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"Maybe we're more than a team. We're a family, and without one of us, we're not whole."
Karolina Dean[src]

The Runaways are a team of six teenagers who banded together with the purpose of taking down PRIDE, an organization formed by their respective parents. After witnessing them sacrifice a young girl at their annual PRIDE meeting, the Runaways made it their mission to uncover the truth behind the sacrifices and put an end to them once and for all.


Shattered Friendship

Initially, the group of teenagers who would become the Runaways were the children of the members of the PRIDE. They used to be good friends together until Amy Minoru died, seemingly committing suicide. This heavily shattered the friendship between the teenagers, with Alex Wilder being notably criticized for his decision not to attend Minoru's funeral. From this point, the teenagers grew apart from each other to the point that they barely talked to each other.[1]

Annual PRIDE Meeting

"We were friends because our parents were friends. We were just kids. We were always gonna grow apart."
"Plus, it's kind of hard to stay friends with someone when all they care about is being the perfect church girl."
"Better than the insufferable social justice warrior."
"Or a dumb jock."
"Yeah, or Molly... I've got nothing against you. You're really nice."
Karolina Dean, Gert Yorkes, Alex Wilder and Chase Stein[src]

Pressured by his parents, Alex Wilder decided to invite his former friends over to his house on the night of the annual PRIDE meeting. When he arrived at school, he approached Chase Stein in class about getting together but he refused; Gert Yorkes overheard the conversation and refused too. Karolina Dean was then brought into the conversation and got an argument with Gert over her religion, and abruptly left the classroom while Gert ultimately decided hanging out would be a bad idea. Defeated, Alex went to search for Nico Minoru to personally invite her over. After finding Nico in front of a picture of her sister, Alex confessed to her how much he missed her. However, Nico pretended to have not heard him and walked away.

During the PRIDE meeting, Alex sulked about the fight that the others had refused to come. In his last attempt, he decided to text an old group photo to all of them, hoping it would sway them to come to his house. After being assaulted at a party, Dean decided she did not want to go home, so she left with Stein to take Alex's invitation. Meanwhile Molly Hernandez had a terrifying encounter with a dinosaur in her own home, so she urged Yorkes to take her to Alex's house as well. Nico had failed a Wicca ritual to bring her sister back from the dead, so she defeatedly arrived at Wilder Mansion around the same time as everyone else.

While inside the guest room, everyone began to argue over why they stopped hanging out together in the first place. After getting frustrated with talking about Amy Minoru, Stein left the guest house to go into Geoffrey Wilder's study for a bottle of liquor. Everyone else followed, and Nico was perplexed as to why she found her mother's purse in the room. Alex then went to go get a coaster for Yorkes' drink and it revealed a secret passage behind the bookshelves of the study.[1]

Witnessing a Sacrifice

Runaways Teaser Trailer 21

The Runaways discover the passageway

"Whatever happened, I think our parents killed that girl."
Nico Minoru[src]

The group decided to go into the secret passageway and discovered a balcony which overlooked a large room and contained a mysterious barrier. In the room, they saw each of their parents dressed in red robes performing some kind of ritual. They then brought out a girl, who Karolina recognized as Destiny Gonzalez from her church. Gonzalez was forced to drink a mysterious liquid which made her collapse, ultimately allowing the PRIDE to undress her and carry her into a box. The kids remained perplexed and Molly Hernandez accidentally set off her phone flashlight in the attempt to get a better look of the ritual. The flash confused the PRIDE but the kids were able to run out before being seen.[1]

While Alex Wilder left to shut down power in the Wilder Mansion so that their parents would believe that the flash was due to a power malfunction, the other teenagers hid in the guesthouse. They argued about what they had seen, refusing to believe that their parents might have killed Gonzalez. As they needed to act normal in front of their parents, they pretended to be playing Twister when Geoffrey and Catherine Wilder went to check on them. Once they left, the teenagers kept discussing about what they had seen before departing with their respective parents, pretending that everything was fine.[2]


