The Sakaaran Battle Axe was a weapon the Hulk used during his battles during the Contest of Champions.


Duel in the Grand Arena

Hulk wielded both a Sakaaran Battle Axe and a Sakaaran War Hammer during his duel against Thor in the Grand Arena. He attacked Thor with both the axe and the hammer and managed to project him against the walls of the arnea, throwing the hammer at him while charging at Thor with the axe.

However, Thor retaliated by picking up the hammer and hitting Hulk with it, causing Hulk to projected as well and temporarily lose the axe. As Thor tried to calm down Hulk, Hulk resumed the fight and tried to strike Thor with the axe, but Thor managed to dodge all his blows. When the axe got buried in the ground, Thor used the war hammer to break its handle, preventing Hulk from using it further.[1]


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