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"I'm the Destroyer of Worlds."
―Ruby Hale to Hale[src]

Ruby Hale was the daughter of General Hale, who had been genetically engineered by HYDRA's leader Daniel Whitehall as he had hoped to create the perfect leader for the organization. Ruby's own life long obsessions with becoming infused with their Gravitonium by using the Particle Infusion Chamber with Project Destroyer of Worlds led to her to pushing her body to physical perfection in order to gain the approval of her mother. When nothing Ruby did was seemingly good enough, she had then developed her hatred of Quake, whom she viewed as her competitor, and the one she needed to destroy, to be seen as good enough. Ruby's frustrations eventually led her to joining sides with Werner von Strucker to betray her mother and steal the Gravitonium for herself. However, upon being infused with the Gravitonium, Ruby's body had reacted violently, giving her power while causing her incredible pain. Ruby's rampage was stopped when Yo-Yo Rodriguez killed her, in revenge for Ruby previously slicing off both of her arms during an ambush.


Early Life

Designed by Whitehall

"You should be honored. You will give birth to our new leader. As I said, we see the future of HYDRA in you."
Daniel Whitehall to Hale[src]

Ruby had been the result of Daniel Whitehall's works on enhanced humans through Project Destroyer of Worlds, as the scientist then proceeded to have her mother artificially inseminated with a genetically altered seed he created. Ruby was trained in the HYDRA Preparatory Academy to become the ideal soldier for HYDRA, with both Whitehall and Hale also intending for her to eventually lead the organization.[1] As a child, Ruby had never known her real father and instead was raised by her mother Hale who she often described as a tyrant.[3]

Meeting the Struckers

"You hit your head on the kitchen counter. That's how you got it."
"I remember the floor."
"Black-and-white checkers. I was supposed to be watching you, so I got blamed. My father beat me in front of you and your mother."
Werner von Strucker and Ruby Hale[src]

Ruby is photographed with her mother, Hale

During her childhood, Ruby was taken to the home of HYDRA's leader, Wolfgang von Strucker and was sent to play with Strucker's son, Werner von Strucker while their parents had discussions about HYDRA. During one day while she had been playing with the young von Strucker, Ruby fell over and hit her head on the kitchen counter, resulting in Ruby gaining a scar on her forehead. The young Strucker was blamed for the incident as he was meant to be watching Ruby while she was playing and as punishment, he was brutally beaten by his father in front of Ruby and Hale.[3]

HYDRA Academy

Ruby preparing for another day of her lessons

"So, does he know where I'm gonna be assigned after graduation?"
"It's being discussed. He knows that you're top of the class."
"Runs in the family. You don't think they're gonna stick me somewhere boring like Air Force, do you?"
―Ruby Hale and Hale[src]

Every morning, Ruby would wake up within the HYDRA Preparatory Academy where she would put on her uniform and greet the dog she had been given to train, knowing that she would be expected to kill the dog to prove this was not a weakness. Ruby would ensure that her uniform was styled and would play music before heading to class. One day before her graduation, Ruby waited to see if her wish to undergo Project Destroyer of Worlds would come true.

Ruby trains to be a great warrior for HYDRA

Once she had finished all her classes, Ruby would train in the gym, fighting against two male opponents and easily proving herself to be the superior fighter. During one of these combat training sessions, Ruby was watched by her mother Hale and her instructor Steger who were discussing Ruby's future within HYDRA. While Ruby continued fighting, Hale argued that Daniel Whitehall had designed Ruby to lead while Steger noted that Whitehall was dead so his opinion no longer mattered. Ruby meanwhile eventually subdued her opponents with considerable ease and ended her own combat training.

Ruby eating her own lunch with her mother

With all her training completed for the day, Ruby sat down with her mother to eat some lunch together as Ruby questioned if Steger yet knew where she would be assigned following her graduation, with Hale noting that it was still being discussed by HYDRA's leadership although Steger knew Ruby was still top of her class. Ruby jokingly questioned if she would be placed somewhere boring like the United States Air Force, to which Hale argued that from that position she could see combat and had a chance to become an astronaut, noting that this was the reason why she had applied for the Air Force.

