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"I'll say this once, Mr. Nelson. If, God willing, your firm doesn't collapse under the weight of the chickens and the fruit baskets you've been collecting from your clientele, there will come a time when you need to ask a favor of the District Attorney's Office, and depending on how this situation resolves, that favor will either be forthcoming or permanently withheld. Am I making myself clear?"
―Samantha Reyes to Foggy Nelson[src]

Samantha Reyes was a no-nonsense and brutal District Attorney for the Southern District of New York and rival to Jeri Hogarth, who wanted to use the trial of Frank Castle in an attempt to push her political career, as well as protect herself from her involvement in the Massacre at Central Park ever becoming common knowledge. Reyes went against Nelson and Murdock and succeeded in sending Castle to Ryker's Island. However, when the Punisher escaped from prison and threatened to expose Reyes' part in the deaths of his family, Reyes was assassinated by Ray Schoonover.


District Attorney

Serious Reputation

"That's Reyes?"
"In all her Defense Attorney destroying glory."
Karen Page and Foggy Nelson[src]

Reyes' father served within the United States Army, giving Reyes strong respect for soldiers as well as giving her a sense of duty and honor.[1] She worked as the District Attorney of New York City and was involved with and connected to many events of misconduct which resulted in most of her staff taking the fall for her actions but with Reyes always walking away completely unscathed. Throughout her career, she gained a reputation for destroying Defense Attorneys during court cases, leading to Foggy Nelson being highly anxious about ever going against her.[2]

Failed Sting Operation

"I decided an empty park would show our hand, so yes, I green-lit the operation, civilian traffic and all."
"And it oh so predictably all went to shit."
"Blacksmith didn't show before we had a chance to move in the gangs got rattled and opened fire on each other. Our undercover was killed and Castle's family... God damn it."
―Samantha Reyes and Foggy Nelson[src]

Reyes became aware of the Blacksmith, a drug lord attempting to take over the drug trade in New York City. He remained elusive and her office could not determine how his smuggling operation worked. When an undercover cop tipped off the D.A.'s office that the Blacksmith was arranging a meeting between the Kitchen Irish, Mexican Cartel and Dogs of Hell, led by Dutton, at the carousel in Central Park. Reyes arranged a sting operation hoping to identify the Blacksmith. However, Reyes decided not to clear the park, fearing it would tip off the gangs.

The sting quickly went south, as the Blacksmith didn't show up, and the gangs got rattled, resulting in the opening fire on each other, killing the undercover cop and the Castle family during the crossfire. Frank Castle survived a gunshot to the head, while his wife, daughter, and son lost their lives. In a vain attempt to cover up her failure to save her career, Reyes had the dead cop labeled a John Doe and also gave a Do Not Resuscitate order on Castle, but the latter revived without any medical assistance. Castle, determined to find answers and to punish those responsible for his family's death, began killing all the gangs involved.[3]

Hope Shlottman's Case

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Accusing Jessica Jones

Reyes questions Jessica Jones

"She killed a man with her bare hands Jeri, and it's not the first death she's been linked to, now we have witnesses."
"All of whom will testify that he forced them to try and kill each other."
"They were a bunch of drunken brawlers off a booze cruise."
―Samantha Reyes and Jeri Hogarth[src]

Reyes dealt with the case of Jessica Jones, who had seemingly murdered Kilgrave in cold blood. Jeri Hogarth defended Jones by saying Kilgrave had used his powers of persuasion and forced Jones to kill him out of guilt for his crimes. Reyes claimed the citizens were just drunks who got into a fight, and that the NYPD officers had opened fire against Jones without justification. To avoid any scandal, Reyes gave up in her pursuit while Jones remained silent throughout the questioning.[4] However, as part of Reyes' campaign against vigilantism, she continued to investigate Jones, and submitted her under serious scrutiny.[5]

Hunting the Punisher

Foggy Nelson's Threat

Reyes is introduced to Foggy Nelson

"He knows exactly who he wants to hit and if any of his intended marks are lucky enough to escape."
"Say they're buying a sandwich, in bed with the flu, recuperating under an assumed name at Metro-General."
"Sooner or later, he gets to them too."
―Samantha Reyes and Blake Tower[src]

When Grotto, the only survivor of the Massacre at the Burren Club, was taken to the 15th Precinct Police Station for his own protection as he was being hunted by the Punisher, Reyes and Blake Tower went to meet with him. Upon arriving, Reyes was greeted by Foggy Nelson who tried to stop Reyes, but she made the moves to put Grotto in her custody and into witness protection, with Tower explaining that the District Attorney's office would be handling Grotto's case for here onwards and would not require their assistance.

Reyes agrees to Foggy Nelson's terms

Although Nelson tried to argue that Nelson and Murdock was able to put Wilson Fisk in Ryker's Island, Reyes just insulted his law firm and noted that if he did not comply with her at this time then the District Attorney's office would be unwilling to ever assist them in the future. Nelson however was not intimidated and instead threatened to call the US Attorney's office and tell them of all Reyes' questionable methods, forcing Reyes to finally give in to Nelson's demands and keep him on as Grotto's lawyer and forced her to comply with the requests put forward by Grotto, much to Reyes' great annoyance.

