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"Wait, what's happening?"
"Peter's not going to Washington."
Cindy Moon and Sally Avril[src]

Sally Avril is an alumnus at the Midtown School of Science and Technology, and a former member of the school's decathlon team.


Academic Decathlon Practice

Sally Avril was a member of the Midtown School of Science and Technology's Academic Decathlon Team. As such, she took part in practice to prepare for Nationals. While studying, Avril informed her teammates that Peter Parker didn't plan to come, clearly discontent at his decision to leave.[1]

Trip to D.C.

Avril joined the rest of her team for the Academic Decathlon's nationals in Washington, D.C.. The night before the contest, Avril went to the hotel's swimming pool with the other students.

The day after, Avril went to the nationals with her team. Despite Peter Parker's absence, they were victorious and Avril hugged Michelle Jones when she gave the final correct answer. As a reward, Roger Harrington took his students, including Avril, to the Washington Monument. However, while they were in the elevator, the Chitauri Energy Core in Ned Leeds' backpack released an energy pulse, damaging the elevator. In the end, Avril and the other students were successfully rescued by Spider-Man.[1]

Back to Midtown

Avril safely returned to Midtown School of Science and Technology. Following their victory, Roger Harrington congratulated them and Avril applauded as Michelle Jones was appointed the new head of the Decathlon's team following the departure of Liz Toomes.[1]

Alien Invasion

Avril on the school bus

In 2018, on a field trip to MOMA, Ned Leeds suddenly warned his classmates about an alien warship, which caught Avril and the others' attention.[2]

Snap Survivor

Avril was one of the survivors of the Snap, and graduated high school in 2019.[3]




  • In the comics, Sally Avril was a childhood friend of Peter Parker since elementary school, only to begin despising and bullying him in high school, along with a group lead by Flash Thompson. Sally eventually started a career as the amateur superhero Bluebird, using gymnastics and technology created by the father of her best friend, Jason Ionello, until she was killed in an accident.

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