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"Everyone warned me prison would be an inhumane environment. It is. But I find it refreshing. The perfect microcosm of the animal world. When an animal wants something, when it needs something, other things... need to be stepped on."
Wilson Fisk[src]

Ryker's Island is a penal facility in located in New York City.


Wilson Fisk's Imprisonment[]

"I'm here to make myself crystal clear, there's only room for one of us in this prison and it ain't gonna be you, not ever. Because I'm the Kingpin of this, bitch."
Dutton to Wilson Fisk[src]
Prison Cell

Wilson Fisk begins his sentence in Ryker's

As soon as all Wilson Fisk's criminal schemes were exposed by Carl Hoffman, Fisk was apprehended by the FBI and taken into custody. Although Fisk attempted to escape, he was halted by Daredevil and then arrested by Brett Mahoney. Fisk was taken to Ryker's Island where he was ordered by the guards to remove his clothes and personal items for storage. Fisk was then given a white uniform to wear, as he was a newcomer.


Wilson Fisk speaks with Benjamin Donovan

Fisk then was walked down the corridors as the other inmates mocked him, and was led into his prison cell. Later, Fisk had a meeting with Benjamin Donovan who had warned him that the case is not going well due to the long list of his crimes. Donovan also assured Fisk that Vanessa Marianna is safe, although the government had seized a vast majority of his assets, and his financial resources are limited. Donovan advised Fisk to stay low and do not cause any trouble while he is imprisoned.


Dutton personally threatening Wilson Fisk

Fisk was visited by Dutton in his cell who mocked his current situation since his arrest. Dutton told Fisk that although he may have made a name for himself on the outside, Dutton was the ruler of the prison and did not wish for Fisk to even attempt to change this, threatening his life if he tried it.

Later, in the canteen, Fisk was visited by Stewart Finney who wished to meet Fisk as he felt they could help each other. Finney explained that Dutton ran around eighty percent of the contraband running throughout the Ryker's Island. Fisk then asked Finney about Miguel Valdez and his brother and Finley explained that they had a sick mother.

Fisk called for a meeting with Donovan, ordering him to assist with Finney's case and pay the rent on Andrea Valdez's home. Despite Donovan's objections as he had previously advised Fisk not to get involved with any criminal activity within the prison, Fisk had furiously ordered him to get it done and ensure that all the transactions were untraceable. Fisk's plan worked and Finney and the Valdez brothers became loyal to him as they worked on a plan to assassinate Dutton and take over the prison.[1]

Frank Castle's Imprisonment[]


Stewart Finney giving Wilson Fisk updates

"The war you waged on New York City it got you nowhere. I'm offering you something no one else could. If you don't want my help, fine. By all means enjoy prison."
Wilson Fisk to Frank Castle[src]

Seeking for the way to eliminate Dutton, whose cell was inaccessible, Wilson Fisk learned about the Punisher who was arrested for multiple murders of members of the Kitchen Irish, the Dogs of Hell, and the Mexican Cartel. Fisk and Finney managed to find a connection between three gangs and Dutton's criminal career and decided that he is able to murder Dutton.


Wilson Fisk makes a deal with Frank Castle

Fisk had another meeting with Donovan to move all of his remaining funds to bribe the guards into joining his side, despite Donovan's protests. Fisk recruited Roy Olsky who ensured that Castle pleaded guilty and was sent to Ryker's Island. Fisk met Castle in the outdoor gym, informing him that Dutton had some kind of connection to the Massacre at Central Park. Fisk explained how Dutton was in another cell block within Ryker's which he now essentially owned and was constantly surrounded by guards and inmates alike, which did not bother Castle.


Punisher furiously attacks and kills Dutton

As Castle still refused to be Fisk's personal assassin, Fisk argued that he was giving him the perfect opportunity to confront the man implicated in his family's deaths. Castle then finally agreed to help and Finney gave Castle a shiv and they explained that Roy Olsky would assist him in getting into Dutton's cell block to confront and kill him. Olsky allowed access to Dutton's cellblock to Castle who immediately killed his guards before interrogating Dutton. Dutton revealed that the massacre was, in fact, a sting operation to bring out a crime lord known as the Blacksmith, who did not appear, which in turn caused the gangs to panic and they soon began shooting.


Punisher slaughters Ryker's Island inmates

With this information, Castle fatally stabbed Dutton and then attempted to escape the block. However, Olsky locked the door, trapping Castle in a small corridor filled with other inmates. Fisk tauntingly thanked Castle for his help in assassinating Dutton, before leaving Castle to be murdered by the inmates. Castle's combat training allowed him to take down all enemies in front of him, however, the prison guards moved through the door and apprehended him.

