The Sakaaran War Hammer was a repurposed engine part that the Hulk used as a weapon during his battles during the Contest of Champions.[1]


Duel in the Grand Arena

When brought to fight against the recently captured Thor in the Grand Arena, Hulk wielded both a Sakaaran War Hammer and a Sakaaran Battle Axe. Using the hammer and his brute force, Hulk was able to kick Thor against the wall of the arena and violently threw the hammer at him. As Hulk rushed towards Thor to attack him further, Thor took the hammer from the wall and switfly hit Hulk with it, causing Hulk to be projected on several meters on the walls.

Angry Hulk (Gladiator)

Hulk blocks Thor's hit with the hammer

As Hulk tried to stand back, Thor approached him, still wielding the hammer, and tried to calm down Hulk so that Bruce Banner would resurface. However, Hulk grabbed Thor and smashed him on the ground, causing Thor to briefly lose the hammer. Deciding that he was done trying to reason with the Hulk, Thor picked up the hammer again and attacked Hulk with it, managing to land several blows and to destroy the handle of Hulk's battle axe. However, when Thor tried to strike one more time, Hulk managed to block the hit and disarmed Thor by punching him in the face.

Once the duel was ended due to the Grandmaster intervening, Hulk took the war hammer into his apartments in the Grandmaster Palace. When Valkyrie arrived to take Hulk with her for training, Hulk took his war hammer with him.[2]


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