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"I wonder if that's weird for May."
"How do you mean?"
"Someone else having your face like that? It's just creepy."
―Sam Koenig and Antoine Triplett[src]

Sam Koenig is an Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. and the brother of Eric, Billy, Thurston, and LT Koenig. During his time with their agency, Koenig had assisted with the battles against HYDRA, since his brother Eric was killed by Grant Ward. Once HYDRA had been defeated, Koenig continued working for S.H.I.E.L.D. until Billy was captured by the Watchdogs, as Koenig worked with his other siblings in order to eventually rescue him.


New S.H.I.E.L.D.

Working for Phil Coulson

"Koenig's always mentioning other brothers. Every day, another brother. If he brings up one more brother I don't know what I'm gonna do."
Antoine Triplett to Skye[src]

In his youth, Sam Koenig, as well as all his brothers, was picked on by his older sister LT Koenig. He and Billy Koenig worked as technicians in the original Life-Model Decoy program.[2]. Sam stayed in a S.H.I.E.L.D. Safe House where he was given the assignment of finding Robert Gonzales so that Phil Coulson could recruit him back to S.H.I.E.L.D. after the HYDRA Uprising.[3] Antoine Triplett was concerned when Billy Koenig constantly discussed with him the brothers he had other than Eric Koenig whom Triplett previously met.[4]

Theta Protocol

"Theta Protocol. I'll need you to write that down for me."
"I gotta tell you, it's not easy keeping something as big as a Helicarrier a secret."
Phil Coulson and Sam Koenig[src]

Koenig getting his updates from Billy Koenig

One morning in 2014, soon after Phil Coulson had become Director of S.H.I.E.L.D., Koenig was woken up by a phone call from his brother Billy Koenig after a long night of playing video games together, and was informed that Coulson would be meeting him a little earlier than expected, as his flight with American Airlines would be three minutes. early. However, before he left, Koenig asked Billy why he had quit their game of Call of Duty the night before, to which Billy accused his brother of spawn killing him, as well as eating pretzels throughout the game, which Koenig simply smiled about.

Koenig preparing to welcome Phil Coulson

Beginning his day, Koenig had then got himself dressed, choosing a specific S.H.I.E.L.D. Lanyard and pair of socks, which had the robots on, as these made him smile. Once he was dressed, Koenig checked himself in the mirror, where he also found the post-it note that he had written for himself, reminding him to phone LT Koenig, which Koenig ignored. Once he had put on some chapstick, Koenig went to greet Coulson, once he had arrived into the S.H.I.E.L.D. Safe House, where Koenig lived, with Coulson complaining about getting the middle seat once again, before giving Koenig a leaflet that he promised him.

Koenig and Phil Coulson discuss S.H.I.E.L.D.

As they walked down their hallway, Koenig also commented on how well Jemma Simmons was adjusting into HYDRA, during her current undercover mission to learn about Daniel Whitehall's schemes, with Coulson also noting that Skye was training with Melinda May, while Antoine Triplett was now a full time agent, while Koenig commented on how his brother had been complaining about how Isabelle Hartley and Lance Hunter were drinking all of his beer. Koenig told the new director that he was unable to locate Robert Gonzales, but he would continue to look, despite fearing that HYDRA had killed Gonzales.

Koenig shows Theta Protocol to Phil Coulson

Finally, Koenig then asked if Leo Fitz was making any progress in his recovery, as Coulson assured that he was getting better. Koenig then gave Coulson a new Lanyard, also commenting on it's design, as he wondered if the other agents, particularly May, had still believed that Coulson was traveling into London to recruit others into S.H.I.E.L.D.. Coulson told Koenig that he did not have a lot of time, but he wanted an update on the project, as Koenig then revealed that he named the project Theta Protocol as Coulson went inside to overview the repairs being made to the Helicarrier, noting that it was not easy to hide.[3]

Protecting Raina

Koenig offering to protect Raina from HYDRA

"I'm Agent Sam Koenig. Coulson sent me."
"I'll explain later. Come here, give me a hug. I'm not hitting on you, okay? I'm S.H.I.E.L.D.. Just stay close and stay quiet."
Raina and Sam Koenig[src]

Once S.H.I.E.L.D. had become aware that Raina was currently being targeted by Daniel Whitehall's operatives, the Koenig brothers were recruited to assist with the extraction effort. Once Raina had become aware that Whitehall intended to capture her, Koenig had remained around a corner with an umbrella in his hand beckoning her, who was confused as it was his brother who had told her to go around the corner, as Koenig had then promised that he would explain their situation for her, but for now Raina would simply have to trust him.