Reyes offers to one time deal to Grotto

Reyes met Grotto who promised to give up information about the Kitchen Irish in exchange for a deal, however, Reyes insisted that this was not good enough as most of Grotto's associates were already dead, including Nesbitt. Instead, Tower proposed that Grotto wear a wire to meet with Edgar Brass and trick him into confessing that he was dealing with drugs in New York City again. While Reyes left to answer a call, Grotto was initially refused due to his fear of Brass, but when Reyes and Tower presented the evidence of the Punisher's killing spree, it quickly changed his mind and agreed.[6]

Using Grotto

Reyes prepares Grotto for his new mission

"You came to us for a deal, Grotto, you wanna walk, walk, we can always find someone else, after recent events we've got plenty of exciting prospects, lots of lowlives are looking to get out of the crime business for good."
―Samantha Reyes to Grotto[src]

With Grotto reluctantly agreeing to assist them in catching Edgar Brass, Reyes and her own team put everything in place, secretly preparing to ambush the Punisher who would undoubtedly come to assassinate Grotto. Karen Page and Foggy Nelson reassured Grotto while Reyes became more frustrated by Grotto's attitude towards the situation, reminding him that he could just walk into jail if he wanted as they could easily find somebody else to replace him in this mission as many people wanted to get out of crime.

Reyes sees her plan to catch Punisher fails

Reyes watched Grotto's movements on a video feed with Nelson sitting beside her, skeptical of Reyes' true intentions, especially when she referred to Grotto as a target rather than a man. Reyes secretly communicated with the SWAT teams who were prepared to fire at the Punisher when he arrived. Soon Nelson had learned of the deception just as the Punisher seemingly arrived. SWAT teams fired only to learn he had used the Dogs of Hell as a distraction. However before he could kill Grotto, he was attacked by Daredevil and the pair fought before eventually escaping into the night.[6]

Reyes defends herself against Karen Page

In the aftermath of the disastrous sting operation, in which the Punisher, Daredevil, and Grotto had all escaped, Reyes decided to make a hasty escape herself. Reyes ordered Blake Tower to ensure that the media be kept out so they could control the narrative. Nelson and Page confronted Reyes about the disaster but she showed a complete lack of sympathy towards Grotto and told Page that Nelson and Murdock were out of their league and threatened to blame them for the mess before ordering them to stay away from the case from now on and leaving in her car with Tower beside her.[2]

Capture of Frank Castle

Reyes meets and argues with Matt Murdock

"You have a reputation of being a smart man, and since your colleges seem unable to grasp the hornets nest they keep kicking let me direct this at you. Leave this ward, leave this man, leave this entire case behind before you wake up six feet under the ash that was your reputation and promising legal career."
―Samantha Reyes to Matt Murdock[src]

Eventually Frank Castle was captured after a deadly gunfight with the Kitchen Irish and was taken to Metro-General Hospital to recover from his injuries. Reyes appointed Christopher Roth as his lawyer, knowing that he would lose the case. When Reyes learned that Nelson and Murdock were meeting with Castle she confronted them, telling Matt Murdock to drop the case. When Reyes argued that they had to drop the case due to representing Grotto they argued that it did not matter, however, Brett Mahoney revealed that Castle now wanted them to be his new lawyers.

Reyes is directly threatened by Frank Castle

Once Foggy Nelson and Karen Page had eventually completed their negotiations with Castle discussing their legal tactics, Reyes called in Judge Cynthia Batzer to witness Castle's confession of guilt about his many crimes and murders. However as Batzer called for Castle's plea, he stared straight at Reyes with pure hatred and pleaded not guilty. Castle looked straight into Reyes' eyes and insisted that he would ensure that she burned right beside him and Batzer confirmed they would go to court with this case, causing the furious Reyes to storm out of the building to prepare for the case.[7]

Reyes v. Frank Castle

Reyes delivers her opening statement in court

"The victims are not on trial here today and justice does not belong in the hands of a man like Frank Castle, this isn't the Wild West. Justice is served here in a court of law, and it is up to each of you to take back the city from lawless vigilantes like Frank Castle. This man is no hero, he's a serial killer, and he is guilty."
―Samantha Reyes[src]

Reyes personally took charge of the prosecution of Frank Castle as the case went to the Court Building where Reyes chose the jury and they began. Reyes gave her opening statement where she accused Castle of brutally murdering at least thirty people, noting that he was not a hero but a serial killer. Reyes then listened to Foggy Nelson's speech where he argued that Castle was still a soldier who had lost everything during the terrible Massacre at Central Park.

