Sakas was an Inhuman of Attilan and an agent of the Royal Guard. Following the escape of Gorgon on Oahu, he was recruited to apprehend his former trainer. He died following a confrontation of his team with Black Bolt and his body was reclaimed by Evan Declan for autopsy.


Early Life


Like all Attilan's people, Sakas underwent Terrigenesis, gaining superhuman abilities.[1]

Ambush in Oahu

Team on earth

Reinforcement arrives on Earth

After failing to kill Medusa, Auran required some backup from Maximus, who sent several Inhumans to assist her, including Sakas. Maximus informed them that Gorgon had challenged him and ordered them to find the former leader of the Attilan Royal Guard and to kill him. Therefore, Sakas and his fellow Inhumans made their way through the forest of Oahu. They eventually found Gorgon who had allied with the Makapu'u Surfers. A fight erupted between the two factions, and after Lucky shot Pulsus with a crossbow, Sakas spat a sprut of corrosive venom at the surfer, making him fall to his death. Upon seeing this, Gorgon knocked his opponents with his stomp before fleeing.[1]

Showdown at the Declan Lab

Sakas' team changed targets and headed towards the Declan Research Facility Lab where Black Bolt had been taken by Evan Declan. They stumbled upon him and Sammy as they were escaping the lab. When Auran threatened to unleash Mordis' power, Black Bolt took down a gas of pipe, endangering them all should Mordis fire his beam. However, Louise Fisher and Medusa drove through the facility, knocking Mordis. The resulting blast triggered a massive explosion during which Sakas was killed.[2]


Sakas' body was reclaimed by Evan Declan to perform an autopsy and work further on his research about Inhumans. During the autopsy, Declan observed that Sakas' acid had retained its corrosiveness after his death. When Auran finally regained consciousness after the explosion, she saw Sakas' corpse and brutally asked Declan if he was responsible for his death.[3]

Powers and Abilities


Sakas is an Inhuman who obtained superhuman abilities after undergoing Terrigenesis and unlocking his genetic potential.

Sakaas Power

Sakas spitting acid

  • Acid Spit: Sakas has a pair of secreting glands located in his neck, that he can use to spit a spray of corrosive acid. He used it to shoot down Lucky from the tree where he was standing.[1] During his autopsy by Evan Declan, the acid still retained its corrosiveness.






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