Ruby learns that her mother is being sent off

When Ruby questioned why she had not continued to try and go to space as she claimed this would have made her mother considerably cooler, Hale noted that if she had then she would have never given birth. Just as they were speaking, however, Hale and Steger both got a message alerting them to the Destruction of HYDRA, although they did not inform Ruby of the exact meaning of the message. Seeing her mother had been alerted to something, Ruby casually questioned if her country was calling her, to which Hale simply got up and left the facility in a hurry, quickly apologizing to Ruby for leaving.[1]

Destruction of HYDRA

Ruby being threatened by her teacher, Steger

"I'm the only one left! You're seriously gonna stop me from serving because of some barbaric ritual?!"
"Do not question the HYDRA way! You trust in the system!"
"Why not?! Look where it's gotten us!"
―Ruby Hale and Steger[src]

In the wake of the Destruction of HYDRA, Ruby found that she was the only student who had still remained at the HYDRA Preparatory Academy. Despite being the last student, Ruby was still refused the chance to graduate as a member of HYDRA when she had refused to kill her pet dog as she had been ordered to do by Steger. This led to a fierce argument between Ruby and Steger, with Ruby claiming that this was Steger's blind loyalty and refusal to question the ancient traditions of HYDRA which had led to their destruction.

Ruby witnesses her mother murdering Steger

Disgusted by her traitorous words, Steger violently grabbed Ruby's arm and demanded that she have faith in HYDRA's tradition, claiming that the killing of the dog was a rite of passage which would lead her to a life of utter control and purpose. Before Steger could continue, however, a gunshot rang out and killed him before Ruby's eyes. Turning to see the shooter, Ruby discovered Hale had killed her own friend and mentor to protect her, noting they were now the last of HYDRA. Ruby and Hale then worked together in secret to continue with Project Destroyer of Worlds and fulfill Ruby's true purpose.[1]

Hunting Quake

Capturing Glenn Talbot

Ruby completely ignores Glenn Talbot

"I would rather die on my two legs than slither on eight with you."
"Actually, squids don't have legs. They have tentacles. They're cephalopods."
"Let me out of here. I swear, I will bust your kraken ass!"
Glenn Talbot and Ruby Hale[src]

When Glenn Talbot had been shot in the head by the Life-Model Decoy of Daisy Johnson,[4] he began to suffer from mental issues in the hospital, so Hale used this to take him into her custody under the claim that she would be getting Talbot superior treatment. Following Hale's orders, Ruby walked past Talbot as he was exploring their facility and completely ignored him, which greatly annoyed Talbot as he furiously demanded an explanation of where he was and why he had been brought there.

Ruby being yelled at by Glenn Talbot

Ruby took her breakfast and went into the gym to begin her training, aware that Talbot was still following her. When Talbot had tried to pull the headphones out of her ears, Ruby responded by twisting Talbot's hand and causing him to fall to the floor in pain until Hale entered the room and ordered her to let him go. Hale then introduced Ruby as her daughter, much to Talbot's surprise as he was unaware that Hale even had a child despite all the years they had worked together in the United States Air Force. Talbot demanded an explanation of what was going on, to which Hale refused to answer his questions.

Ruby threatening to execute Glenn Talbot

As Talbot became annoyed at being dismissed in spite of his superior rank, he aggressively questioned Hale, to which Ruby responded by threatening him by placing her Chakram by Talbot's throat. As Talbot stood defenseless, Hale reminded him of how his career within the Air Force was over and his wife and son were now afraid of him due to his temper. Hale had Ruby free Talbot who questioned why Hale was telling him all of this, Hale then noted that there had been a time in her own life, referring to the Destruction of HYDRA, when she had felt like she needed to find a new purpose in her life.

