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"A die-hard conspiracy theorist who liked to spy on anyone he thought was spying on him which was everyone."
Lance Hunter[src]

Rusty Peltzer was a mercenary and a friend of Lance Hunter. After Hunter's departure from S.H.I.E.L.D., Peltzer frequently worked with him. When working as a getaway pilot while helping Hunter rescue Leo Fitz from Blue Raven Ridge, he died after crashing his helicopter.


Exploits with Lance Hunter

"Well, my life has been perfectly boring by comparison. Mercenary work, working with unscrupulous dirtbags like Rusty."
Lance Hunter[src]

Peltzer met Lance Hunter while he was working at a mercenary. He showed Hunter his van rigged with multiple accessories and also lectured Hunter about all the conspiracy theories he believed in, having even installed sophisticated computer systems able to hack into surveillance systems.[1]

Rescuing Fitz

Rusty Crash

Peltzer's helicopter crash in Blue Raven Ridge

"There's our way out!"
"Who's flying it?"
"Rusty. The best getaway pilot money can buy. Well, the best getaway pilot my money could buy."
Lance Hunter and Leo Fitz[src]

Peltzer was hired by Lance Hunter to help him get his friend Leo Fitz out of the Blue Raven Ridge military facility. Peltzer was supposed to lure the military with an helicopter to enable Fitz and Hunter to escape. However, he failed to properly pilot the helicopter and crashed to his death in the facility. Hunter and Fitz still managed to escape thanks to Peltzer's van.[1]


"Among Rusty's more useful traits, piloting being henceforth removed from that list, is that he was paranoid as balls."
Lance Hunter[src]
  • Pilot: Using his skills and experience as a pilot, Peltzer managed to get a helicopter off the ground while helping Lance Hunter rescue Leo Fitz. However, his skills did not help him avoid crashing this very helicopter, which caused Peltzer's death.
  • Spy: As a convinced conspiracy theorist, Peltzerv acquired many computer hardware to be used so that he could tap into security agencies data as what he thought was a counter-surveillance measure.


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"Oh, that's plenty of bells and whistles. Thank you, Rusty."
Leo Fitz[src]
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