Meeting at the Beach


The Runaways decide to investigate on their parents

"We do some P.I. work and let cooler heads prevail. Hopefully in a couple hours we know that our parents are just weird, and not killers."
Alex Wilder[src]

In order to figure out what they had witnessed, Alex Wilder asked his friends to meet him at the beach so they could discuss their plan of action. Although Karolina Dean had received a picture seemingly sent by Destiny Gonzalez, the others were not convinced of its authenticity and decided to investigate themselves. Chase Stein and Gert Yorkes were tasked with searching the Stein Mansion, while Wilder would try to reenter the sacrifice room in the Wilder Mansion and Dean would look for Gonzalez in the Church of Gibborim. Meanwhile, Nico Minoru returned to the Minoru Mansion to inspect the Staff of One her mother Tina had wielded during the ritual.

Stein and Yorkes found the Dematerialization Box, but without Gonzalez in it. They then headed for the Yorkes Residence to investigate curious noises Molly Hernandez claimed to have heard in the basement, only for them to accidentally release a small dinosaur which seemed to obey Yorkes' commands. Also regarding supernatural abilities, Nico retrieved the Staff of One along with Amy Minoru's diary. Wielding the Staff, she accidentally triggered snowfall in Tina's office and called Wilder, who had failed to return into the sacrifice room, for help. Meanwhile, Dean could not find anything significant concerning Gonzalez, and Hernandez was found by Catherine Wilder, who suspected that she had witnessed the ritual. However, Hernandez managed to give a plausible explanation for the hairpin Geoffrey Wilder had found in his office.[3]

Murders Confirmed

"So our parents are serial killers, and Karolina's mother hand-picks the victims?"
Alex Wilder[src]

Still struggling to figure out what they had seen, the Runaways had a group conversation to discuss the discovery of the body of Destiny Gonzalez by the LAPD and to share the results of their first investigations. They still disagreed whether this confirmed that their parents had killed Gonzalez: while Nico Minoru was willing to believe it, going as far as suspecting that the death of her sister Amy was connected to PRIDE's rituals, others were not convinced. The call was then ended without a consensus being made, although Chase Stein urged his friends to be ready to protect themselves.

Minoru decided to go the police in order to tell them that PRIDE had killed Gonzalez and that Amy's death could also be due to PRIDE, although Alex Wilder tried to convince her that it would not be of great use. Still, Wilder joined Nico at the Los Angeles Police Station to help her. However, they saw Victor Stein and Robert Minoru with Detective Flores, who had been put in charge of the investigation on Amy's death back in the day. Upon seeing this, Nico decided that they could not trust the police to help them against PRIDE.

Fifteen pic

Karolina Dean displays her powers in front of Chase Stein

Meanwhile, Karolina Dean and Gert Yorkes, who still had a hard time believing that their parents could be criminals, went to the Dean Mansion to find another explanation. They found Leslie Dean's laptop, featuring an encrypted file related to what was called the Ultra Project, and decided to send it to Wilder so that he could decrypt it. As Yorkes left, Chase came to the Dean Mansion as well and Karolina decided to reveal her powers to him, much to Chase's amazement.

Timely Coffee pic

Alex Wilder and Nico Minoru study the Ultra Project file

Wilder and Nico went to the Timely Coffee, where Wilder successfully decrypted the Ultra Project file, which turned out to be a list of young people who had been welcomed into the Church of Gibborim. As Gonzalez's name appeared in the list, Wilder and Nico quickly figured out that it was a list of all the people killed by PRIDE during their rituals: runaways which were assessed by Leslie thanks to their intake forms so that she could select the perfect victim for PRIDE. As a result, they immediately called Karolina to tell her about her mother's involvement in the crimes.[4]

Kidnapping of Alex Wilder

"I'm with everyone. We need your assistance to save Alex from some unidentified abductors."
Gert Yorkes to Chase Stein[src]

Upon leaving the Timely Coffee to check on his car, Alex Wilder was abducted by the Crips in an act of revenge against Alex's father Geoffrey.[4] Although she could not see who the kidnappers were, Nico Minoru still witnessed the deed and immediately warned Karolina Dean, and later Gert Yorkes and Molly Hernandez. Using the Staff of One she had stolen from Tina Minoru's office, Nico managed to find which way the car taking Alex away had gone. The teenage girls decided to chase them while trying to reach out Chase Stein, who did not answer his calls.

