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"Bail is denied. Ms. Stokes Dillard's passport is to be revoked, and she is to be remanded to Ryker's until a trial date is set."
Amanda Garmon[src]

Ryker's Island is a penal facility in the United States of America, specifically in New York.



"Look, I know this guy, we did a stretch in Ryker's."
Turk Barrett[src]

Turk Barrett was imprisoned at Ryker's Island due to one of his many illegal activities. While imprisoned, he met many fellow inmates, maintaining contact once they were liberated, and serving as street contacts.[1]

Wilson Fisk's Imprisonment


Wilson Fisk begins taking his power back

Wilson Fisk was taken to Ryker's Island following the exposure of his crimes, thanks to the actions of Matt Murdock and all the people who worked to bring Fisk down.

Fisk was given a cell for himself, where he spent hours staring at a blank wall as he had done since his youth.[2]

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Frank Castle's Imprisonment


Punisher slaughters Ryker's Island inmates

"The war you waged on New York City it got you nowhere. I'm offering you something no one else could. If you don't want my help, fine. By all means enjoy prison."
Wilson Fisk to Frank Castle[src]

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Matt Murdock's Visit


Wilson Fisk furiously attacking Matt Murdock.

"I've had a lot of time to reflect on my journey here, Mr. Murdock. My mistakes, everything I took for granted. And while I try and sleep in this bleak place, the one thing that keeps me warm is the thought that I will look down upon this city, the city that birthed me, with the woman that I love, whom I love with everything that I am."
Wilson Fisk to Matt Murdock[src]

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Mariah Dillard's Imprisonment

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Infiltration into Ryker's Island

"You're an idiot coming here. Fisk still controls half the guards and prisoners."
"Yeah, but not not the Albanians. Not since Fisk ratted your people out to the FBI."
"What's it to you?"
"Fisk hates me as much as he hates you people. I helped get him locked up. And I'm gonna do it again."
Vic Jusufi and Matt Murdock[src]

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Name Position Status
Riggle Warden Active

Known Inmates

Name Charges Status
Turk Barrett Illicit Activity Liberated
Dutton Drug Dealing Deceased
Stewart Finney Mortgage Deal In Custody
Miguel Valdez In Custody
Teardrop Brother In Custody
Wilson Fisk Illicit Activity In Custody
Frank Castle Multiple Murders Escaped
Kalinda Potter Deceased
Mariah Dillard Illicit Activity Deceased
Vic Jusufi Illicit Activity In Custody
Jasper Evans Drug Possession, Two Murders Liberated/Deceased
Michael Kemp In Custody (reduced sentence)


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  • In the comics, Ryker's Island is a prison that housed many super-powered villains prior to the construction of the Vault.
  • Ryker's Island is the Marvel Universe counterpart of the real-world Rikers Island, New York City's largest jail facility.


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