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"The very fabric of reality is gonna be torn apart."
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"Thank you, Michelle."
Ming-Na Wen and Sam[src]

Sam was a staff member at ABC.


Sam was assisting Ming-Na Wen when she met Alex Mind. Wen called her "Michelle" by mistake, and Sam quickly corrected her. Sam later ordered Mind to find Jed Whedon and inform him that he was needed at reheasal.[2]

Sam found Mind lurking around the writers' room and ordered him to bring schedules to every department in person, warning him that he would be in big trouble if security found any of them lying around. While he was in the props department conversing with Scott Bauer, she reminded him to continue giving out schedules.[3]

The studio was placed on lockdown when it was discovered that show spoilers had been leaked online. Mind accidentally bumped into Sam and knocked her bag out of her hand. Brett Dalton picked it up and returned it to her, but Dirk grabbed it from her and discovered a script inside. She insisted that she was innocent as the security team apprehended her.[4] She was fired and her job of bringing the editors their lunch was given to Mind.[1]


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