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"The Tigers say this is their turf. But we grew up here. It's all we know."
"It's cold in here. It must get colder at night. Any of you get sick, get hungry, you come by Bayard. We'll give you a meal, clothes, whatever you need."
"No charity. We don't owe. Not our parents. Not the Tigers. Not the Hatchets. Not you."
―Ryhno and Colleen Wing[src]

Ryhno was a criminal and a leader of his own gang.


Trouble in Chinatown

"You are in way over your heads. What do you think the Tigers will do when they see you, huh?"
"We'll deal with them. Like we're gonna deal with this."
Colleen Wing and Ryhno[src]

Ryhno led fellow gang members BB and Spokes to try and shake down Henry Yip, owner of the Silver Lotus restaurant for protection money. They were driven off by Colleen Wing, who threatened to call the police.[1]

Later, the trio, accompanied by Wiz and Chain, tried to extort the money from Mr. Yip by threatening the staff of the restaurant. Ryhno held one of the waitresses hostage, and threatened to break her hand with a hammer. They were stopped by Colleen Wing, who was dining at the restaurant with Danny Rand.[1]

Capture and Torture of Danny Rand

"What about NYPD didn't you understand? Drop it. Now! Now, we are walking out of here with him. Does anybody have a problem with that?"
"Whatever. Saves us from dealing with this shit."
"You know what? You almost crossed a line here. One that your little narrow ass can't walk back from. Now, go."
Misty Knight and Ryhno[src]

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Recruited by Davos

"You live on the fringes. You catch as catch can. And what if all that effort it takes to survive a day, a week, a year was directed to a noble purpose? What if I could make you warriors? I can offer you a place to study, give you instruction in the martial arts. You can help me turn this neighborhood around and perhaps, one day, this city."
"You for real?"
"Oh, I am. Eden Towers on the waterfront. Do you know it? Room and board for as many who choose to join me. I will work you hard. But you'll all be better for it."
Davos and Ryhno[src]

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"He was telling the truth. He's not a Tiger, never was. We're out. BB was right. This, this is some messed-up–"
―Ryhno to Davos[src]

Following behind Davos' leadership, Ryhno and his gang visited Henry Yip, in which they apologized for their previous actions. However, when Davos requested that he align with him and viewed Yip's neutrality for siding with the Golden Tigers, Ryhno informed him that he was never a Golden Tiger. Having witnessed the death, he swayed from the group, attempting to pull the other members out when he was slashed by Crank for his disloyalty.[4]


"Stay down. Where's the money, huh? Where is it? Give us the money. Last chance."
"I told you. I've got nothing left to give."
"Not my problem. You pay us."
―Ryhno and Henry Yip[src]

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  • Martial Artist: Though Ryhno has had some level in fighting, he would be trained in formal martial artist under the guidance and leadership of Davos alongside the other members of the gang.








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