Ruby watches Hale and Glenn Talbot argue

Ruby stood by as Hale showed Talbot the device which Fischer had put her in charge of moments before his suicide, noting that it had been used make contact with Qovas and that her predecessors had struck a deal with the Confederacy for the protection of the Earth. As Talbot questioned why he was not told of this due to his higher rank, Hale confessed that this was not an Air Force mission and then also revealed that she was also a member of HYDRA. Ruby still remained silent while Talbot then furiously questioned her patriotism, Hale had noted that she never chose HYDRA but had been born into it.

Ruby taking Glenn Talbot as their prisoner

As Talbot became more aggressive, Ruby prepared her Chakram to kill him but was quietly ordered to stand down by Hale. Despite an argument over S.H.I.E.L.D. or Anton Ivanov being the one to be blamed for his shooting, Talbot still insisted that he would rather die than serve HYDRA. As a result, Hale had Talbot restrained by Ruby who corrected his comment about squids having tentacles not legs. Talbot was then taken away by Hale's Sleeper Mechs in order to be tortured for the next few months, despite Talbot still furiously insisting that Phil Coulson would soon be coming to rescue him.[1]

Mother's Advice

Ruby being confronted by Hale

"Hey, Mom. Are you a good guy?"
"Where'd that come from?"
"You're off to a strategy meeting, right? How to stop S.H.I.E.L.D.? But up until recently, everyone rooted for them and thought that they were the good guys, so are you sure that you're not a bad guy?"
―Ruby Hale and Hale[src]

While sitting inside her bedroom listening to her music, Ruby was visited by Hale who requested her to turn off the music and listen to her. Once Ruby had sat up, Hale questioned her over skipping class the day before, with Ruby noting that she simply was not in the mood, noting that while her mother might expect more from her, Ruby confessed that she simply couldn't care less, to which Hale then threatened to take away her phone if she did not start obeying her. Once Ruby apologized, Hale then offered to bring her breakfast, which Ruby rudely refused.

Ruby questions if her mother is a good person

As Hale went to leave her room, Ruby then questioned if her mother was, in fact, a good person or not, noting it was not too long ago that it was S.H.I.E.L.D. who were considered to be heroes, and now Hale was hunting them down. Hale noted how obsessed Ruby had always been with Daisy Johnson and explained that her orders were to find and capture her, with Ruby questioning if she had been ordered to kill Johnson. Hale explained that these were her orders and even she had people she needed to answer to, promising that she was doing all of this for Ruby and all the other downtrodden citizens.[5]

Maiming Yo-Yo Rodriguez

Ruby leads her own team of robotic soldiers

"Your orders?"
"Kill them."
Sleeper Mech and Ruby Hale[src]

When Ruby was informed that Piper had successfully tricked all the agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. into coming to the St. Louis Aerospace Facility in order to investigate the Kree Orb, she led her own team of robotic soldiers to confront them. While Piper held her gun to some of the agents, Ruby and her soldiers stepped into the room and held their guns to them, while Piper insisted that Hale had guaranteed the agents' survival. Ruby, however, quickly realized that Quake was not present in the room and therefore ordered her soldiers to kill all of the agents.

Ruby orders her soldiers to kill all the agents

Before the soldiers could open fire, Yo-Yo Rodriguez then used her own Inhuman power to disarm the soldiers before she and the other agents charged into battle against them. Ruby took a step back as she watched her soldiers fighting against the agents, with Alphonso Mackenzie eventually shooting one of them directly in the face and as a result, discovered that they were in fact machines. Upon seeing Ruby's betrayal of her trust, Piper then chose to change sides and assisted the agents with getting the Orb out of the facility while the other agents continued fighting the remaining robots.

