"Живым, пожалуйста.[2]"
"Да. Давай.[3]"
Kazan and Russian[src]

The Russian was an enforcer for the Russian Mafia who had worked for Kazan. When the Russians had been unexpectedly visited by Turk Barrett who claimed to have information which would interest Sergei Konchevsky, they revealed Konchevsky was dead and then set up their ambush for Barrett's partner. However, they were soon confronted by the Punisher. As the Russian then personally attempted to kill him under the orders of Kazan, the Punisher instead brutally beat him up to death.


Russian Mafia

Attack on Kazan's Gym

"Ты готов?[4] You ready?"
"Come on."
―Russian and Punisher[src]

Russian puts Turk Barrett into a tight headlock

While working out at Kazan's Gym, the Russian became aware that Turk Barrett had just arrived, as Barrett immediately teased the Russian by jokingly claiming he was not lifting enough weights. The Russian then watched as Barrett spoke with Kazan and asked to speak with Sergei Konchevsky, claiming that he had just collected something from Chicago which he believed Konchevsky would want to see. However, considering the fact that Konchevsky had been killed while in Chicago, Kazan ordered the Russian to subdue and capture Barrett by putting him into a headlock.


Russian being ordered not to kill the Punisher

Now that they had captured Barrett, the Russian Mafia forced him to call up his buyer as they arranged a meeting at Barrett's Shop since they believed that the buyer was likely responsible for Konchevsky's death. However, much to their surprise, the Punisher then arrived at the gym in person, as the Russian watched on as Kazan questioned if the Punisher was the one responsible for killing Konchevsky, while the Punisher denied. When the Punisher demanded answers about what had been going on, Kazan instead turned to the Russian as he ordered him to subdue the Punisher, although without killing him.


Russian furiously fighting against the Punisher

Confident that he could defeat the smaller Punisher, the Russian had stepped up to him and threw a punch, however he was shocked by the Punisher's skill and speed as he avoided the blow and struck the Russian's kneecap, before grabbing ahold of the Russian's jaw and smashing his face onto the ground. While the Russian had recovered, the other Russians, including Vor tried to attack the Punisher, only to then find themselves being vastly outmatched by his skills. Once the Russian had gotten to his feet, he immediately grabbed a barbell and tried to use that as a weapon, which the Punisher had blocked.


Russian furiously beating down the Punisher

Becoming frustrated, the Russian reacted by running at the Punisher and knocking him off his feet. Taking a moment to regain composure, the Punisher and the Russian ran at each other and began a furious fight, as the Russian's superior strength gave him a clear advantage as the Punisher struggled to keep him at bay and get free himself. Wanting to keep his advantage, the Russian spat blood into his face, head-butted him and threw him across the room. While the Punisher had then tried to kick the Russian, this had little effect as the Russian simply grabbed ahold of him and furiously threw him into the air.


Russian's skull gets beaten in by the Punisher

With the Punisher beaten down to the point of barely being able to stand, the Russian picked him up and began furiously hitting his face repeatedly with a sadistic smile. However, before the Russian could land a fourth punch, the Punisher was able to grab a hold of weight and used this to hit back at the punch. The force of that blow caused the Russian to lose all his senses as the Punisher continued to punch him in the face with the weight while still calling out to Kazan to talk to him. When the Punisher hit the Russian in the face for a sixth time, he fell to the ground dead, his face beaten beyond recognition.[1]


  • Expert Combatant: The Russian is a formidable fighter due to the amount of workouts he endures and doing his moderate exercises. While working at Kazan's Gym, the Russian was able to choke out Turk Barrett and fight against the Punisher with some ease before his inevitable defeat.



Russian lifting his weights inside Kazan's Gym





  • In the comics, the Russian was hired by the Gnucci Family to kill Frank Castle for $10 million. He came back from the dead more than once to exact his revenge.

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