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Sam was an engineer working for the Roxxon Corporation, who was turned into a Terror when the mining crew accidentally mined into Darkforce and Lightforce.


Working for Roxxon

Sam alongside Ivan HessNathan Bowen, and several other Roxxon Corporation members were stationed at the Roxxon Gulf Platform. In order to get metals and fuels for Roxxon, Sam had worked as one of the engineers for Roxxon. However, the mining crew had accidentally drilled into the extra-dimensional substance. The substance, which was Darkforce and Lightforce had escaped and knocked everyone at the Gulf out and had turned them into Terrors, including Sam. Eventually, the platform exploded, killing everyone at the location, except Hess.[3]

Ivan Hess' Mind

While Ivan Hess was in the comatose condition, his mind re-created the Roxxon Gulf Platform with Terrors, including Sam. Seeing Cloak and Dagger, Sam and Stan attempted to kill them. While Stan was fighting Bowen, Sam slashed at Johnson with her axe but Johnson disappeared. Hitting the pipe instead, Sam looked around, confused about where Johnson was. Sam then saw Johnson and rushed after him with her axe. As Bowen defeated Stan, Johnson lured Sam through the smoke through the broken pipe, killing her.[3]





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