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Saint Bénézet Retirement Care is a multi-residence housing facility intended for senior citizens in Upstate New York.


Arrival at Saint Bénézet


While driving to the Saint Bénézet Retirement Care, Karen Page asked Ben Urich why he did not tell her that the illness that Urich's wife, Doris, was suffering was so serious, but Urich simply kept it to himself, as saying it out loud would mean it was true.

Urich explained that his wife still had good moments where she was lucid, and she was still sharper and stronger than him, something she had always been. Page told him how much she regretted that situation, and she pointed out that there was nothing worse than feeling choices are made for oneself and nothing could be done about them.

Urich told Page that his wife would like her, and probably he should have taken her to meet Doris. Page understood that everyone had things they wanted to keep for themselves without letting anyone know, but Urich warned her that someone always found about them sooner or later.

The conversation ended as they arrived to the center, and Urich parked his car to visit it with Page.[1]

Life Experiences

Karen Page and Ben Urich visited the Saint Bénézet Retirement Care, where the attendant told them that the person responsible for the admissions was doing another tour, though it would not take long to finish. Urich wondered what they were doing there, as he believed Page had taken him there to check the center for his wife Doris.

Urich told Page that he could not use that center, and the trip was a waste of time. However, she prompted him to take a look around the center, and maybe it would make the drive to be worth it. While walking around, a man told Page that she was very pretty, and Urich joked, saying that she got an admirer.

Page believed that the people that lived there would have so many stories, and Urich told her that, in the end, the only thing people had was what they said and what they did, only the stories that their beloved ones told to keep them alive.

Marlene Vistain

Page proposed to talk to someone who actually lived there to know how life was at Saint Bénézet, and seemingly chose a door at random. Urich told her to get an attendant, but she simply knocked on the door of Marlene Vistain, who invited them to come into their room.

Vistain believed them to be the attendants that brought them a piece of zuppa every night before going to bed, but then she realized that she did not know Page and Urich. Page told Vistain that they wanted to ask her about life at Saint Bénézet. Vistain told them that she really liked it, and told them that she had been there since her husband died.

Vistain asked them if they were married. Urich and Page laughed, and Urich explained he was married, but not to Page, while Page told Vistain that she was single. When trying to make another question, Vistain seemingly forgot their conversation, and asked again if it was time for zuppa, so Urich told Page that they should go.

Page ignored Urich and asked Vistain about her husband, and she began to explain that Arthur Vistain had been her third husband, and she kept his name because it sounded like royalty. She also revealed that her second husband, a man named Martin, had been a beautiful man, but he was also attracted to other men.

Page asked Vistain about her first marriage, and she began to explain that her first husband tried very hard, but he drank so much, unlike herself, who had never drunk. Page asked Vistain if she had children with his husband, and Urich tried to stop her, but Page wanted Vistain to ask the question.

Vistain began to talk proudly about her son, saying he was a good boy who visited her every weekend, and he was gentle and sweet, unlike his father. Page asked the name of her son, and she revealed that it was Wilson. Urich realized that Vistain was Wilson Fisk's mother, and Vistain explained how Fisk killed his father.[1]

Moving Marlene Vistain

Wilson Fisk, having learned that the last phone call James Wesley received before being killed came from Fisk's own mother, Marlene Vistain, went to Saint Bénézet and took his mother out of the facility for her security.[2] Fisk also ordered the erase of any record of Vistain at Saint Bénézet.[3]

Behind the Scenes

  • The filming for Saint Bénézet took place at Sleepy Hollow Country Club, in Briarcliff Manor, New York. 


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