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"The Tigers say this is their turf. But we grew up here. It's all we know."
"It's cold in here. It must get colder at night. Any of you get sick, get hungry, you come by Bayard. We'll give you a meal, clothes, whatever you need."
"No charity. We don't owe. Not our parents. Not the Tigers. Not the Hatchets. Not you."
Ryhno and Colleen Wing[src]

Ryhno's Gang is a group of young adult criminals based in Chinatown, previously led by Ryhno, who hold anger towards the Golden Tigers, among other Triads in the area.


Battle at the Silver Lotus

"You are in way over your heads. What do you think the Tigers will do when they see you, huh?"
"We'll deal with them. Like we're gonna deal with this."
Colleen Wing and Ryhno[src]

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Capture of Iron Fist

"Yo, look what we found. This is the guy from the restaurant. The one that pissed the Tigers off. Dude's messed up. Maybe we offer him up to them. We could make some bank off his sorry ass."
Ryhno to his gang[src]

The gang saw an injured Danny Rand stumble towards them. Despite his condition, they assault and dragged him to their base, where they bound him to the floor, plotting to provide a possible trade.[1]

Recruited by Davos

"You live on the fringes. You catch as catch can. And what if all that effort it takes to survive a day, a week, a year was directed to a noble purpose? What if I could make you warriors? I can offer you a place to study, give you instruction in the martial arts. You can help me turn this neighborhood around and perhaps, one day, this city."
Davos to Ryhno's Gang[src]

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Attack on Bayard Community Center

"We're for-real players now."
"Are you? Because there's Hatchets and Tigers up there, and they're strapped. You gonna take 'em out?"
"Shifu will take care of them."
Crank and BB[src]

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