Reyes accuses Matt Murdock of threats

Reyes' first witness was Doctor Gregory Tepper who had dealt with the victims of the Massacre at Central Park who was asked by Blake Tower about how all fifteen victims had died. However, just as Matt Murdock began his own questioning, Tepper requested to make his own statement, at which point Cynthia Batzer cleared the courtroom. Much to Reyes' horror, Tepper confessed that he had altered all the autopsy reports on the victims including a John Doe. Tepper than told the room that a woman had forced his own confession leading to Reyes accusing Nelson and Murdock of hiring the attacker.[8]

Reyes questions Colonel Ray Schoonover

The next witness called in by Nelson and Murdock was Colonel Ray Schoonover, who was Castle's commanding officer during his time in the United States Marine Corps. Nelson asked Schoonover about Castle's character and they learned a story of how Castle had saved his whole unit when their Major had foolishly walked them into enemy territory. Reyes then spoke with Schoonover, noting her own father's military service, however when Reyes questioned Schoonover's own story's credibility, Schoonover revealed he was the major in the story, proving all the statements to be true as Reyes sat down.

Reyes and Blake Tower listen to Andrew Lee

Doctor Andrew Lee was called in as an expert witness to offer his medical diagnosis of Castle's head wound, explaining that he had been shot point-blank in the head which had put him in a state of constant mental chaos. Reyes spoke with Blake Tower while Foggy Nelson interviewed Lee in further detail and objected when Nelson called for a conclusion. However while Nelson made his case for extreme emotional disturbance, they were interrupted when Brian Cooley screamed at Castle for killing his father before then being removed from the courtroom by all of the guards.

Reyes and Tower see Punisher's breakdown

As part of the final stage of the court case, Frank Castle was called to the stand by Matt Murdock. Reyes listened as Murdock asked Castle about the Massacre at Central Park before stating that New York City needed men like Castle in the wake of Wilson Fisk's crimes, accusing Reyes of trying to destroy these heroes. Before Reyes began her own questioning however, Castle gave a speech in which he admitted guilt and yelled out that he enjoyed killing his victims. This caused Reyes to win the case and Castle to then be sent to Ryker's Island to begin his extremely long prison sentence.[1]


Reyes asks for Nelson and Murdock's help

"I don't care how much time you spent in an interrogation room with him, he's coming after my child."
"What do you want from us?"
"If he contacts you just let us know. I want to make sure that nobody else gets hurt. I know what I've done here, but please..."
―Samantha Reyes and Matt Murdock[src]

When the Punisher escaped from Ryker's Island, Reyes discovered a picture of Castle's x-ray in her daughter's backpack while she was being sent to school. Reyes was mortified and her daughter was put into protective custody. Fearing the worst, Reyes called upon the help of Nelson and Murdock to try and locate Castle before anyone else got hurt. However Foggy Nelson insisted that she first explain the real reasons why Castle would be targeting her.

Reyes is assassinated by Ray Schoonover

Both Reyes and Blake Tower then reluctantly explained how she had inadvertently caused the Massacre at Central Park which claimed the lives of not only some gang members but Castle's entire family while Reyes had tried and failed to capture the Blacksmith. Although Karen Page insisted that Castle would not harm Reyes' child, she was not convinced and begged them to give her whatever information they could about him. As Reyes was speaking, Matt Murdock heard a gun being loaded and pushed his friends out of the way just as a hail of bullets shot Reyes through the back and killed her.[3]


Tower's Appointment

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Samantha Reyes was described as formidable, no-nonsense and would achieve nothing less than absolute victory in court. She had been known to destroy amateur law firms and exploit any loophole or a dirty tactic to win; something that made most lawyers in New York City, including the lesser-known Nelson and Murdock, to be terrified of ever confronting her in court due to her formidable reputation.

Reyes had a highly negative opinion on vigilantes which is something that contributed to her desire to see Frank Castle locked away forever, viewing them as lawless men that are better suited in the Wild West and that the only justice in the world can be found in a court of law, she deemed Castle as a "serial killer" and nothing less. Reyes held this same opinion of individuals with powers as, although she chose not to follow through on the case regarding Jessica Jones having seemingly murdered the criminal known as Kilgrave, Reyes did decide to keep a close eye on her to assist with her anti-vigilantism campaign.

However, Reyes was not motivated by her desire for justice and exerted a great deal of influence to assure that the Castle Case never reached the public, out of fear that her involvement in her creation of the Punisher would be revealed and that the scandal would destroy her reputation and damage her political position as the District Attorney. She was not above threatening anybody in her disfavor as she repeatedly vowed to end Nelson and Murdock if they took the Punisher Case and possibly incriminate them for her own actions. Though Reyes was careful to achieve her goals within the legal system and not break any laws, she proved to have little care for a wit/pro agreement as she placed the unknowing Grotto as bait to draw out the Punisher despite having previously promised him protection. To hide her involvement, she infringed medical reports by turning the undercover cop she implanted as a John Doe and placing a Do Not Resuscitate Order on a surviving victim, Frank Castle and was willing to make sure Castle got the death penalty by flying him out of New York to a state where it was legal to do so.

If needed, though, Reyes will put her ego aside and admit to her mistakes as she finally does with Nelson and Murdock, despite her constant promises and threats against the three of them, finally begs them to help her after finding a threat against her daughter's life from "the Punisher".


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