The Runaways followed the trail indicated by the Staff of One and Yorkes eventually managed to call Stein, who was informed of the situation and agreed to join them. They arrived near a park and saw Darius Davis holding Alex at gunpoint in front of Geoffrey. As Davis took Alex away in his car, the Runaways chased him until Davis' car stopped at a redlight. Deciding to intervene, Nico stepped out of Dean's car and tried to use the Staff of One to break Davis' car's engine, but it did not work. Thus, Hernandez got out of the car as well and used her superhuman strength to lift the car from the rear, preventing it from moving forward.

Kingdom pic

The Runaways face Darius Davis

As they were confronted by Davis and his driver, Dean chose to use her powers as well and removed her Church of Gibborim Bracelet, emitting light beams which briefly stunned the Crips, making the driver flee and enabling Alex to join his friends. Davis then threatened to shoot them, but Stein arrived and fired at him with his Fistigons, knocking Davis several meters away. Still, Davis stood back and fired at the Runaways, but Nico managed to use the Staff of One to create an energy shield which blocked Davis' bullets. Davis fled, much to the Runaways' relief.


The Runaways gather at the Timely Coffee

Following this victory, the Runaways gathered at the Timely Coffee, discussing their recently discovered superpowers: Hernandez's superhuman strength, Dean light-based abilities, Nico's control of the Staff of One and the fact that Yorkes could telepathically control a dinosaur which had been bioengineered by Dale and Stacey Yorkes. However, Alex told them about Andre Compton, a young member of the Crips who he had wounded earlier. Alex suspected that PRIDE would sacrifice him and convinced his friends to try and save him.

The Runaways rushed to the Wilder Mansion, where Hernandez used her superhuman strength to break through the secret door of the sacrifice room. However, as they arrived, they discovered that the room was empty, as PRIDE was actually doing the sacrifice in the Church of Gibborim Executive Offices. Distressed by the whole event, Alex confessed to Nico that he had shot Compton and that he felt responsible for his death. Nico comforted him and the two ended up kissing each other. However, they were interrupted by Dean, who informed them that Stein had found a camera in the sacrifice room. Alex analyzed the data of the camera and found out that they were being transferred to the servers of Wizard, the company owned by Robert and Tina Minoru.[5]

Infiltration into Wizard Headquarters


The Runaways discuss their plan to hack into Wizard servers

"Okay, we three are Operation Tina Server Room. I'm not great at code names. I'm working on it."
Alex Wilder to Nico Minoru and Gert Yorkes[src]

The Runaways met one more time at the Timely Coffee to discuss their next move: hacking into the Wizard servers during a PRIDE gala held at the Wizard Headquarters. While preparing for the gala, Karolina Dean almost confessed her feelings to Nico Minoru before Gert Yorkes and Molly Hernandez joined them at the Dean Mansion. The group then picked up Alex Wilder and Chase Stein and they arrived at the gala, where they saw their parents being acclaimed by the crowd.

As the party went on, the Runaways decided to move forward, although Dean and Yorkes first had a conversation about who they wanted to be with, with Yorkes denying that she was attracted to Stein. Wilder, Minoru and Yorkes then headed to the building's elevators. Yorkes successfully distracted security member Earl, enabling Wilder and Minoru to take the elevator up to the servers room. However, Wilder discovered that he could not hack into it, meaning that they had to retrieve the file they were looking for directly from Tina Minoru's office.

Wilder and Nico managed to break into Tina's office, although Nico was suspicious on how Wilder managed to guess Tina's password. As they were downloading the file, they were alerted by Yorkes that Tina was coming due to needing some time alone after the reveal that her husband Robert was having an affair with Janet Stein. Wilder and Nico hid in the office, surprised to see Tina crying, but were ultimately able to go down to the lobby.