Fisk then changed his mind and ordered to bring Castle inside solitary confinement and even ordered the guards to wait outside. Castle asked why Fisk had left him alive and he explained that the violence that Castle would cause on the streets of New York City could allow Fisk to regain control over the city easier. Insulted, Castle attacked Fisk who soon overpowered him and furiously beaten him.


Kingpin making his deal with the Punisher

Fisk then ordered the prison guards to uncuff Castle and escort him outside of Ryker's Island. Fisk had then allowed Castle to take a guard uniform and walk free to then continue his violent crusade once again. Fisk then visited dying Dutton while he struggled to breathe on life support. Fisk explained that his wounds were fatal and he would soon die soon, promising that Dutton would not suffer alone. Dutton died shortly after, allowing Fisk to take control over the prison, doubling the cut of the guards and gaining even more influence than Dutton ever had.[1]

Matt Murdock's Visit[]


Wilson Fisk furiously attacks Matt Murdock

"I've had a lot of time to reflect on my journey here, Mr. Murdock. My mistakes, everything I took for granted. And while I try and sleep in this bleak place, the one thing that keeps me warm is the thought that I will look down upon this city, the city that birthed me, with the woman that I love, whom I love with everything that I am."
Wilson Fisk to Matt Murdock[src]

Wilson Fisk was informed that Matt Murdock requested for a meeting, which Fisk accepted. Benjamin Donovan brought Murdock to a meeting room where Murdock explained that he knew that Fisk was behind Frank Castle's escape, which Fisk initially denied. Fisk continued to deny any involvement, leading to Murdock threatening to use the law to keep Vanessa Marianna out of the United States of America.


Wilson Fisk continues making his schemes

Fisk ordered Donovan to leave them alone before brutally attacking Murdock who was unable to fight back properly. Fisk admitted to taking control of the facility and allowing Castle to escape before telling Murdock that once he is free, he will dismantle his life, as well as Foggy Nelson before leaving Murdock. Before Murdock could do something, Donovan demanded that he leave the prison. However, Fisk later asked Miguel Valdez to re-examine Murdock's files, as he was suspicious about his persona.[2]

Mariah Dillard's Imprisonment[]

Attack on Mariah Dillard[]

"Bail is denied. Ms. Stokes Dillard's passport is to be revoked, and she is to be remanded to Ryker's until a trial date is set."
Amanda Garmon[src]
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Meeting with Benjamin Donovan[]

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Shades' Visitation[]

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Farewell from Tilda Johnson[]

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Death of Mariah Dillard[]

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Deal with the FBI[]


Wilson Fisk remaining inside his prison cell

"Fisk hated prison. The FBI got him out."
Benjamin Donovan to Daredevil[src]

As his long imprisonment within Ryker's Island continued, Wilson Fisk was visited by the FBI agents multiple times. The FBI wanted to extract useful information about New York City criminal underworld but Fisk had always refused to assist. Later, Fisk was informed by Benjamin Donovan and Nicholas Lee that his appeal was still continuing as they had planned, however, United States Department of Justice wanted to charge Vanessa Marianna as an accessory to Fisk's crimes, so she would be arrested as soon as she returned.

Ray meeting with Fisk

Ray Nadeem makes a deal with Wilson Fisk

Fisk was brought to a meeting with Ray Nadeem who was tasked to talk with Fisk about the criminal gangs. Suddenly, Fisk decided to cut a deal with Nadeem: Fisk will inform the FBI about all criminal operations within the city in exchange for dropping all charges against Marianna. Nadeem accepted Fisk's conditions, so Fisk gave the FBI key intel on the Albanian Syndicate, resulting in the arrest of the Mother Teresa and other mobsters which Nadeem took credit for.[3]


Jasper Evans stabs Wilson Fisk in the gym

Determined to get out of Ryker's Island, Fisk created a massive plan to manipulate the FBI and return to luxury. As part of his plan, Fisk bribed Riggle, convincing him to allow Jasper Evans to make an attempt on his life, believing this would allow Fisk to convince the FBI that prison was too dangerous. Fisk put himself in a vulnerable position as he went to the gym, allowing Evans to come closer and stab Fisk. However, Fisk suddenly attacked Evans and considered killing him in retaliation, however, Fisk then eventually recalled the plan and spared Evans.

The prison guards then arrived, taking control of the situation and bringing Fisk to the infirmary. Riggle then wrote up his false paperwork that Evans was sent to their solitary confinement when in reality he was freed from Ryker's as a reward. Fisk was rejoined by Nadeem and Fisk commented that everyone in Ryker's knew that he was talking to the FBI and all criminals within the prison could attempt to murder him. Manipulating the situation, Fisk reminded Nadeem that he had become a target within Ryker's and if he remained there he would likely be killed and then would be unable to help the FBI anymore, demanding a renegotiation of the deal.


