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"Do not engage. Wait for us back at the Jump Jet."
Phil Coulson to Jemma Simmons[src]

The S.H.I.E.L.D. Jump Jet is a specialized plane that is used as a transport for small groups of field agents.


"The plane you flew in on, is it operational?"
Phil Coulson to Grant Ward[src]

When Phil Coulson refused to obey the direct order of handing over Ian Quinn for interrogation and transport to the Fridge, John Garrett and Antoine Triplett were sent in this plane to reach the Bus with two F-35s escorting them. When radioed about their violation of a direct S.H.I.E.L.D. directive, Melinda May asked how to proceed; the Jump Jet docked on top of the Bus, allowing Garrett and Triplett access to the Bus.

The Jump Jet remained attached to the Bus during the mission to retrieve a drug to save Skye's life, and when the mission was successfully finished, Garrett and Triplett took Quinn to their plane to be transported to the Fridge.[1]

Jump Jet in action

Victoria Hand later used a Jump Jet to return to the Hub after a meeting with Coulson at the Arctic about the impending hunt for the Clairvoyant.[2]

During the HYDRA Uprising, Garrett was flying his team's Jump Jet when it was attacked by S.H.I.E.L.D. UAVs sent by Hand. With coordinated flying and the firepower of the Bus manned by Coulson, Garrett was able to escape their assault. As the Jump Jet was low on fuel, Garrett docked it on top of the Bus, which was being remotely piloted to the Hub. After Garrett was revealed to be an agent of HYDRA, Hand and her team commandeered a Jump Jet set on a course towards the Fridge. However, Grant Ward, who was on board, murdered Hand and her agents and freed Garrett, who then took control of the Jet.[3]

Garrett flew the Jump Jet to the Barbershop Headquarters in Havana, Cuba, where he set up a base, while Ward later used it to break Raina out of prison and bring her to Havana. Ward then used the Jump Jet to fly from Havana, Cuba to Providence base in Ontario, Canada.[4] Since the Bus was in need of repairs, Coulson took the Jump Jet, piloted by Triplett, to take a splinter team to Portland to stop Marcus Daniels from harming Audrey Nathan. Leo Fitz used the Jet's Gamma Power Reserve to overpower Daniels and he exploded. The team then flew the Jump Jet back to Providence.[5]

Coulson's Team, now using the Jump Jet as HYDRA had taken possession of the Bus, used the Jump Jet to travel across the globe, and used it to go from California to Havana, Cuba to dismantle the Centipede Project and apprehend Garrett and Ward.[6]

After the destruction of the Barbershop Headquarters, Coulson was aboard the Jump Jet when he briefed his team on how they would attack the Centipede Project in New Mexico.[7]

A Jump Jet was held by the United States Government in the Government Storage Warehouse. The Jump Jet used by Coulson's team was eventually retired when they managed to acquire a Quinjet.[8]


"Three planes, a small transport to dock and a pair of F-35s to make sure we hand over Quinn."
Grant Ward[src]

The Jump Jet is capable of docking mid-flight with other aerial vehicles. It is also very maneuverable; it can dodge missiles with ease.





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