Meanwhile, Dean, who was upset by the fact that she could not be with Minoru and who had a hard time dealing with having strange superpowers, went to the building's roof where Stein found her getting drunk. Dean nearly fell from the roof, but her powers activated as she lost her Church of Gibborim Bracelet, enabling her to fly back to safety. Considerably relieved, Stein kissed her, much to Dean's surprise. The scene was also witnessed by Hernandez.

As they went back to the lobby, Stein and Dean learned about the affair between Robert and Janet. Chase saw his father Victor fainting and learned that he actually suffered from a brain tumor. However, he was forced to leave his father's side when Jonah arrived to cure Victor. Chase was reunited with Wilder and Nico, who told them that their mission was completed, and Chase told them about the affair between Janet and Robert. The Runaways then left the gala, but before departing, Catherine Wilder discovered that Hernandez, and possibly all the Runaways, knew about PRIDE's sacrifices.[6]

A Team Divided


Molly Hernandez reveals that PRIDE knows about her having discovered the rituals

"I've got a busted laptop that says we're past the point of polite conversation."
"Wilder, I said I was sorry."
"Are you sorry, Chase? Tell me, what does that change, exactly? Thanks to you, we don't know what our next move is, or if we even have one. We can't win, not anymore."
Alex Wilder and Chase Stein[src]

Despite their success in obtaining the file stored on the Wizard servers, the Runaways teams had to face tensions and divisions while waiting for Alex Wilder to fully decrypt it. One of these challenges came when Molly Hernandez revealed to her friends that PRIDE might have discovered that she knew about the sacrifices. This led to an argument as some of the Runaways reproached Hernandez for not having disclosed that earlier, causing Hernandez to angrily leave the team. Karolina Dean later tried to comfort her.

During the Atlas Academy open house, the Runaways regrouped and saw Geoffrey Wilder, Catherine Wilder, Dale Yorkes and Stacey Yorkes talking together, suspecting that this had something to do with Hernandez. They also tried to figure out what would happen once the file would be decrypted and their parents would be arrested. When Gert Yorkes returned to the Yorkes Residence, she saw Hernandez arguing with Dale and Stacey and discovered that they planned on sending her away to Montebello to live with Graciela Aguirre. Although both Gert and Hernandez tried to persuade them not to, they were forced to accept this choice and Hernandez left Los Angeles.

Other tensions arose between Nico Minoru and Alex. Indeed, Nico was still suspicious regarding how Alex had so easily entered Tina Minoru's office in Wizard Headquarters. Although Alex claimed to have simply guessed Tina's password, Nico figured out that Alex actually knew it and demanded to be told how he had this information.[7] Therefore, Alex reluctantly told Nico that he knew about Amy Minoru having hacked into the servers of Wieard, which could partly explain her death, something Alex felt responsible for. This angered Nico, who left Alex and returned to the Minoru Mansion where she found Amy's hidden backpack and phone, which she put on charging.


The Runaways debate on whether or not releasing the Rite of Blood videos

Nico returned to Alex, who told her that he had decrypted the video files showing the sacrifices perpetrated by PRIDE. They were joined by the rest of the team, however, both Dean and Chase Stein were in favor of waiting before releasing the videos to the authorities. Alex disagreed and decided to disclose it nonetheless but Chase, fearing for the life of his father Victor whose life laid in the hands of PRIDE after he was shot by Janet Stein, took the laptop containing the files and destroyed it, despite the others trying to stop him.[8]

R109 Runaways arguing Atlas Academy

Alex Wilder blames Chase Stein for destroying their evidence against PRIDE

Although Chase apologized for the deed, this left the Runaways more divided than ever, to the point that the idea of the group splitting up was considered, which was rejected by Gert who argued that they had not even found a nickname for their team, although Alex's proposal - naming themselves the Runaways - was considered too dark. Still, the teenagers agreed to remain together and Gert persuaded them to go the dance held by the Atlas Academy.[9]

