"You destroyed a dozen of my best wigs. Oh, and this. I still have the scar from when you bit me."
"I was young. And entitled."
"And high out of your bratty mind."
―Sally and Trish Walker[src]

Sally runs a wig shop in New York City.


"She comes in alone. No name and pays cash. Poor dear."
"Why "poor dear?""
"She lost all her hair. Chemo, I imagine. Cancer and drag queens are half my business these days."
―Sally and Jessica Jones[src]

Sally was the owner of a wig shop in New York City. During Trish Walker's time as Patsy, Sally created around a dozen wigs for her, though the young celebrity destroyed a lot of them and left a bite scar on Sally's hand. Seventeen years later, Trish took Jessica Jones to the shop trying to track down the woman posing as Leslie Hansen. After Trish gave her several hundred dollars, Sally revealed that the woman was a customer of hers.[1]





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