"Don't do this! This'll kill me. You know it will. This is just bad for business."
"You're gonna lecture me on business? Please."
Erik Gelden and Sal Blaskowski[src]

Sal Blaskowski is a bookmaker who threatened to kill Erik Gelden, only to be injured by Trish Walker.


Lent to Erik Gelden

"You pay on time, you don't have to do a Houdini in the drink."
"Cut me some slack, Sal. I always come through."
"A few days late and a few grand light."
"Well, at least I'm consistent."
―Sal Blaskowski and Erik Gelden[src]

Sal Blaskowski was charged for assault in 2012, however, all charges against her were dropped. Later, Blaskowski came into contact with Erik Gelden who periodically borrowed some money from her for gambling. However, Gelden usually returned much less money and several days later that he supposed to.


Blaskowski threatens Erik Gelden

Eventually, when Gelden failed to pay Blaskowski in time, her men captured Gelden and brought him to home where they tied him to weights and threw Gelden in a pool. Blaskowski bet her son a 20$ that Gelden could spent on a bottom for some time, however, he floated up for thirty seconds sooner. Blaskowski then grabbed Gelden and demanded him to pay withim a week or she will kill him.

The Late Repayment

"This is bullshit, Sal. I came through with the cash!"
"Three hours late. How would it look if I let that slide?"
Erik Gelden and Sal Blaskowski[src]

However, Erik Gelden was too late, so Blaskowski demanded him to come to her place where Dwayne and his men grabbed Gelden and tied him to three metal plates, intending to drown him. Although Gelden told her that he got her money, Blaskowski replied that he was too late and she cannot let it slide, so Dwayne and his men then threw Gelden in a pool. Blaskowski said to her men that it would be a lesson for them, however, they were suddenly attacked by the masked vigilante.


Blaskowski is accidently stabbed by the vigilante

She fought Dwayne and his men, while Gelden managed to float up again. As soon as Dwayne and his men were beaten, Blaskowki took the crowbar and attempted to attack the vigilante, however, she avoided her strike and accidentally pushed her on her own crowbar which impaled her. The vigilante apologized to injured Blaskowski and escaped with Gelden, while Dwayne called an emergency and Blaskowski was hospitalized.[1]




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