Koenig taking his quick photograph of Raina

Seeing that Raina was still unsure about the entire situation, Koenig had told her he had been sent by Phil Coulson, as he ordered to her to hug him, promising that he was not attempting to hit on her, telling her to come closer to him. Once Raina was in his arms, Koenig then held the Cloaking Umbrella over them, shielding them from the view of the HYDRA agents, who Whitehall had sent, as Koenig told Raina to remain silent. Once they were gone, Koenig introduced himself, as he told Raina that she would need a S.H.I.E.L.D. Lanyard, as Koenig had then taken a photograph of the still highly confused Raina.

Koenig and Lance Hunter continuing the plan

Once they had gotten Raina into their S.H.I.E.L.D. Safe House, Billy updated Coulson on the extraction of Raina, and their report on the HYDRA agents, while Koenig had remained off camera making jokes about how awesome Agent 33's facial scars were and being excited at the chance to meet with Melinda May, although Billy mocked the comments. While walking through the street, Koenig was followed by a single HYDRA assassin, but before he could get too close, Lance Hunter knocked him out with a strike to the neck, while claiming that the assassin had simply collapsed, before then rejoining Koenig.

Koenig and Lance Hunter rescue their allies

As they made their exit, Koenig complimented Hunter on this attack, while Hunter mistook him for his brother Billy, who Koenig claimed to be the shorter brother. Koenig later teamed up with Hunter and May to take possession of a HYDRA van, while they continued with their extraction of Raina and Skye. As Raina attempted to alert HYDRA to her location, in order for her to be brought directly to Whitehall, May drove the van into the HYDRA agents, before Koenig and Hunter had opened their door and dragged Raina and Skye inside, as they drove away before Agent 33's team were able to catch up with them.[1]

Facing Grant Ward

Sam and Billy Koenig talk with Antoine Triplett

"Should we cloak?"
"Not yet, just grab a seat and lock in, it's gonna get bumpy."
―Sam Koenig and Melinda May[src]

Back onboard the Bus, Koenig had made himself a cup of coffee, as he was joined by Antoine Triplett and Billy, with Koenig asking Triplett about his shoulder injury, before Billy then noted that they had been discussing Agent 33, and mocked the HYDRA agent over her robotic voice. When Triplett saw the brothers together he asked how many of them there were. The brothers both jokingly said thirteen, and took great pleasure in Triplett's shocked reactions, noting that the joke surprised people every time they used it, but never gave a definitive answer to his question.

Koenig learns about Daniel Whitehall's threats

However, Koenig suddenly became alerted to a situation, as the Bus was suddenly intercepted by four HYDRA Quinjets. Once Koenig and their team tried to work out what was happening, the message came through from Daniel Whitehall, ordering them to surrender or be shot from the sky, noting that he wanted Raina to be handed back over to a representative. However, despite Lance Hunter recommending that they escape from HYDRA as soon as possible, it became impossible as the Bus was docked by one of these Quinjets, forcing Koenig and the other agents to arm themselves and face Whitehall's soldiers.

Koenig threatening to shoot down Grant Ward

Koenig then stood with Triplett and Raina as they all prepared to face Whitehall's representative, as Triplett questioned how they were able to find the Bus. However, they were then greeted by Grant Ward, who explained that HYDRA had been able to hack into Raina's tracker, as this was the frequency that S.H.I.E.L.D. used in the Cold War. Koenig kept his gun raised, while Ward then ordered the team to lower their guns, as the Bus would be shot down if anybody had fired one single shot, although May suggested that it could be worth it. Ward told the team that he had been sent to retrieve Raina and to capture Skye.