Wilson Fisk is escorted outside by the FBI

With the FBI believing that Fisk would remain in serious danger if he was allowed to stay in Ryker's Island, a deal was renegotiated as the FBI convinced Blake Tower and the NYPD to allow Fisk to be taken out of Ryker's and instead moved into the Presidential Hotel as they could still keep Fisk under constant guard by the FBI as long as he was being kept there. As he was being prepared to be moved, Nadeem, Benjamin Poindexter and the team of the FBI agents escorted Fisk out of the prison.[4]

Infiltration into Ryker's Island[]

Matt talking with Michael Kemp

Matt Murdock meeting with Michael Kemp

"You're an idiot coming here. Fisk still controls half the guards and prisoners."
"Yeah, but not not the Albanians. Not since Fisk ratted your people out to the FBI."
Vic Jusufi and Matt Murdock[src]

In order to find more information about Wilson Fisk's release, Matt Murdock decided to search it at Ryker's Island. As he headed inside the prison, Murdock used Foggy Nelson's ID to impersonate him. Murdock asked to see Michael Kemp who was a former client of Nelson and Murdock. Murdock asked Kemp for an introduction with Vic Jusufi, in order to learn the details about Albanian Syndicate's issues with Fisk. However, panicking Kemp punched Murdock, causing guards to restrain him, and loudly declared that he had not said anything. Murdock was asked by a guard to get a health check which he reluctantly agreed to.

Following the guard to the medical office, Murdock was told to wait for the nurse. When Oscar arrived, he checked Murdock's injuries. Murdock asked for the paperwork and Oscar complied and went to prepare the paper. Suddenly, Oscar attacked Murdock and attempted to inject him with the drug in which he partially succeeded. After knocking Oscar unconscious, Murdock felt his senses getting dulled by the drug.

Daredevil Season 3 Official Trailer10

Matt Murdock is threatened by Wilson Fisk

Finding himself in a locked room, Murdock tried to look for a way to escape before he was called by Fisk. Watching Murdock through the camera, Fisk reminded him of their previous interaction about how Murdock threatened to prevent him from reuniting with Vanessa Marianna what Fisk was unable to forgive. Before Murdock could respond, Fisk ended the call and unlocked the door. Outside, Murdock was confronted by prison inmates who were there to kill him on Fisk's orders.

Murdock in Ryker's Island

Matt Murdock is threatened by an Albanians

Unprepared and partially drugged, Murdock still was able to defeat his opponents and began heading toward the exist. As he reached another hallway, he was approached by two armored guards. Despite Murdock's plead for help, he realized that the guards were under Fisk's influence and immediately began fighting them. After knocking them out, Murdock resumed his attempt to escape from the prison. As the prison began initiating a lockdown and the prisoners began rioting, Murdock was attacked by an Albanian who was ready to kill him. However, Jusufi ordered his subordinate to stand down and spare Murdock.

Murdock explained that he wanted to take down Fisk, as badly as Albanians and Jusufi himself, so he followed the clues to the prison because the Albanians tried to kill Fisk in the prison. Jusufi explained that Fisk bribed someone to stab him to convince the FBI, in return the attacker was freed from prison. Murdock managed to convince Jusufi that they have a common enemy in Fisk and he promised that if he helped him, Fisk will return to prison. Agreeing to help, Jusufi ordered his subordinate, disguised as the prison guard, Jusufi told Murdock to find Jasper Evans and take down Fisk, otherwise, he will come after him.

Murdock is helped out of the prison

Matt Murdock being escorted out of Ryker's

With the Albanian disguised as guard escorting him, Murdock traversed through now the rioting prison. Using his enhanced senses, Murdock aided his escort by warning him of approaching guards and which route to go. Managing to avoid the pursuing corrupt guards and fighting off the rampaging prisoners, Murdock's escort was able to lead him to the entrance where Murdock was guided out of the prisoner by other guards who weren't under Fisk's payroll.

Protected by the guards as the rioting kept ensuing outside the prison, the guards opened the gate for Murdock. Once Murdock was out of the prison, he managed to find his way back to the taxi that was waiting for him. Telling to drive him away from prison, Murdock allowed himself to fall unconscious.[5]


Known Inmates[]


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  • In the comics, Ryker's Island is a prison that housed many super-powered villains prior to the construction of the Vault.
  • Ryker's Island is the Marvel Universe counterpart of the real-world Rikers Island, New York City's largest jail facility.


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