Ruby cuts off both Yo-Yo Rodriguez's arms

Ruby waited for the ideal moment as she watched Mackenzie and Rodriguez both getting held back by the soldiers, knowing that they would run to each other's aid in a moment. Once Rodriguez freed herself, Ruby then drew one of her Chakram and waited for Rodriguez to use her Inhuman power to save Mackenzie. Ruby threw her blade and successfully sliced through Rodriguez's arms, before catching the blade and watching while Rodriguez fell to the floor in shock. Mackenzie rushed to her aid and took her away in his arms to get medical treatment, with Ruby letting them go.[5]

Confronted by Hale

Ruby returns to the base to find Hale

"You promised me Daisy Johnson."
"She didn't show up tonight."
"Well, I think if I keep cutting her friends' arms off, she will."
―Ruby Hale and Hale[src]

With her mission to attack the agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. complete, Ruby returned to the HYDRA Preparatory Academy where she found Hale was waiting for her. While Ruby put away her mask and Chakram, she simply insisted that she had just forced S.H.I.E.L.D.'s hand, leading to Hale questioning if Ruby viewed this situation as nothing more than a joke, as Ruby claimed that the agents needed to get medical attention for all of Yo-Yo Rodriguez's horrific injuries they could then find and capture them.

Ruby demanding the chance to face Quake

Although Hale insisted that they had already had them where they wanted them, Ruby noted that Quake had not been there, noting that Hale had promised that Ruby could capture Quake. Hale pointed out that Quake had not shown up to which Ruby claimed that if she had continued cutting off all her friend's arms, then eventually, she would appear. Hale furiously called all Ruby's work sloppy and incomplete, noting that the Kree Orb which was armed with a bomb was merely a prop before then claiming that Ruby was a disappointment to her as Hale walked out and had her soldiers lock the door.[5]

Reunion with Strucker

Ruby completely ignores Werner von Strucker

"Why are you here?"
"I live here."
"Why am I here?"
"You will get all of your questions answered, when you get them answered."
Werner von Strucker and Ruby Hale[src]

As had been instructed by Hale, Ruby was sent to be seen by the newly arrived Werner von Strucker, who had been brought to their facility having been evicted from the mental hospital he was being treated at. Entering the cafe wearing her headphones, Ruby walked straight past Strucker who had sat down to eat breakfast. Ruby completely ignored Strucker while he demanded to know where he was, with Ruby instead grabbing some food and walking out.

Ruby pretending to begin her fight training

While training on her punch bag, Ruby was found by Strucker, with Ruby finally acknowledging his presence as Strucker had mockingly expressed his own surprise that Ruby could talk at all. Strucker once again questioned where he was, with Ruby only telling him that it was a safe house, noting that she lived there. Strucker then questioned why he had been brought there, with Ruby simply claiming that his questions would eventually be answered by Hale when she arrived, with Ruby then throwing one of her Chakram at a target just behind Strucker, striking a direct hit on the target's bullseye.

Ruby is taken hostage by Werner von Strucker

Walking closer to her, Strucker demonstrated his enhanced memory by asking Ruby if she still had the scar on her head, reminding her of how they used to play together as children and she once had fallen over and hit her head on the kitchen counter, resulting in Strucker's father beating him as a punishment for not looking after her better. Noting that he was beaten in front of both Ruby and her mother, Strucker violently grabbed onto Ruby and held a blade to her throat, demanding to see Hale immediately, with Ruby offering no residence as this had all been a part of Hale's plan.

Ruby and Hale standing together

Eventually Hale arrived into the room where Strucker was still holding Ruby hostage, with Hale surrounded by her Sleeper Mechs for her protection. Hale ordered Strucker to let Ruby go, warning that their Mechs would kill him if he did not obey her. Hale then explained that since he had attacked Levi Van Kempen, the hospital had chosen to lobotomize him. Strucker then let Ruby go free as she watched Hale greeting him while Strucker insisted that he had wanted nothing to do with his father's legacy within HYDRA, despite Hale insisting that her operation did not actually have anything to do with HYDRA.