Koenig aiming his gun directly at Grant Ward

While May and Skye had continued to argue with Ward about taking her with him, Koenig and his brother exchanged eye contact. When Ward had promised that if they did as instructed, nobody would get hurt, Billy had lost his temper, questioning if this was what Ward had said to Eric Koenig before he murdered him at Providence, to which Ward looked back at Koenig, questioning how many Koenigs there were. Ward promised not to hurt the rest of their team if Skye simply cooperated, as Skye had finally agreed to go with him and Raina, as Koenig and the rest of their team could not stop them leaving.[1]

Koenig learning that HYDRA is attacking them

As soon as Ward's Quinjet had left the Bus with Skye and Raina, May immediately ordered Triplett to fly the Bus into cloud cover, while she was asked by Billy if she had believed that Whitehall's Quinjets would come around. While May only glared at Billy for asking that question, he questioned if they should reclock the Bus, while May insisted that they should not yet, while Triplett had then warned that these HYDRA Quinjets had already turned back around. While Koenig had then also questioned if they should clock, Hunter suggested that he get on the guns, to which May ordered them to simply strap themselves in.

Koenig reassuring Lance Hunter in the attack

Following May's instructions, Koenig strapped in as May and Triplett combined their piloting skills to fly the Bus away from the danger, as the Quinjets attempted to shoot them out from the sky, although Billy had still awkwardly asked Hunter to move across on the sofa, so that he could strap himself in next to them both, which Koenig had rolled his eyes at. As the Bus flew away from the danger, Koenig then gave Hunter his reassuring thumbs up, while Billy had simply kept his eyes shut throughout the ordeal, while May and Triplett flew the Bus out of danger and helped them to escape from Whitehall's Quinjets.[5]

Activating Theta Protocol

Koenig is given explosives by Antoine Triplett

"I want you and Bill to immediately return back to H.Q.. If things go radically south here, I'll need you to implement the Theta Protocol."
"That's an order, Agent Koenig."
Phil Coulson and Sam Koenig[src]

Upon their arrival into Puerto Rico, Koenig and Antoine Triplett then looked over Triplett's collection of Howling Commandos gadgets, as Triplett explained to Koenig that these four explosives he had found were from 1945, with Koenig noting that he had hoped for ten of these explosives. Koenig went on to note that they knew the D.W.A.R.F.s did not work in the Kree City, as they agreed that this would be why they needed the old fashioned explosives to destroy it, as Koenig noted that Dum Dum Dugan would be proud of the devices.

Koenig and Antoine Triplett discuss the plan

Koenig and Triplett then discussed all the benefits to using these old fashioned devices, as they would be immune to any EMPS, however, they could not be triggered remotely, and so they would have to get triggered directly before the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents would have to run as fast as they could from the explosion. Triplett then told Koenig to tell him where to place the charges in the city, with Koeing pointing to an area where Melinda May claimed the Obelisk would be activated, as Koenig recommended that Triplett and the other agents place all their explosives around this structure, so that it would fall in on itself.

Koenig joking about Billy Koenig being a robot

While they prepared for the mission into the Kree City, Koenig spoke with Jemma Simmons, while she explained her plan to protect all the agents with hazmat suits. As May detailed the mission and where the agents would be located while the bombs were being placed, Koenig was asked by Triplett about Billy's location, to which Koenig jokingly claimed that all of the recent excitement with battling against Daniel Whitehall had overloaded Billy's circuits, and he was recharging his batteries, although Triplett simply claimed to understand the Koenig's humour before walking away, much to Koenig's amusement.

Koenig getting new orders from Phil Coulson

However, while all of the preparations for the mission were still being made, Phil Coulson spoke with Koenig and ordered him and Billy to immediately return back into their Playground, also telling him that if the battle against all Whitehall's soldiers went south, he would need Koenig to reactivate Theta Protocol. While Koenig had tried to argue against activating Theta Protocol so early, Coulson insisted that this was an order, much to Koenig's reluctance. However, before Koenig and Coulson could discuss that any further, Bobbi Morse and Lance Hunter called Coulson with their latest update on the situation.

