"I'd say it's a good place to hold a guy prisoner."
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The Russian Hideout was the warehouse owned by the Russian Mafia.


Russian Mafia

While working with Wilson Fisk, Russian Mafia acquired the warehouse in Hell's Kitchen which was used as their base of operations. At his office, Vladimir Ranskahov tried to contact Anatoly before James Wesley entered the office, sending regards and gratitude from Fisk. However, Wesley told him they needed to discuss some details when he seemingly noticed that Anatoly was missing.

Their meeting was interrupted by Sergei, who announced that they had found Anatoly. Anatoly's headless corpse was taken to the office, and Sergei explained they found him lying in a lot. Ranskahov mourned his brother and suddenly found a black mask inside one his brother's pockets. Believing the man in the mask had killed Anatoly to send him a message, Vladimir ordered all Russian Mafia members to find him.

Vladimir Ranskahov cleaned his brother's corpse inside his office, until he was interrupted by Turk Barrett who had announced he had discovered something regarding his brother's death. Barrett informed Ranskahov about the man who was possibly responsible in Anatoly's death. Ranskahov assumed that the man Barrett described resembles Fisk who seemed to be close to the man in the black mask.

Ranskahov then assumed that the man in the mask worked for Fisk, and he had been playing them since the man started damaging their operations. Ranskahov ordered Sergei to tell all Russian Mafia members to get ready for an assault with all the weapons they had and asked Barrett to spread the word that he would pay 1 million to the person who could reveal Fisk's location that same night.[1]

Bombing of Hell's Kitchen

Sergei informed Vladimir Ranskahov that Turk Barrett received a call that had informed about Wilson Fisk's location. Ranskahov ordered him to prepare to attack and keep Fisk to him. The man in the mask, who had been tracking Ranskahov in the locations that he obtained from Christian Blake, managed to hear the conversation, learning where Ranskahov was located.


Suddenly, one of Madame Gao's drug runners arrived at the warehouse, announcing he had a delivery, and he was allowed to enter inside. Just as he entered, the man in the mask attacked the remaining guard at the door. Inside the warehouse, the Russian Mafia members prepared their weapons to attack Fisk, and Sergei informed Ranskahov that their men are ready.


Ranskahov then saw the detonator in the drug runner's hand as he raised it, and tried to take cover before he activated it. Outside, Murdock realized what was about to happen, and took cover behind the guard and the warehouse's door, while a large explosion destroyed the warehouse and killed multiple mobsters.

Later, Christian Blake and Carl Hoffman led a squad of NYPD officers into the destroyed warehouse to learn about Vladimir Ranskahov's location. Blake approached heavily injured Ivan who was trapped under debris and began to interrogate him about Ranskahov's whereabouts. Ivan told him he did not know, making Blake hurt him again. Ivan swore he did not know and begged Blake to stop. Blake then shot Ivan in the head, killing him, and ordered the rest of the officers to do the same if they found anyone alive in the building.[2]

Search for Antoine Grier

Playing sweepstakes and lottery games, Antoine Grier became short on money and took a loan from Len Sirkes. When his sister Serena discovered his actions, she gave Grier money to repay Sirkes; however, Grier and Victor decided to invest the money in illegal drugs. They found a semi-destroyed warehouse and started growing marijuana there, as Victor brought his dogs, Myers and Krueger, to protect their product.

Jessica Jones ambushes Victor

Looking for Grier, Jessica Jones and Luke Cage followed Victor to the warehouse where they found stocks of marijuana plants. Exploring the warehouse, they were confronted by Myers and Krueger, so Cage volunteered to calm the dogs down while Jones looked for Grier. Jones knocked Victor out and found Grier, dragging him out of the room. Grier revealed that he planned to grow enough marijuana to repay his sister and Sirkes.

Sirkes then suddenly entered the warehouse, demanding Jones to hand Grier to him. Jones refused, stating that Sirkes could have Grier's stockpile of marijuana in exchange for Grier's life. Sirkes, however, stated the deal was non-negotiable. Sirkes ordered his men to attack Jones, but she and Cage easily subdued them. He reassured that he did not harm the dogs. While Cage fought Sirkes one on one, Jones protected Grier and took him away from the warehouse.[3]


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