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"I am a witch."
"Yet you have betrayed your coven."
Agatha Harkness and Evanora Harkness[src]

The Salem Coven was a witch coven based in Salem, Massachusetts.


Salem Witch Trials

Agatha Harkness' Trial

In 1693, during the Salem witch trials, the coven brought one of its members, Agatha Harkness, to the woods. She begged to be spared but was tied to a wooden post with magic bonds. Evanora Harkness, her mother, inquired if she was a witch to which she replied yes. Evanora responded by saying she had betrayed her coven and stole knowledge above her place and that she practiced the darkest of magic, which Agatha denied. The witches tried to kill Agatha with energy beams as Agatha pleaded with Evanora. Agatha continued to cry until her powers took over and she reversed the effect of the beams onto the witches and killed them. Agatha broke free of the post and killed Evanora before taking the brooch off her mother's corpse and flew away.[1]


  • In the comics, Agatha Harkness was the founder of a magical communities of witches and magical beings in Salem. After being persecuted by the Puritans, Harkness relocated the colony in New Salem, Colorado.