Ruby is told to seduce Werner von Strucker

With Strucker still demanding an explanation, Hale informed him that he gained if enhanced memories since[3] being shocked by Lincoln Campbell while he was in the Memory Suppressing Machine,[6] which had allowed Strucker to realize that Hale wanted his memories of his father's work within HYDRA. Although Strucker refused to help them and requested death, Hale refused to have him killed and instead had him sent back to his room, promising he could go free the next day. Once they were alone, Hale ordered Ruby to gain Strucker's trust by any means so they could learn all of the secrets he held.[3]

Power of Seduction

Ruby visits Werner von Strucker in his room

"She's using me to get to you. Everything I did ignoring you, letting you touch me, taking me hostage that was all planned, the grand seduction of Werner Von Strucker. Gain his trust by any means necessary. You made the right decision. She doesn't care about you or me, she only wants what's in your head."
―Ruby Hale to Werner von Strucker[src]

Ruby then went to Werner von Strucker in his bedroom, finding him awaking from a nightmare in a cold sweat, as Strucker explained that he could remember all the pain inflicted upon him by Kebo, Grant Ward and his own father. Ruby explained that she had never known her father, but claimed that her mother was a tyrant, noting that Hale kept her locked inside the facility and had forced her to do things which she did not wish to do.

Ruby suggests they could betray Hale

Sitting down beside Strucker, Ruby explained that her mother was using her to get to him, confessing that everything from ignoring him to allowing herself to be held hostage was all planned by Hale. Ruby told Strucker this was all done to seduce him and learn what secrets about HYDRA he remembered and could tell them, pointing out that not telling her would be the right decision as she claimed that Hale did not care about either of them, but was planning something worse than anything HYDRA or S.H.I.E.L.D. had intended, suggesting that there could still be a way to stop what she was planning.

Ruby attempts to seduce Werner von Strucker

Ruby went on to hint that the team that Hale was building could be taken away from her, suggesting that it could soon become their team once they had overthrown or killed Hale. Strucker still insisted, however, that he did not wish to be a part of any team and instead only wished to go away somewhere safe. Ruby, however, looked into Strucker's eyes and suggested the way to deal with his memories was to bury them under new, happier memories. Softly touching his skin, Ruby then invited Strucker to stay with her at their facility and consider her proposal, before walking out of the room.[3]

Strucker's Acceptance

Ruby learns Werner von Strucker has stayed

"Nice work. How did you convince him to stay?"
"I told him the truth."
Hale and Ruby Hale[src]

The morning following their discussion about what his future could hold, Ruby went back to Werner von Strucker's room only to find it empty with no sign of Strucker. Fearing that he may have chosen to leave facility after all, Ruby then went looking for Strucker and soon found him having breakfast in the cafe. As Ruby came to speak with him, Strucker claimed he had considered what she said to him and decided that the future was theirs for the taking, which pleased Ruby to know that Strucker had fallen for her seduction scheme.

Ruby watches Strucker meet with Carl Creel

Ruby then took Strucker around the facility, where they soon came across scientists test the Absorbing Man's abilities and strength as he lifted weights while being monitored. Ruby noted Carl Creel was one of Wolfgang von Strucker's experiments at HYDRA, while also noting that Strucker did not need her to tell him all this as he could remember everything about all of his father's experiments, including granting Creel his abilities. As Strucker looked at Creel and walked around, Ruby was joined by Hale who asked how she had convinced him to stay, to which Ruby said she had only told him the truth.[3]

Capturing Phil Coulson

Ruby failing to annoy Phil Coulson in any way

"That's a bad idea, Ruby. You can't beat her."
"Yes, I can. Where is she?"
"I can't tell you. But I can recommend some medication, preferably at a high dosage. Other than that, I'm not talking."
"Why don't I show you how that worked out for the last guy."
Phil Coulson and Ruby Hale[src]

Once Phil Coulson had been captured by HYDRA, Ruby was once again set to greet him as he explored the facility looking for answers, with Ruby walking past him listening to her music while Coulson looked at the breakfast. However, unlike her previous experiences doing this, Ruby found that Coulson did not respond to being ignored and instead smiled at the attempt, before taking some cereal and telling Ruby to send Hale to speak with him inside his cell.

