The Sakaaran Guards are an organization of warriors who work for the Grandmaster and maintain order on Sakaar.


Grandmaster's Guards

Thor's Enslavement

When Thor was captured by Scrapper-142, he was taken by the Sakaaran Guards in front of the Grandmaster. The guards remained mostly still as the Grandmaster got to discover who Thor was. Once the Grandmaster stated that Thor would be a good challenge for his Champion, he ordered the guards to take Thor into the gladiators' quarters in the Grand Arena.

Later, the Sakaaran Guards prepared to take Thor for his upcoming Duel in the Grand Arena. As he refused to go since he was talking with Scrapper-142, the guards forced him to follow by activating his Obedience Disk. The guards then strapped Thor onto a chair so he could be prepared and have his hair cut by the Watcher Informant before the fight.[1]

Escape from Sakaar

"If we're boosting a ship, we're gonna need to draw some guards away from the palace."

As Thor and Hulk had escaped from the Grandmaster Palace, a group of Sakaaran Guards brought Loki and Valkyrie to the throne room where the Grandmaster ordered them to find the fugitives.

The Sakaaran Guards later had to deal with a rebellion led by the gladiator Korg, who had been provided weapons by the Revengers. Topaz reported the event to the Grandmaster, who ordered the guards to stop the revolution. However, the Revengers were also fighting against the guards, and many guards were killed by Thor and Loki as they made their way to the garage and stole the Commodore.

A squadron of spacecrafts led by Topaz chased Thor in the Commodore in order to prevent him from escaping Sakaar. Although they were able to destroy Valkyrie's Warsong, Valkyrie survived the blast. Valkyrie, Thor and Bruce Banner were then able to destroy all the Sakaaran ships, including Topaz's, who got killed. Largely defeated, the guards could neither stop the Revengers, nor were they able to stop the rebels to commandeer the Statesman and leave Sakaar as well.[1]

Behind the Scenes

  • The armor design of the Sakaaran Guards was heavily inspired by Jack Kirby's artworks and comic book style. Specifically, one of the type of helmet of the Guards was based on the Celestial Ziran Tester.


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