Koenig shows Phil Coulson the HYDRA base

Morse and Hunter informed their team that they had discovered that Whitehall was operating out of Ponce de León Theater, as Koenig got the layout out the theater onto the screen and showed Coulson that this would allow HYDRA to operate directly over the Kree City, with the Words of Creation lining up to prove their theory. As Koenig then noted that they knew that HYDRA would still be unable to get to this chamber due to the large amount of volcanic rock above it, Simmons noted that HYDRA would have access to the same Plasma Drills that S.H.I.E.L.D. had to dig directly straight down to the Kree City.[5]

Watchdogs Attack

Hiding away the Darkhold

Koenig assisting with removing the Darkhold

"At least we know the Darkhold's safe, right LT?"
"That's the bad news. I gave it back to Billy. It was Operation Hot Potato. Pass it back and forth, keep it moving. Billy was the last one to have it. So my guess is, he put it in the Labyrinth."
―Sam Koenig and LT Koenig[src]

Under his orders from Phil Coulson, Koenig was instructed to handle the Darkhold's disappearance, since Coulson believed that only the Koenig siblings could be trusted. As Billy Koenig was first given the book, the Koenig brothers passed each other in the street, where Billy gave the book to Koenig, who then gave it to LT Koenig, as part of Operation Hot Potato, with Koenig not knowing what his sister did with the book.[2]

Ambushed by the Watchdogs

Koenig and his brother enjoy some downtime

"I'm lucky to be alive. I love Billy, but he is not a fighter. He ran, he left me there to handle it."
"No, no that's Billy, that's him kicking ass, and that's you hiding behind the bar."
"No, I think you got us flipped there."
―Sam Koenig and Daisy Johnson[src]

While they enjoyed some downtime from their S.H.I.E.L.D. missions, Koenig joined Billy to a trip to Al and Cam's Arcade, where they rode Hover Boards and quoted Star Wars to each other, until Billy lost his balance and fell over. While Koenig helped him back on his feet, Billy had insisted that he would stick to walking, as Koenig insisted he needed to practice with the board, before he then offered to buy them their round of drinks while Billy found another game to play.

Koenig attempts to hide from the Watchdogs

However, while Koenig was at the bar, he overheard a man speaking Russian behind him, as he looked up at the mirror and realized that the man was now coming towards him, in an attempt to capture him. Reacting quickly, Koenig threw his drink over the Russian's face and dove behind the bar, as he used his Asset Communication Device to attempt to contact Billy about the current situation, although Billy had been dealing with Leo Babikov, who was attempting to capture him. Koenig then engaged in a firefight with the Russian, who had ordered Koenig to surrender, promising that he would not be harmed.

Koenig witnesses Billy Koenig get kidnapped

However, before Koenig could be captured, Billy had then returned and struck the Russian around the head with a pool cue, resulting in Billy getting chased out from their Arcade, while Koenig got out from cover and realized that everybody had gone. As Koenig ran outside to assist his brother with the fight, he had then arrived just in time to witness Tucker Shockley subduing Billy with a Taser Rod, before he and the other Watchdogs then put Billy into the back of their van and drove away. Witnessing this, Koenig got on his Asset Communication Device and contacted Phil Coulson, telling him of Billy's capture.[2]

Regrouping with S.H.I.E.L.D.

Koenig is reunited with Phil Coulson's team

"I'm sorry, I just can't believe I'm sitting here with Quake, you know. Somebody pinch me."
"Sam, stop. We've known each other for three years."
"I knew Skye, but you're Quake, she's different."
"No, she's not, and she doesn't love the name Quake."
―Sam Koenig and Daisy Johnson[src]

Taking a Quinjet, Koenig was flown onto Zephyr One, where he had been greeted by Phil Coulson and Melinda May, with Koenig taking extra delight in the fact that Daisy Johnson was also there, as he had referred to her by Quake. Koenig then told Coulson that they had been able to find the van that the Watchdogs had used to kidnap Billy Koenig, but it had been abandoned at the dock, as he suggested that they might have either evaporated or dived into the sea.

