Rynda was the wife of Agon, former Queen of the Inhumans and mother of Black Bolt and Maximus.


Queen of Attilan

Conflict with Royalty

Medusa and Crystal's parents tried to tear down the caste system by over throwing the royal family that had ruled Attilan for centuries. Rynda and her husband Agon later executed them, but spared Medusa and Crystal.[1]

Black Bolt's Terrigenesis

"Someday, he will be king."
Agon to Kitang[src]

Rynda and Agon chose to protect Black Bolt

After their older son underwent Terrigenesis, he was evaluated by the Genetic Council. As the current leader of the council, Kitang reported the results to Rynda and Agon, and advised, that Blackagar should be accommodated somewhere for the safety of Attilan and his own, as he is has most powerful and dangerous gift in all of Inhuman history, and capable of destroying the city unintentionally. Both Rynda and Agon refused the idea of their son being locked away, and stated that he will learn to control his power, and that one day he will be king.[2]


"Are you going to use your voice to kill me like you did to our parents?"
Maximus to Black Bolt[src]

Agon and Rynda, moments before being accidentally killed by Black Bolt

Maximus, seeking to push Black Bolt away from the throne, faked their parents' seal on a note from the Genetic Council which address brain surgery on Black Bolt, hoping to force him to flee to Earth. As he confronted his parent about the falsified document, he accidentally shouted and realized how dangerous his voice could be, after it disintegrated both his mother and father instantly. Maximus claims to hold this action against him for the rest of their lives, even though he is responsible for their deaths as well.[3]

Powers and Abilities


As an Inhuman, Rynda achieved her genetic potential upon undergoing Terrigenesis, gaining superhuman powers.


  • Leadership: As queen of the Inhumans, Rynda ruled over Attilan and its entire poulation for decades.






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  • In the comics, Rynda and her husband were killed by a Kree spaceship that crashed on Attilan after it was destroyed by the awakening of his son's powers.


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