The Sacred Saints Cemetery is a cemetery located in New York City.


Following the death of Elektra by Nobu Yoshioka's hands, her body was buried at the Sacred Saints Cemetery. Matt Murdock and Stick went to the cemetery to visit her grave. Filled with too much grief, Murdock could not find any words to say, so Stick wondered if Murdock thought it worth it to love her, to which Murdock said that even though Stick opposed it, it was.


Matt Murdock visits Elektra's grave with Stick

Stick smiled and called Murdock the toughest person he knew, before they left the cemetery. However, Elektra's grave was dug up by the Hand members who killed a gravedigger and obtained her corpse.[1]

Many months later, resurrected Elektra found bookmark from the cemetery and traveled there where she eventually found her grave. While she wiped the dead flowers off the gravestone, Elektra was joined by Alexandra Reid who explained that while the person who had been buried was Elektra Natchios, she was not who she was now, while promising that she was much more than Natchios had ever been. Reid claimed that it was Daredevil who had allowed Natchios to die.


Reid then confessed that the Hand had used the last of their Resurrection Elixir to return Elektra back from the dead, while Elektra questioned why she would do this. Reid then told Elektra that she had always believed the Black Sky would be their salvation, and that upon seeing her, Reid had known that she was simply tired of being alone within this world. Reid insisted Hand needed to live on forever so they could continue to serve life itself, as they embraced by Elektra's former grave.[2]


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