Koenig discussing the Watchdogs' ambush

As they reviewed the security footage of their attack at Al and Cam's Arcade, Koenig had confirmed to Johnson that he knew that the men who attacked them had both been Russian, before claiming that he was lucky to be alive, suggesting that Billy had run from the fight and left him there to handle it. However, Johnson noted that the footage showed Billy successfully fighting off Leo Babikov on his own, while Koenig had just hidden from the second attacker behind the bar, as Koenig still tried to suggest that Johnson had gotten them confused, despite her noting that Koenig was still wearing the same clothes.

Koenig questioning who leads the Watchdogs

Once they were rejoined by Coulson and May, it was noted that the men who attacked Jeffrey Mace had also been Russians, suggesting that it was not a coincidence, with Koenig suggesting that it could be a conspiracy similar to Red Dawn, but then questioned what this had to do with Billy. However, Coulson revealed that it was not Billy that they wanted, but the something he had been trusted with, as Koenig questioned if this was an item smaller than a Quinjet, which Coulson confirmed. Once Johnson got the face of one attacker on the screen, Coulson had then ordered Johnson to run the facial recognition.

Koenig expresses his excitement with Quake

While they waited for answers, Koenig sat with Johnson and began staring at her due to his fanboy glee, which Johnson called him out on. Koenig apologised and confessed to being excited about sitting there with Quake, although Johnson noted that they had known each other for three years. As Koenig noted that he had known Skye and Quake was different, Johnson insisted that this was not true, noting that she did not love the name Quake. When Koenig then noted that Quake was now a superhero, he informed here that there was a lot of fan fiction about her, although Johnson dismissed this information.

Koenig discusses Quake's own fan-fictions

Koenig's enthusiasm continued as he suggested that Johnson could google this, only to then recommend that she not google this, noting that much of this fan fiction was more adult, insisting that he had not read it himself but had merely heard about it all. Becoming nervous, Koenig had then also noted that some of this fiction had put her in a relationship with Black Widow, commenting on the drawings that had been made, as well as her nickname of Quack. However, Koenig was interrupted when the searches found Babikov, who they learned was an ex SVR with links to the men who previously attacked Mace.

Koenig admits to knowing about the Darkhold

Coulson had noted that Babikov's link to their previous attackers had also linked him to Ellen Nadeer, while they were also tied to President Dimitri Olshenko, who had once been attacked by Androvich before they saved his life, resulting in Bobbi Morse and Lance Hunter being forced to leave S.H.I.E.L.D.. Coulson noted that they had found a link between Nadeer, international Watchdogs and Russian spies who all joined forces due to their hatred for Inhumans, as Koenig then noted that this would be why they wanted the Darkhold, as it would explain how to destroy the Inhumans, much to Coulson's great surprise.

Koenig insisting that the Darkhold is still safe

Coulson had expressed his surprise that Koenig knew that Billy had the Darkhold, as he explained that he could not discuss it around the agents he did not know. When May questioned if Koenig knew what happened to the Darkhold, Koenig promised that it was secure from harm. Sitting down, Koenig was asked about what happened to the Darkhold, with Johnson noting that they could never underestimate Holden Radcliffe getting the information out of him, although Koenig insisted that this would be impossible, since Billy did not know what had happened to the Darkhold as he had given it to him instead.

Koenig admits that he gave the Darkhold to LT

May had then questioned where the Darkhold was, although Koenig claimed that he did not know, as they began questioning his stories, with Koenig insisting that Billy had given it to him, but he had given it to Agent Koenig, much to all their confusion. Finally, Koenig revealed that he had given the Darkhold over to LT Koenig, with only Coulson knowing who LT was, so Koenig had explained that she was the first Koenig and the one who had recruited them all into S.H.I.E.L.D., with Coulson explaining that they would have to go and collect LT, noting his belief that their Koenig family were in considerable danger.[2]