Ruby being watched during her fight training

Coulson had identified Ruby as the agent working for HYDRA who had cut off Yo-Yo Rodriguez's arms during their previous encounter and confronted Hale over this. While Ruby trained in the gym, Hale showed Coulson how she contacted Qovas before introducing him to the concept of Daniel Whitehall's Project Destroyer of Worlds. While Hale was speaking with Coulson, however, Ruby was unaware that Hale was suggesting putting Daisy Johnson through the experiment rather than Ruby, citing Ruby's temperament as a serious risk if she was to be given all of the power the project could grant her.

Ruby threatening to execute Phil Coulson

Having heard that Coulson claimed to have traveled into the future and seen the Destruction of Earth due to the actions of the Destroyer of Worlds, Ruby went into his bedroom and questioned him over how she failed during her mission resulting in the Earth's death. Coulson, however, revealed that it was not Ruby who had destroyed the world, allowing Ruby to figure out that it was Quake instead. When Ruby demanded to know where Johnson was, Coulson recommended that pursuing Johnson would be a poor idea from her, claiming that Ruby would not be able to beat her which Ruby had disagreed with.

Ruby bringing in the tortured Glenn Talbot

Ruby then threatened Coulson with her Chakram as she asked where Johnson was again, but Coulson still refused to give up the information. Smiling at Coulson's strength, Ruby then suggested that she show him the last person who refused to speak to her. While Coulson looked on in horror, Glenn Talbot was brought into the room by Sleeper Mechs, bearded and muttering to himself due to isolation. Talbot recognized Coulson and desperately apologized as he confessed to giving up the information that Hale and Ruby had wanted before Ruby had him taken away.[1]

Destroyer of Worlds

Testing the Gravitonium

Ruby and Carl Creel listen to Hale

"Why not talk to Coulson about it? He has experience with it. And I think after two days in isolation, maybe an olive branch–"
"We've done the olive branch. We stick the screws to him now. A week without sleep and food, we'll see what he has to say."
―Ruby Hale and Hale[src]

Ruby stood by as Hale had Phil Coulson locked into his cell with no access to food, water or basic comforts like his bed. While Coulson remained defiant, Ruby and Hale watched him on the screen before joining Carl Creel for their next experiment. Ruby listened on as Hale promised Creel that Coulson would pay for what happened to Glenn Talbot once he handed over his Inhumans to them. Hale then turned Creel's attention to the Gravitonium which was being prepared for him to absorb for Hale's experiment.

Ruby questioning Hale's decisions

While Creel expressed his excitement over the test, he questioned what Hale had wanted him to do with this, to which Hale then noted how Daniel Whitehall, Wolfgang von Strucker and even Talbot had wanted Creel's compliance while she was offering to transform him into a hero, which had seemed to excite Creel. When Ruby had questioned Hale's motives in giving Creel the Gravitonium as Talbot had already surrendered the Particle Infusion Chamber's location, to which Hale reminded Ruby that Werner von Strucker was still figuring out how to put it together which was taking some time.

Ruby watches Absorbing Man's experiments

Ruby continued to push for an explanation as Hale noted that Creel would give them answers, noting the one man who knew enough about Gravitonium was Ian Quinn who was hiding, dismissing Ruby's suggestion of asking Coulson when Ruby pushed to know if the plan was still to infuse her cells with the Gravitonium as Project Destroyer of Worlds had planned. Ruby watched as Hale began the test, seeing Creel place his hand in the Gravitonium, only to suffer from shocking visions before being lifted into the air. As Sleeper Mechs pulled him free, Creel told Hale that the Gravitonium was somehow alive.[7]

Prisoner Break

Ruby learns that Carl Creel is trying to escape

"I've got something for you to absorb."
"I'll hold her off."
"Kill those two. This one's mine."
―Ruby Hale and Carl Creel[src]

Ruby visited Werner von Strucker's room as she delivered him some food and reminded him that he needed to eat, although Strucker had still insisted he needed to finish understanding their Particle Infusion Chamber before he concerned himself with food. While they were still speaking, the alarms across the facility were set off while Hale informed Ruby that Carl Creel had turned against them and broken Phil Coulson and Glenn Talbot out of their cells as they tried to escape. Hale ordered Ruby to gear up and stop them, insisting that while Coulson and Talbot were not important, they needed Creel alive.

