Samantha Carlisle is a senior paralegal at Stark Industries.[2]


Samantha Carlisle was a paralegal who had seniority in the Stark Industries legal department. She worked with Natalie Rushman (alias of Black Widow who was working undercover) at Stark Industries. Samantha at the time was aiming to get higher in the company, and she did stuff like stopping into the coordinators office to get opportunities, this lead to her being considered to deliver documents to Tony Stark in Malibu at his Mansion.[2]

Black Widow however needed to get closer to Stark so she slipped a pill into Carlisle's drink. The pill caused her to experience vomiting sending her to the infirmary making her unable to deliver the documents to Stark, thus allowing Black Widow to deliver the documents instead.[2]





  1. According to Black Widow in Iron Man 2: Black Widow: Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D., Samantha was 2 years younger than her, leading to her year of birth being around 1986.
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