"She should've gone to the Raft. Whoever she hurts next, that's on you."
―Ruth Sunday to Jessica Jones[src]

Ruth Sunday was a detective with the New York City Police Department. While investigating the murder of Robert Coleman, Sunday and her partner, Eddy Costa, looked into Jessica Jones, believing she could be connected to the murder. Eventually, through their work with Jones, they discovered that Alisa Jones, Jessica's mother, was the killer. However, when Sunday and Costa attempted to save Trish Walker from Alisa's wrath, Sunday was killed when Alisa jumped out of a window and dragged Sunday with her.


Powered Killer

Murder of Robert Coleman

"I'm Detective Sunday. This is Detective Costa. We're here about the accident that occurred last night."
"I was there. It was pretty bad."
"You didn't stick around for a statement."
―Ruth Sunday and Jessica Jones[src]

Sunday and Eddy Costa meet Jessica Jones

Detective Ruth Sunday and her partner, Detective Eddy Costa, were assigned to investigate the death of Robert Coleman, who had been killed due to falling scaffolding. As part of their investigation, Sunday and Costa arrived at the Alias Investigations Office, where they had been met by Jessica Jones, with Costa commenting that he had seen Jones before. Sunday then introduced herself and Costa, before explaining that they had come due to Coleman's death, with Jones admitting that she witnessed this, to which Sunday noted that Jones had failed to make an official statement afterwards.

Jones insisted that there were other witnesses who had seen more than her, while Sunday questioned if she had known Coleman, as Jones explained that Coleman had come to Alias Investigations, hoping to hire her. As Costa noted that Jones likely felt guilt for failing to help Coleman before he was killed, Jones insisted that she had nothing to do with Coleman or the accident. Sunday questioned if Jones was aware that Coleman had filed a police report, claiming that somebody was attempting to kill him, to which Jones noted that the New York City Police Department must also feel guilty for failing to protect him.

Sunday then noted that their evidence suggested that Coleman's death had been made to look like an accident by a powered person, although Jones insisted that she was not the powered person they were looking for. Sunday then reminded Jones about how she had assaulted Pryce Cheng the day before, and was therefore on probation and court ordered anger management, making her a suspect, although as Jones suggested that they arrest her, Costa simply insisted that they had only come there to talk to her, since they did not have enough evidence to accuse her of causing Coleman's death.

Jones then told Sunday and Costa come and to follow her, as they went to another floor of the Apartment Building, and knocked on Oscar Arocho's door. As Arocho answered the door and questioned what was going on, Jones requested that he tell Sunday and Costa everything that he had seen when Coleman died, although Sunday cut Jones off and insisted that they take charge. Sunday questioned if Arocho had witnessed Coleman's death, to which he explained that he had only heard the crush and saw the aftermath while he was out with his son, insisting that he had already talked to the police.

Sunday then questioned if Arocho had seen Jones at the scene, which he had denied, much to Jones' anger, while Sunday suggested that Jones simply was mistaken about this, although Jones insisted that Arocho had been there and had looked her in the eyes at the crime scene, while Arocho claimed that he had not seen anything. With Arocho apologising for not having more to offer, Sunday apologised for bothering him. Costa then suggested that Jones could come to the 15th Precinct Police Station to make her statement, only for Jones to refuse, while insisting she would come down once this became a real case.[1]

Arrest of Jessica Jones

"Hey! Let her go!"
"Step back now!"
"Like hell I will!"
Trish Walker and Ruth Sunday[src]

Sunday had then returned into Jessica Jones' Apartment Building to investigate Nick Spanos' brutal murder, who had been discovered beaten to death just outside the building, seemingly by somebody with superhuman strength. Having assumed that Jones was responsible for Spanos' death, Sunday immediately drew her weapon, when she witnessed Jones arriving outside of the building and asking Malcolm Ducasse what had just happened there.

Although Jones followed Sunday and Eddy Costa's orders and placed her hands onto her head and got on the ground, this was interrupted as Trish Walker charged forward and demanded that they let her go. Although Sunday attempted to stop her, Walker furiously pushed her out of her way to try and get to Jones, only to also be arrested by two other officers. As Sunday watched Walker being handcuffed, Costa had explained to Jones that she was getting arrested for the death of Spanos, to which Jones had insisted she was not the killer, as she had no idea who Spanos was, while Costa read Jones her rights.[2]

Jessica Jones' Interrogation

"You have any proof of any of this?"
"The best I can do is tell you everything I know. I'll start at the beginning."
―Ruth Sunday and Jessica Jones[src]

Sunday had then taken Jessica Jones back to the 15th Precinct Police Station, as she and Eddy Costa rejoined her to begin her interrogation, with Jones being represented by Jeri Hogarth. As they rejoined Jones, Costa questioned if she had been comfortable, before Sunday noted that Hogarth had informed them that she wanted to make her statement. Once Costa returned Jones' phone to her, she showed them an image of a woman who she claimed had murdered Robert Coleman and Nick Spanos, noting that she also had abilities stronger than her own.