Ruby corners her enemies before they escape

Seeking to end the situation before it got any worse, Ruby soon had armed herself with her Chakram before she had also recruited her team of Sleeper Mech soldiers while she then began to explore all of the hallways of the HYDRA Preparatory Academy in order to find the escapees. Before long Ruby had successfully located Creel as he was trying to get Coulson and Talbot to safety, with Ruby ordering her Sleeper Mechs to immediately begin firing upon them, although Creel was able to get the group away to safety before they could be harmed, while Ruby watched on with considerable amusement.

Ruby challenges Absorbing Man to a fight

Although Creel was able to get his allies away to safety, Ruby was still able to catch up with them, finding Creel using his absorption powers to make his way through a large locked doorway. Ruby then challenged Creel to fight while armed with her Chakram, forcing Creel to allow both Coulson and Talbot to escape while he stayed behind. Ruby then ordered her robotic soldiers to kill Coulson and Talbot before they were able to escape from the HYDRA facility, also expressing her desire to face Creel herself, charging towards him and attacking while Creel's steel arm blocked her hard blows.

Ruby furiously fights against Absorbing Man

While Coulson and Talbot were making their escape using a teleport device which HYDRA had taken, Ruby and Creel had continued their clash throughout the facility, ending up inside the gymnasium where Creel armed himself with a wooden stick. Ruby however immediately used her Chakram to cut the stick in half, only for Creel to then use the sticks as his own Billy Clubs. As the pair continued to fight, Creel's considerable strength was outmatched by all Ruby's fighting ability as she managed to dodge his attacks and countered with impressive hits, managing to strike Creel with a dumbbell.

Ruby gains an advantage over Absorbing Man

Despite the hit from the dumbbell, all Creel's enhancements allowed him to be almost completely unaffected as he had continued fighting against Ruby, attempting to use all of his sheer power to gain the advantage. Despite Ruby still being able to evade almost every blow the Absorbing Man threw and countering them, Creel had eventually managed to land a punch and, while Ruby was dazed, he was able to kick her across the entire gym with a powerful blow. However, as Ruby had suddenly found herself with a new advantage being at this distance she prepared to throw her Chakram at Creel.

Ruby attempts to murder the Absorbing Man

Just before Ruby to throw the blade, however, Hale entered the room with her own Sleeper Mechs and ordered her to stop. Ignoring this direct order, Ruby still launched the Blade at Creel, who was able to absorb the properties of the wooden staff in his hand which allowed the blade to embed itself in his chest without causing serious damage to his own body. When Hale confronted Ruby over trying to kill Creel who she still wanted for experiments to better understand the power of Gravitonium, Ruby had simply responded by announcing that she was their true Destroyer of Worlds, which Hale had accepted before she then ordered Ruby to go and find Coulson and Talbot.[7]

Showdown with Quake

Ruby teleports to her enemy's current location

"It's funny. I have your poster up on my wall. You're like that, uh, hero that every little girl wants to be when they grow up."
"Looks like you made a wrong turn along the way."
"No. I'm just engineered differently. I don't want to be you. I want to beat you."
―Ruby Hale and Quake[src]

With the Absorbing Man being locked back inside his cell for having betrayed them, Ruby then focused her own efforts on tracking down both Phil Coulson and Glenn Talbot before they could get away. Ruby went to their Teleportation Device where they had last been seen, and used it to teleport herself all the way into the snow-covered mountain range. Upon arriving, Ruby immediately set about tracking Coulson and Talbot's footprints in the snow and giving chase.