Protecting the Koenigs

Koenig is reunited with his brother and sister

"We're family, okay. Eric wouldn't have wanted this, so let's bring it in for a little Koenig Krush. Here we go... Oh god! What was that for"
"You let your guard down, didn't I teach you anything?"
"We were having a moment!"
"It was nice, grow 'em back now, it's time to work."
―Sam Koenig and LT Koenig[src]

Once they had been successfully found and extracted, Koenig was then reunited with LT Koenig and Thurston Koenig, as Thurston had then confronted their sister for shooting him with an I.C.E.R., as she told him to stop whining about everything, while Koenig had insisted that they had been brought onto Zephyr One for his own protection, although Thurston insisted that he did not want anything to do with S.H.I.E.L.D., which Koenig and LT rolled their eyes about, as LT questioned why Thurston was like this.

Koenig attempting to calm his siblings down

Koenig listened while LT reminded Thurston of how his brothers had toughened up and joined S.H.I.E.L.D., to which Thurston noted that this resulted with Eric Koenig being murdered by Grant Ward, which he blamed on LT. However, while LT then insisted that Eric died for a purpose and had questioned what Thurston had done for the world, Koenig finally stepped in and reminded them that they were a family and Eric would not have wanted this tension. When Koenig brought his siblings in for his hug, LT then responded by punching him in the gut, noting that he had simply left himself open for the punch.

Koenig gets punched in the gut by LT Koenig

While Koenig complained that they were having a family moment that she had ruined, LT told him to grow back his balls, as Thurston then questioned if he could go home yet. However, Phil Coulson rejoined them, as he informed Thurston that he would have to remain on their plane for his own safety, as he had his agents take him into his room, much to Thurston's considerable annoyance at the situation. Koenig and LT had then joined Daisy Johnson, who explained that they had finally gotten a lead on who had kidnapped Billy Koenig from all her research into those men who had attacked them at the Arcade.

Koenig learning about Anton Ivanov's true role

Koenig and LT then listened closely to Johnson as she explained that she had discovered that their Russian assassins had been working for Anton Ivanov, since they had left the SVR, as he was an wealthy industrialist all with interests all over the globe. While Coulson noted that Ivanov could be the source for Ellen Nadeer's funding, Johnson also noted that Ivanov was also an avid collector of military antiques, which had included his own Submarines, with Coulson noting that if they found Ivanov, then they would be able to find Billy, while Koenig noted that they at least knew that the Darkhold was still safe.

Koenig learning where the Darkhold really is

However, LT then awkwardly revealed that the bad news about their situation with the Darkhold was that she had given the book back to Billy during the Operation Hot Potato, as a means of ensuring that it was difficult to keep track of it's location. LT confessed that Billy was the last one of them to have the Darkhold, which would likely mean that he would have taken it into the Labyrinth, as Coulson noted that only the Koenigs knew of the location of the Labyrinth, and therefore they would need to get to the Labyrinth, before Holden Radcliffe and Ivanov gained that information from Billy and find the Darkhold.[2]

Showdown in the Labyrinth

Koenig bringing his allies into the Labyrinth

"Give us the book, I'll give you your brother."
"My brother? What, are you kidding? I've never seen this guy before in my life."
Tucker Shockley and Sam Koenig[src]

As they arrived into the Labyrinth, Koenig took charge and ordered LT Koenig to stay with Quake and Melinda May, while he took Phil Coulson with him, although May insisted that she stay with Koenig and Coulson. As they got to the vault, Koenig quietly requested that Coulson and May turn away while he entered his top secret passcode, before he stepped through their hidden doorway to collect the Darkhold, promising Coulson and May that he would be back soon with the Darkhold.

Koenig handing the Darkhold to Melinda May

However, once Koenig had collected the Darkhold, he was alerted to a situation, as he came back upstairs and was informed by LT that the Watchdogs had just arrived at the Labyrinth, noting that they all were armed and had Billy Koenig as their hostage. Koenig then told Coulson that he would handle this, as he gave the Darkhold over to May, while he and LT went to greet the Watchdogs, in the hope that they would be able to ensure that Billy remained unharmed. However, as Koenig and his sister left, Coulson discovered that May was really a Life-Model Decoy, who had been sent to obtain the Darkhold.

