arrest, Lang suddenly received the vision of Janet van Dyne and called Hank Pym to talk about it. Pym did not respond at first, but then Hope van Dyne kidnapped Lang from his house in order to use him to find her mother. Van Dyne brought Lang to the Mobile Laboratory where she and Pym were designing the Quantum Tunnel. Discussing Lang's vision, Pym and van Dyne figured that they were close to rescuing Janet and they need to purchase the Quantum Stabilizer from Sonny Burch.[5]

Battle at the Oui

Ant-Man and the Wasp 37

Wasp fights off Sonny Burch's men in the Oui

Hope arranged to buy a part needed for the tunnel from the black market dealer Sonny Burch; however, Burch has realized the potential profit that can be earned from Pym and Hope's research and double-crosses them. Wasp fought Burch and his men off, until she was attacked by a unstable masked woman, referred to as the Ghost. Ant-Man tried to help fight off the Ghost, but she escaped with Pym's portable lab.[5]

Chase at San Francisco

After locating the Mobile Laboratory, Ant-Man, Wasp and Hank Pym engaged in a three-sided conflict trying to stop Sonny Burch and Ghost from obtaining it. Hank Pym managed to get inside and enter the Quantum Realm and look for Janet van Dyne as Ant-Man and the Wasp continued fighting. Eventually, Sonny Burch and his goons were taken down by X-Con Security Consultants, and Hank Pym returned with Janet van Dyne as Ant-Man and Wasp defeated Ghost.[5]


San Francisco was one of the thousands of cities across Earth affected by the Snap. The sudden disappearance of millions of people caused chaos and panic throughout the city, with a state of national emergency being declared. Notable San Francisco residents killed in the Snap were Hank Pym, Janet van Dyne and Hope van Dyne. Scott Lang was believed to have been killed as well, but he was actually trapped in the Quantum Realm.[5]

Scott returns

Scott Lang arrives at the Wall of the Vanished

After Thanos wiped out half of all life in the universe, the Wall of the Vanished was built in honor of all citizens who were killed. In 2023, a rat activated the Quantum Tunnel, releasing Scott Lang from the Quantum Realm. Quickly realizing something devastating had happened, he searched the Wall, hoping not to find his daughter Cassie's name on it and was shocked to discover his own name on the monument. He then traveled to his ex-wife's house, where he had a tearful reunion with his now teenage daughter, Cassie Lang.[6]



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  • San Francisco translates into "Saint Francis" in Spanish.


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