With Jones admitting that she did not know the woman's name, she claimed that they had both been patients with IGH, who had been illegally attempting to heal patients through genetic editing, although IGH's methods had side effects, which had seemingly been the cause of Jones' powers. Sunday then noted that Jones had failed to mention any of this when she and Costa had questioned her, to which Jones insisted that she was because the New York City Police Department would not be able of stopping her, while Costa questioned if Jones could do it, while Sunday questioned if Jones had any actual proof of this.

Jones promised that the best she could do would be to tell them everything that she knew, promising that she would start at the beginning, as Sunday and Costa listened. Once Jones had finished explaining everything that she learnt about the killer, IGH and her investigation, Sunday and Costa went to write up their reports. Eventually, Sunday and Costa returned into the interrogation room, with Sunday explaining that they had run a search on the photograph of the woman, but had failed to come up with any name or criminal record about her, to which Jones had explained this was because she was clearly off the grid.

As Jones insisted that she was telling them the truth, Costa insisted that he believed her, while Sunday insisted that she did not. Sunday then stood by, as Costa presented Jones and Hogarth with security footage outside her Apartment Building, showing someone leaping from the upper floors behind Spanos. Sunday had then reluctantly unlocked Jones' cuffs, noting that this was not her decision, suggesting that Jones and the woman were working together, as powered people liked to team up, like the Defenders, before Sunday had then left Jones and Costa to briefly talk alone.[3]

Search for the Killer

"Nobody, I told you, she's setting us up."
―Ruth Sunday to Eddy Costa[src]

Sunday was informed by Eddy Costa that they had gotten a lead from Jessica Jones for the killer's location, as she had text Costa with the address, although Sunday remained unconvinced that Jones was being truthful. Sunday and Costa then took a squad of New York City Police Department officers to the Malus Residence, as they surrounded the house and stepped inside with their guns drawn, ready to arrest the killer. Sunday walked just behind Costa, as they stepped inside and seemingly found the house empty.

Frustrated, Sunday suggested that Jones had been setting them up, before she and Costa found the entrance to the basement, where they found a large steel door. Sunday and Costa worked together to get the door open, only to confirm that the building was empty, finding a hospital bed, with restraints for arms and legs, as well as a tunnel, which had seemingly been used by the residences to escape without being seen. Sunday then returned to the 15th Precinct Police Station, while Costa had then gone back to the Alias Investigations Office to ask Jones about the seemingly false lead that she had given to them.[4]

Questioning of Jessica Jones

"You're stalling us."
"I'm trying to help you bring her in."
―Ruth Sunday and Jessica Jones[src]

Eventually, it was learnt that the killer was actually Alisa Jones, who was really the long thought to be deceased mother of Jessica Jones. However, Alisa was able to escape from the Eastern Regional Detention Center, resulting in Sunday and Eddy Costa returning to the case to try and track her down. Having returned to the Alias Investigations Office, Sunday and Costa listened as Jones insisted that her mother was not running, since there was nowhere for her to run to, with Costa suggesting places she could go, which Jones had rejected.

As Costa questioned if Alisa would go to other family, Jones insisted that her only family was Karl Malus, who was now dead, although Sunday noted that Jones was also Alisa's family. Since Jones claimed to not know where her mother would go if she was upset, Sunday then accused her of stalling, which Jones denied, as she insisted that she was trying to help the New York City Police Department to bring her mother to justice. However, Sunday insisted that Alisa should have been sent to the Raft, suggesting that whoever Alisa hurt next would be blamed on Jones, before Costa told Sunday to back off.

Jones insisted that she was not protecting her mother, as Sunday claimed that she knew her better than anyone, which Jones denied. However, Jones then noted that Malus had known Alisa better than anyone, as she took out Malus' journal that she had taken, with Sunday noting that this should have been handed over as evidence. Sunday and Costa listened as Jones read Malus' analysis of Alisa's mental state, which involved her developing a fixation on particular items or individuals, before Jones deduced that her mother might target Trish Walker, whom she blamed for ruining her life, due to Walker's investigations.

