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Sakaar City[1] is a vast and chaotic metropolis ruled by the Grandmaster, located in the middle of Sakaar's junk wastelands.



Sakaar City was created from wreckage of the wars waged by Xandar and the Kree Empire, Celestial body parts, and derelict spaceships.[2]

Search for the Grandmaster's Champion

Hulk went missing from Grandmaster Palace, so the Grandmaster ordered a big celebration of the Hulk in hopes of bringing his champion home. Meanwhile, Thor and Bruce Banner wandered the city, and Banner explained that if he were to turn into the Hulk again, Banner might not return, and for that reason refused to help Thor fight Hela. They wandered through the city when they were found by Valkyrie, who agreed to help them escape Sakaar and get revenge on Hela. They met with Loki and planned their escape.[3]

Escape from Sakaar

Thor, Valkyrie, Bruce Banner, and Loki stole one of the Grandmaster's ships, but Loki betrayed them and got left behind. Thor, Valkyrie, and Banner began flying through the city, when they were approached by Topaz and several other ships chasing them. They flew through Sakaar City as Thor and Valkyrie destroyed several ships, sending them crashing into the city. Thor, Banner, and Valkyrie then safely made it to the Devil's Anus and went to Asgard.[3]

Alternate Universes

Age of Ultron

In an alternate universe, Ultron attacked Sakaar City, leading to a battle in which Korg and Roscoe defended Sakaar. However, Ultron won the battle and the planet was destroyed as the Grandmaster watched.[4]



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