The Whole Truth Revealed

R109 Runaways watching the Hernandez tape

The Runaways watch the Hernandezes' video

"The school. They're using its construction as a cover."
"The PRIDE meetings, the gala? It's all been a front."
"Basically our whole lives, they've been planning on how to end the world."
Alex Wilder, Karolina Dean and Chase Stein[src]

During her short stay in Montebello, Molly Hernandez was given a letter by Graciela Aguirre, which had been left to her by her parents Gene and Alice. Thanks to the letter, Molly found a VHS tape and suspected that it might contain valuable information concerning PRIDE. Thus, she managed to leave Montebello and returned to Los Angeles. She reunited with the other Runaways at the Atlas Academy and explained her discovery. Alex Wilder then led his friends to the school's library so they could watch the video.

R109 Runaways discussing the Hernandez tape

The Runaways figure out the whole PRIDE's plan

On the video, Gene and Alice explained that PRIDE's plan could actually cause immense damage across California, including serious earthquakes. Horrified by the discovery, the Runaways struggled to find what to do next about their parents and how they could stop it. They figured out that the PRIDE Construction Site on which PRIDE pretended to be building a school was at the center of their plan and they decided to infiltrate it to end their parents' activities. To that end, Wilder suggested to use the dance as a pretense to regroup before going and fighting PRIDE.[9]

Fighting PRIDE

Infiltration into the PRIDE Construction Site

"We're a family."
"We're a family."
"And we'll fight you if we have to!"
Stacey Yorkes, Gert Yorkes and Molly Hernandez[src]

The Runaways arrived separately to the Atlas Academy dance. Gert Yorkes found Chase Stein and the two began discussing how they felt about each other, leading to them isolating themselves to dance in a separate room, where they began making out and eventually had sex with each other. As they emerged from the room, they stumbled on Karolina Dean and Nico Minoru, who had just shared a kiss after looking for them. The Runaways then got in their car and drove to the PRIDE Construction Site.


The Runaways attempt to fill the hole

Encountering Carl, who was in charge of the security, Karolina told him to call her father Frank to make sure that the teenagers were allowed to enter the site. once Carl let them in, the Runaways soon began to sabotage PRIDE's operations. Stein and Yorkes found the control panel and fried it with the Fistigons while Molly Hernandez used her superhuman strength to push a truck in the hole created by the Nemo Industrial Drilling Machine to estimate its depth. Then, Nico used the Staff of One to fill the hole by creating a local sandstorm.

Doomsday pic

The Runaways confront PRIDE

However, the process was stopped when Tina Minoru arrived with the rest of PRIDE, confiscating the Staff of One from Nico. As PRIDE tried to convince the Runaways that they had only worked for them, the teenagers refused to listen to them and claimed that they were ready to fight against their parents, with Karolina taking off her Church of Gibborim Bracelet to reveal her powers.[9] The Yorkeses' dinosaur, who had been brought by Yorkes, arrived and joined the Runaways, much to PRIDE's astonishment who discovered their children's unusual abilities.

Staff of One vs. Fistigons

The Runaways attack PRIDE

Dale Yorkes engaged the hostilities by firing a tranquilizing bullet at the dinosaur, prompting Stein to retaliate with his Fistigons. However, the blasts were stopped by an energy shield created by Tina and the Staff of One. Karolina joined the fight, firing powerful light beams at the shield. As Hernandez tried to help her, she was attacked by Jonah, who had arrived into the site with Frank.

The Runaways were further attacked by Jonah, who knocked them all over with his own powers. As they stood back, Karolina realized that Jonah was only interested in her. She convinced her friends to leave her behind and get to safety, and although Nico initially refused, they all ran away while Karolina fought against Jonah, being eventually defeated and captured.[10]

Rescue of Karolina Dean

"I didn't think I'd ever see you guys again."
"We're not leaving anyone behind."
Karolina Dean and Chase Stein[src]

The Runaways retreated into the woods and discussed about what to do next. Although Alex Wilder was in favor of leaving Los Angeles to devise a more elaborate plan of action, Nico Minoru convinced her friends to try and rescue Karolina Dean who had been captured by Jonah. To that end, Wilder asked his friends to find new clothes so that they would be harder to recognize. As they could not affort to look after it while running away, they also asked Gert Yorkes to part ways with her dinosaur, which she begrudgingly accepted, naming the creature Old Lace.