As Jones suggested that Alisa might believe that Walker had been responsible for Malus' death, Sunday questioned if this was true, which she denied, before insisting that they had to get to the Riverbank Medical Center to protect Walker. Although Sunday insisted that Jones needed to stay there, in case Alisa returned to that location, only for Jones to deny that this was going to happen. While Costa claimed that Walker would be safe, as Alisa did not know she was in the hospital, Jones insisted that Walker's fame would result in this news being leaked to the media, as Sunday agreed to go investigate.[5]

Attack on Trish Walker

"Your best friend's an open target, she needs protection."
"Trish needs me, I can talk my mom down."
"I can't take that chance, I'm calling SWAT."
―Ruth Sunday and Jessica Jones[src]

Sunday and Eddy Costa had then gotten into their police car drove towards Riverbank Medical Center, with Jessica Jones in the backseat, complaining that the traffic continued to refuse to move out of their way, despite their sirens. As they drove, Sunday got a call, informing her that Alisa Jones had just attacked the WNEX Station, in her attempt to murder Trish Walker. Costa questioned if anybody was killed, to which Sunday noted that Ian was injured, but nobody had been killed.

Costa insisted they needed more backup at Riverbank, although Jones claimed that if her mother saw the New York City Police Department, she would escape and kill anybody who attempted to get in her way. However, as Sunday noted that Walker had become an open target and would need protection, Jones argued that Walker needed her help, as she was the only person who would be able to talk her mother down, and could potentially prevent anybody being killed during their standoff, but Sunday had still insisted that SWAT had to be called in as backup, since they would be able to handle Alisa.

However, the car had turned the corner and found itself stuck in some heavier traffic, with Costa attempting to reassure Jones that they would still be able to get into Riverbank in time to protect Walker from Alisa. Frustrated and running out of all patience due to her fear for Walker's safety, Jones then responded by attempting to unlock the door, although Costa noted that the doors would stay locked until they got to Riverbank. In response, Jones kicked the door off the car and run down the streets, as Sunday and Costa called to her, before getting back inside of their police car and continuing to drive.

Once Sunday and Costa had arrived at Riverbank, they found Jones protecting Walker from her mother, who had just attempted to strangle her in her bed, as they burst into the room with their guns drawn at aimed at Alisa, and immediately demanded that Alisa get down on the floor and surrender. However, Jones requested that they back off, since she insisted that her mother would surrender, only for Alisa to run to the window in an attempt to leap for freedom, resulting in Sunday shooting her in the leg. Costa ordered Jones to stand back, while Sunday then approached Alisa and had attempted to arrest her.

However, as Sunday demanded that Alisa slowly show her hands, she was suddenly grabbed by Alisa, who swiftly disarmed Sunday by twisting her wrist, before taking Sunday into a headlock, while Jones desperately pleaded with her to stop. Looking at Costa, who still had his gun raised, Sunday ordered him to take the shot and kill Alisa, regardless of the risk to her own life, only for Costa to hesitate, as he struggled to find a clear shot at Alisa which would not result in Sunday's death. While holding Sunday, Alisa looked to Jones, insisting that the police would kill her if she surrendered, which Jones denied.

With Jones still attempting to convince Alisa to let go of her and surrender peacefully, Sunday continued to look at Costa, as she tried to convince him to take the shot and kill Alisa, with Costa still struggling to find a safe shot that would not kill his partner. However, as a result of Costa's hesitation, Alisa had then proceeded to throw herself out of the hospital window, dragging Sunday out the window with her, much to the utter horror of Costa and Jones. Sunday had then fallen several stories to her death, while Alisa was able to escape, with Costa and Jones looking down at Sunday's corpse from the window.[5]


Hunting Alisa Jones

"It's over. Just get out of the way, let us do our job."
"If they find her, they'll shoot to kill, won't they?"
"You're damn right they will. She took out one of our own."
Eddy Costa and Jessica Jones[src]
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"Ruth Sunday was a damn good cop. We had our differences, but she'd still be alive if I didn't trust you."
Eddy Costa to Jessica Jones[src]

Ruth Sunday was a headstrong and often skeptical individual whom, upon seeking deeper investigation on the death of Robert Coleman, openly expressed her disliking of persons with abilities such as Jessica Jones. Despite her lack of trust in Jones, Sunday worked alongside Eddy Costa, only yielding restraint if it proved to aid in their investigations.

Upon being held captive by Alisa Jones, Sunday asked Costa to sacrifice her in order to kill Alisa.


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  • Glock 19: Sunday, her partner Eddy Costa and the officers under their command took their weapons to follow a lead on their wanted killer to the Malus Residence; and then both detectives took them to the hospital in order to stop Alisa Jones, with Sunday even shooting at her leg, but she was unable to prevent her from escaping, dying in the attempt.


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