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"I'm trying to help you bring her in."
"She should've gone to the Raft. Whoever she hurts next, that's on you."
Jessica Jones and Ruth Sunday[src]

Ruth Sunday was a detective with the New York City Police Department, and the partner of Detective Eddy Costa.


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Murder of Robert Coleman

"I'm Detective Sunday. This is Detective Costa. We're here about the accident that occurred last night."
"I was there. It was pretty bad."
"You didn't stick around for a statement."
―Ruth Sunday and Jessica Jones[src]

Detective Ruth Sunday and her partner, Detective Eddy Costa, were assigned to investigate the death of Robert Coleman. They arrived to question Jessica Jones at her apartment, and subsequently talked to the building's new superintendent Oscar Arocho.[3]

Arrest and Interrogations

"This IGH gave you abilities?"
"Looks that way."
"You forgot to mention these experiments or this other enhanced person when we questioned you."
"Because you can't take her."
"But you can?"
Eddy Costa, Jessica Jones and Ruth Sunday[src]

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Attack on Trish Walker

"Take the shot. Do it, Costa."
"Let her go."
"They'll kill me."
"I won't let them."
"Take the shot."
―Ruth Sunday, Alisa Jones and Jessica Jones[src]

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"Ruth Sunday was a damn good cop. We had our differences, but she'd still be alive if I didn't trust you."
Eddy Costa to Jessica Jones[src]

Ruth Sunday was a headstrong and often skeptical individual whom, upon seeking deeper investigation on the death of Robert Coleman, openly expressed her disliking of persons with abilities such as Jessica Jones. Despite her lack of trust in Jones, Sunday worked alongside Eddy Costa, only yielding restraint if it proved to aid in their investigations.

Upon being held captive by Alisa Jones, Sunday asked Costa to sacrifice her in order to kill Alisa.


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