Vaughn Helps Runaways

The Runaways infiltrate the Church of Gibborim Executive Offices

The teenagers went to the Timely Coffee, where they met with Church of Gibborim member Vaughn Kaye. The Runaways told Kaye that Karolina was in danger and that her mother Leslie Dean and the mysterious Jonah were involved, and that they requested his help into releasing Karolina. However, Kaye refused to believe their story and left the café. Therefore, the Runaways changed their plans to infiltrate the Church of Gibborim Executive Offices: Chase Stein and Molly Hernandez posed as typical runaways who were usually welcomed into the Church. They were picked up by Frances and Aura and successfully entered the Church's offices.

Meanwhile, Wilder managed to steal a van while Minoru and Yorkes stood watch outside the building. While they were filling their forms, Stein and Hernandez were approached by Kaye, who had secretly reported his encounter with the Runaways to Leslie and had been asked to help them. Kaye took them to Leslie's private meditation chamber and Hernandez used her superhuman strength to break through the door, enabling them to find Karolina. Together, the teenagers managed to escape the Church's security and reached the van driven by Wilder, driving away from the Church's offices.[10]

Forced to Run

"What do we do?"
"We run."
Nico Minoru and Alex Wilder[src]

Having successfully rescued Karolina Dean from Jonah, the Runaways took refuge in the woods near Los Angeles. While Dean and Nico Minoru discussed the recent events and started a relationship together, Alex Wilder returned in town and called Darius Davis in order to make an alliance with the Crips against PRIDE. Davis provided Wilder with money and a gun so that the Runaways could survive on their own while being searched by their parents. Wilder then returned to his teammates and informed Minoru of this new alliance.

Hostile pic

The Runaways are forced to run

The Runaways then went to the Los Angeles Bus Depot to take a bus and go far from Los Angeles, which enabled Gert Yorkes to be reunited with Old Lace. As they discussed where to go, a newsflash caught their attention: indeed, they discovered that they were suspected of having kidnapped Molly Hernandez and that they had been framed for the Assassination of Destiny Gonzalez. Left with no other option, the Runaways were forced to run, becoming wanted fugitives across the country.[10]

Life on the Run

New Home

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Training and Practice

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Topher's Interference

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More Divisions

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Battle at the PRIDE Construction Site

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New Enemy

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Birthday Party

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Leaver and Newcomers

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Chased by PRIDE

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Current Members

Alex Wilder

Runaways Wilder 1
  • Name: Alex Wilder
  • Activity: 2017-
  • Description: Alex Wilder is the son of Geoffrey and Catherine Wilder. Following the death of his best friend Amy Minoru, Alex isolated himself, despite craving to reunite his childhood group of friends. Because of Alex inviting his former friends over to the Wilder Mansion, they witnessed a PRIDE sacrifice, and they decided to investigate. Alex accompanied Nico Minoru when she went to tell what they had seen to the LAPD, but they eventually gave up. He then decrypted a file found by Karolina Dean and Gert Yorkes containing the list of all PRIDE's victims, but he was kidnapped by the Crips, whose leader Darius Davis wanted revenge on Alex's father. Alex managed to escape thanks to the other Runaways, and started a relationship with Nico. After Chase Stein found a hidden camera in the sacrifice room, Alex tracked the feed down to the company Wizard and hacked into its servers, ultimately obtaining footage of their parents committing their crimes. However, Alex had to face two challenges: Stein destroyed the laptop containing the video out of fear that his father could die if PRIDE were arrested, and Nico ended their relationship when she discovered what he knew about Amy's death. Still, Alex and the other Runaways kept working to thwart PRIDE's plan they had discovered thanks to a video left by Gene and Alice Hernandez to their daughter Molly. He and the other teenagers confronted PRIDE and Jonah at the PRIDE Construction Site, but were forced to run while Dean was captured. Despite thinking that they had to leave the city, Alex agreed to join his friends to rescue her. As they were on the run, Alex stroke an alliance with Davis, but then discovered that the Runaways had been framed for the murder of Destiny Gonzalez.