Koenig and LT both negotiate for Billy Koenig

Koenig and LT then greeted the Watchdogs, as Tucker Shockley held a gun to Billy's head and promised that they would give Koenig his brother back, as long as Koenig handed the Darkhold over to them, although Koenig denied the fact that Billy was his brother, despite them actually being identical. However, Coulson then arrived with the Darkhold, and promised to give it to Shockley if they let Billy go, as he threw him the book before Shockley let Billy walk free. As Koenig greeted his brother, he questioned what the Watchdogs had done to him, with Billy only saying that they had taken away his puppy.

Koenig fighting back against the Watchdogs

However, just as Shockley attempted to escape with the Darkhold, it was thrown out of his hands by Quake's shockwave, as Coulson and Koenig drew their I.C.E.R.s and shot back at these Watchdogs, with Koenig commenting on how cool Quake was. Coulson then ordered Koenig and LT to collect Billy and escape to the Quinjet, before they witnessed Shockley subduing Quake with a Taser Rod, allowing even more Watchdogs to attack, while Koenig and LT ran for cover. During the fight, one Watchdog got too close to the Koenigs, as Koenig and LT then subdued him together before they had escaped together.[2]

Reunion of the Koenigs

Koenig discusses their last mission's failure

"I still can't believe he made a fully functioning autonomous LMD."
"Yeah, put us to shame."
―Sam Koenig and Billy Koenig[src]

Once they were safe onboard of Zephyr One, Koenig listened as Billy Koenig discussed how the Labyrinth's secrets were all compromised, and they had actually failed to keep their Darkhold away from Holden Radcliffe, while Billy apologised for letting them down. However, they were told by Phil Coulson that, thanks to all Billy's experiences, they knew the true identity of the Superior, who had been secretly running the Watchdogs and had been the one who had funded Ellen Nadeer's actions, meaning that they would now be able to finally defeat those Watchdogs.

Koenig laughs at James Davis' confusion

During their discussions, Koenig also expressed his amazement that Radcliffe had built a fully functional Life-Model Decoy, as they agreed that it put all their work to shame. Seeing his visible confusion about this, Daisy Johnson had told James Davis that the Koenigs had been part of the original Life-Model Decoy Program, although Davis had still been highly confused over what they actually did, until Koenig explained that they had been technicians, while LT Koenig questioned if Davis had actually thought that all of the Koenig brothers had been robots, due to their identical appearances, which they all laughed about.

Koenig smiling with his sister and his brothers

As the Koenigs shared their laugh at Davis' expense, they were then joined by Thurston Koenig, who had immediately hugged his brother, as he had expressed his great relief that he was finally safe from the Watchdogs, before he had then continued to insist that they were all still sheep for believing in S.H.I.E.L.D.'s mission, which all the other Koenigs rolled their eyes about. With that, Coulson then informed the Koenigs that they had their Quinjet ready to take them back home for their safety, before thanking them all for their services to S.H.I.E.L.D., with LT insisting that he could call on the Koenigs at any time.[2]


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Koenig threatening to shoot at Grant Ward

  • Walther PPK/S: Koenig used a Walther PPK/S as their sidearm. Sam used his gun to point at Grant Ward when he kidnapped Skye on the Bus, and had to convince his brother Billy when he was about to kill Ward to avenge his other brother Eric.
  • Glock 26: Koenig carried this handgun while visiting Al and Cam's Arcade. When he realized he was going to be attacked by a Russian mercenary, he hid behind a bar counter and opened fire against him, but was unable to prevent the kidnapping of his brother Billy.

Other Equipment

  • Cloaking Umbrella: Sam Koenig used the Cloaking Umbrella to hide Raina when she was being pursued by HYDRA operatives. Given that Daniel Whitehall had previously threatened to kill her, Raina trusted Koenig enough to hide under the umbrella, that activated cloaking technology much like the one used in the Quinjets.
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  • Sam Koenig's first appearance was in a video teaser in the 2014 San Diego Comic Con.[6][7]

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