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"The revolution has begun!"

The Sakaaran Rebellion was a rebellion organized by the gladiators in the Contest of Champions to overthrow the Grandmaster.


Escape from Sakaar

The gladiators are freed from their Obedience Disks

"The arena's mainframe for the Obedience Disks have been deactivated and the slaves have armed themselves."
Topaz to Grandmaster[src]

The Sakaaran Rebellion was formed as the Revengers needed to create a distraction so they could escape from Sakaar and it's Grandmaster. Valkyrie went down the gladiators' level of the Grand Arena, provided Korg with weapons and helped the gladiators to get rid of their Obedience Disks. Korg declared that the revolution he always wanted to lead had begun and the rebels made their way through Sakaar City and the Grandmaster Palace.

The rebels steal the Statesman

The rebels arrived into the palace's garage, where they intended to commandeer the Statesman, an enormous spaceship belonging to the Grandmaster's fleet. As they moved forward, Korg picked up the remote control of an Obedience Disk which had been put on Loki by his brother Thor. Korg deactivated the Disk and offered Loki to join the rebellion. Loki, using his innate abilities for manipulation, soon took the head of the rebellion.

The rebellion soon gained in importance, to the point that the Grandmaster was overthrown and forced to go into hiding. However, he was soon found by a group of Sakaaran rebels, although he declared that he also had contributed to the revolution's success, claiming that no revolution can succeed without a leader to overthrow. As such, the Grandmaster called the situation a tie.[1]

Battle of the Rainbow Bridge

Loki brings the Sakaaran Rebellion to Asgard

"Hey, man. I'm Korg. This is Miek. We're gonna jump on that spaceship and get out of here. Wanna come?"
Korg to Heimdall[src]

In an attempt to redeem himself for his past deeds, Loki took the Sakaaran Rebellion to Asgard, where the Asgardians were fleeing the harsh rule of the Goddess of Death Hela. As the Asgardians were trapped on the Rainbow Bridge and Heimdall was on the verge of being killed by a Berserker, the Statesman emerged out of the mist, with Loki triumphantly announcing his arrival.

The Sakaaran Rebellion joins the fight against Hela

The Sakaaran Rebellion joined the fight against Hela's Berserkers, destroying many undead soldiers, although the rebellion also suffered casualties such as Hajo. Nevertheless, thanks to the combined efforts of the Sakaaran Rebellion and the Revengers, most of the Berserker army was destroyed. Having successfully boarded the Asgardian population on the Statesman, the rebels prepared to leave Asgard, only to be stopped by Hela who threw a massive rock spear through the ship, enabling the remaining Berserkers to invade it. Skurge, who had turned on Hela, repelled them, enabling the Statesman to fly away.[1]

Joining the Asgardians

The rebels watch the Destruction of Asgard

The Sakaaran Rebellion remained at the side of the Asgardians as they watched the Destruction of Asgard caused by the fulfillment of the Ragnarök prophecy. The rebels remained on the Statesman, which Thor decided to lead to Earth to seek refuge.[1]

However, the Statesman encountered the fearsome Sanctuary II, Thanos' own spaceship. The ensuing battle caused a massacre among the members of the Sakaaran Rebellion, with many of them falling under the assaults of the Black Order, although some escaped with half the Asgardian population and fled from the ship.[2] The survivors eventually settled on Earth alongside the Asgardians in New Asgard.[3]


Former Members


  • Name: Korg
  • Activity: 2017
  • Description: Korg is a Kronan warrior who resides on Sakaar. He was forced to become one of the Grandmaster's champions after his rebellion against him failed when he was unable to collect enough support. Upon meeting the Asgardian Prince Thor, Korg and his friend Miek helped him escape Sakaar with Hulk. During Thor's escape, he sent Valkyrie to free the champions. Being provided with a firearm by Valkyrie, Korg lead a slave revolt. During the revolt, Korg and his companions stole a large ship and escaped Sakaar, flying towards Asgard. Korg and his fellows helped the Asgardians to evacuate the planet until Surtur brought destruction of Asgard and completely destroyed Asgard. Korg then joined the Asgardian people in their journey to Earth.


  • Name: Miek
  • Activity: 2017
  • Description: Miek is a Sakaaran insectoid warrior, having lost most of her body, she was outfitted with a robotic exoskeleton only to be placed in the Contest of Champions where she met Korg and became friends with. Upon meeting Thor, Miek and Korg helped him escape Sakaar with Hulk. During Thor's escape, she was freed by Valkyrie. Being provided with a firearm, Korg lead a slave revolt. During the revolt, Miek and her companions stole a large ship and escaped Sakaar, flying towards Asgard. Miek and her fellows helped the Asgardians to evacuate the planet until Surtur initiated Ragnarök and completely destroyed Asgard. Miek then joined the Asgardian people in their journey to Earth.


  • Name: Biff
  • Activity: 2017
  • Description: Biff is a masked Sakaaran gladiator and close friend of Korg and Miek.


Tasba pic.png
  • Name: Tasba
  • Activity: 2017
  • Description: Tasba is a Sakaaran gladiator and close ally of Korg and Miek.

Deceased Members









  • In the Planet Hulk comic book storyline, the Warbound were a group of former Sakaaran gladiators who overthrow the Red King, and helped the Hulk getting revenge on the heroes of Earth who exiled him.


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