Nico Minoru

Runaways Minoru 1
  • Name: Nico Minoru
  • Activity: 2017-
  • Description: Nico Minoru is the daughter of Robert and Tina Minoru. Due to the death of her sister Amy, Nico progressively grew apart both her family and her friends, adopting a goth fashion style and digging into Wiccan beliefs. She eventually reconnected with her former friends, and when they witnessed the Rite of Blood committed by PRIDE, Nico found herself ready to envisage that her mother was evil, to the point that she almost reported her parents to the LAPD before learning that Detective Flores was an ally of PRIDE. Nico also began to show interest in the Staff of One, which her mother remarked and proposed to train her. Nico successfully used the Staff during the Kidnapping of Alex Wilder against Darius Davis, and started a relationship with Alex Wilder. However, during the Infiltration into Wizard Headquarters, Nico progressively grew suspicious towards what Wilder knew about both Tina and Amy. She discovered that Wilder had information about the possible reasons of Amy's death, as Nico refused to believe that Amy had committed suicide. This led her to break up with Wilder. Later, Nico was surprised when Karolina Dean confessed her feelings and kissed her. As she discovered that she loved Dean in return, Nico refused to leave her when Jonah confronted the Runaways on the PRIDE Construction Site. Nico insisted that they should rescue their friend, which they successfully did. This enabled Nico to start a relationship with Dean. However, she was then forced to run away with her friends as they had been framed for the murder of Destiny Gonzalez.

Karolina Dean

Runaways Karolina Dean First Look
  • Name: Karolina Dean
  • Activity: 2017-
  • Description: Karolina Dean used to be a prominent member of the Church of Gibborim, with her mother Leslie often using her to attract new members into the Church. During a party, Karolina discovered that she manifested light emission abilities once she removed her Church of Gibborim Bracelet. She was saved from a rape attempt by Chase Stein, who then took her to the Wilder Mansion to reunite with their former friends. Like the others, Karolina witnessed the PRIDE sacrifice, but she refused to believe that her mother had murdered someone. She and Gert Yorkes searched for clues in the Dean Mansion and found a file they sent to Alex Wilder, which actually contained the list of PRIDE's victims. Karolina also chose to reveal her powers to Stein, who kept it a secret from the others. When Wilder was kidnapped by the Crips, Karolina revealed her powers while confronting Darius Davis, relieved that her friends still accepted her and that others than her had superhuman abilities. During a PRIDE gala, Karolina got drunk and nearly fell from the top of Wizard Headquarters, only to be saved by her own powers. On the same night, Stein kissed her, although Karolina was actually in love with Nico Minoru. Deciding that they needed help to fight against PRIDE, Karolina disclosed everything they had discovered to her father Frank, unaware that Frank actually warned Jonah. During a dance the Runaways used as a cover before infiltrating the PRIDE Construction Site, Karolina finally found the courage to admit her true feelings to Minoru. However, she ended up being captured by Jonah after he displayed his own light-based powers, and learned that Jonah was actually her biological father. Karolina managed to escape thanks to her friends, and joined them while they were forced to flee, having been framed for Destiny Gonzalez's murder. In the process, Karolina and Minoru started a relationship.

Gert Yorkes

Runaways Yorkes Hernandez 4
  • Name: Gert Yorkes
  • Activity: 2017-
  • Description: Gert Yorkes is the daughter of Dale and Stacey Yorkes, who is traditionally considered as the typical social justice warrior. She witnessed the sacrifice of Destiny Gonzalez perpetrated by PRIDE, but she refused to believe that her parents could be murderers. Along with Chase Stein, who she was secretly in love with, she accidentally released a dinosaur from the Yorkes Residence and discovered that she could telepathically control it. Still having a hard time to believe that her parents were criminal, Yorkes assisted Karolina Dean in her investigation in the Dean Mansion, leading to them finding a file related to the Ultra Project, which actually contained the names of all PRIDE's victims. Gert took part to the Infiltration into Wizard Headquarters, distracting Earl and Kincaid long enough for her friends to hack into Wizard's servers. When it was revealed that PRIDE knew about Molly Hernandez having witnessed the sacrifice, a heartbroken Gert told Hernandez that she had to be sent away from Los Angeles. As tension arose within the Runaways, Gert motivated her friends into remaining together until they discovered the full extent of PRIDE's plan. During the dance held by Atlas Academy, Gert had sex with Stein, although she could not believe that he actually loved her in return. She took part in the confrontation with PRIDE on the PRIDE Construction Site and fled with her dinosaur once Jonah arrived. Gert agreed that they had to rescue Dean who had been captured by PRIDE, although this forced her to part ways with her dinosaur, who she called Old Lace. Once they successfully saved Dean, Gert, who had started a relationship with Stein, was reunited with her dinosaur, but as the Runaways had been framed for Gonzalez's murder, she was forced to flee with her teammates.

Molly Hernandez

  • Name: Molly Hernandez
  • Activity: 2017-
  • Description: Molly Hernandez is the daughter of Gene and Alice Hernandez, two members of PRIDE who were killed in her childhood, causing Molly to be adopted by Dale and Stacey Yorkes. In her teenage years, Molly began displaying superhuman strength, which she had trouble to control at first. She discovered that PRIDE was regularly sacrificing people. However, she was also quickly suspected by Geoffrey and Catherine Wilder of knowing about these crimes. Although she managed to convince them that she did not know anything for a time, Molly's desire to learn more about her parents from Catherine led her to involuntarily admit that she had witnessed the rituals. This caused Molly to be sent away from Los Angeles by her adoptive parents in an attempt to protect her. Encountering her cousin Graciela Aguirre, Molly was given a letter left to her by her parents, which led her to a VHS tape where Gene and Alice explained PRIDE's intentions regarding the PRIDE Construction Site. Reuniting with her friends, Molly was willing to fight against PRIDE in order to stop them and took part to the Rescue of Karolina Dean with Chase Stein. However, she and her friends soon discovered that Molly was officially considered missing and that they were suspected of the murder of Destiny Gonzalez, forcing them to run away.

Former Members

Chase Stein

  • Name: Chase Stein
  • Activity: 2017-2018
  • Description: Chase Stein is a lacrosse-playing player with genius engineering abilities. The son of Victor Stein, who he hated due to Victor being an abusive father, Chase notably worked on advanced weaponized gauntlets called the Fistigons. He saw PRIDE sacrificing Destiny Gonzalez and teamed up with the other Runaways to figure out what it was all about. In the same time, however, his relationship with his father was improved as Victor had discovered and found interest in the Fistigons, although Chase also learned that Victor suffered from a brain tumor. Chase got a chance to actually use the gauntlets for the first time against the Crips during the Kidnapping of Alex Wilder. During the PRIDE gala, Chase was shocked to learn that his mother Janet had an affait with Robert Minoru and feared to lose his father when his brain tumor made him faint. Chase expressed bewilderment as Victor's personality was temporarily improved because of Jonah's Serum, however, the effects wore off and Chase was nearly killed by Victor before being saved by Janet, who shot Victor. Distraught by the episode, Chase figured out that his father could die if PRIDE was arrested, causing him to destroy Alex Wilder's laptop containing evidence of their crimes. After discovering PRIDE's true plan, Stein joined his teammates into fighting them and stopping their enterprise, actively taking part to a rescue mission to release Karolina Dean who had been captured by PRIDE. While hiding into the woods, Stein began a relationship with Gert Yorkes, who he had fell in love with. However, he was forced to run away with his friends once they were framed for the murder of Gonzalez.





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  • Alex Wilder proposes "Runaways" as the name of their group in honor of the runaways they could not save, but the idea is dismissed by the other members of the team as being too dark.
    • In the comics, the name is given to the team by the media and various super teams, which various members, Gert Yorkes in particular, finds distasteful.


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