Ruby chases Phil Coulson and Glenn Talbot

Following the footprints the escapees left into the snow, Ruby had soon tracked down both Coulson and Talbot as they tried to find safety before she threw one of her Chakram at them. However, Talbot was able to hear the blade coming and he and Coulson both ducked for cover before running for their lives. As Ruby recovered her blade, she soon caught up with the pair as Talbot fell over, with Ruby preparing to deliver the fatal blow. Before she could throw her blade, however, Quake appeared and used her Inhuman power to knock Ruby back with a powerful shockwave before then turning her attention towards both Coulson and Talbot's current safety.

Ruby finally meeting Daisy Johnson in person

While the other S.H.I.E.L.D. were taking Coulson and Talbot towards the safety of Zephyr One, Ruby got back onto her feet and removed her hood and mask before then facing Daisy Johnson directly, also commenting on how Johnson was much prettier in person. As Ruby went on to tell Johnson how she had a poster of Quake still on her wall at the HYDRA Preparatory Academy, she noted how Quake was a hero for girls to aspire to. When Quake noted how Ruby had lost her way, Ruby claimed that she did not want to be Quake, but that she had instead always wanted to beat her in single combat.

Ruby furiously attempting to defeat Quake

Quake invited Ruby to try and defeat her before firing a shockwave at Ruby, which she was able to dodge before charging towards Quake armed with her Chakram. The pair soon proved themselves to be equally matched in combat, with Quake able to avoid Ruby's slashes with her blades while each were able to land hard punches against the other. Quake furiously attempted to disarm Ruby as their fight continued, although Ruby was able to keep her blades and, when Quake attempted to fire a shockwave, slashed Quake's hand, which caused Quake considerable pain, much to Ruby's satisfaction.

Ruby being eventually defeated by Quake

However, Quake finally ended the fight with a shockwave that sent Ruby through the air and crashing hard into a tree, knocking her out cold. While Deke Shaw then arrived and tried to take Quake to safety, they were interrupted by the arrival of Hale who managed to shoot Shaw in the chest while Quake took him to safety. While Hale and her Sleeper Mechs took control of the scene and ordered an extraction team, Ruby regained consciousness as she got back onto her feet and looked at her mother, seeing her great disappointment in Ruby's failure to defeat Quake or capture Coulson and Talbot.

Ruby being scolded again by Hale

Returning back to their facility, Hale then commented on how Ruby should put ice on her injuries claiming that she needed her at her best. Ruby, however, complained that she could have defeated Quake if Hale had not forced her to run, although Hale argued that Quake had an unfair advantage and promised that once they had finished their objective with Project Destroyer of Worlds she would be able to defeat Quake with ease. Ruby told Hale to move up their timetable which Hale refused as she wanted Carl Creel to tell them more about the Gravitonium before ordering Ruby to return to her room.

Ruby sees her possessions have been taken

Ruby furiously objected to being locked away yet again, despite Hale then reminding her over how she went against her orders and tried to murder the Absorbing Man. Hale then noted how both Creel and Ruby were out of her control and, as Ruby had tried to walk away, Hale aggressively shoved her against a wall and threatened to force her. Ruby reluctantly agreed and returned into her room, discovering that Hale had taken down all of her posters and decorations, leaving the room completely bare. Before Ruby could object, the door was then locked behind her, leaving her trapped inside her room.[8]

Turning Against Hale

Ruby is visited again by Werner von Strucker

"It doesn't matter if there's a lock on that door or not. I'd never run from you."
"I've kept you safe."
"You've kept me obedient. And I've let you control me. And I have no idea why."
―Ruby Hale and Hale[src]

While still locked inside of her bedroom, Ruby was visited by Werner von Strucker who told her he had finished going through Baron Wolfgang von Strucker's notebooks and figured out how to complete the Particle Infusion Chamber. However, Ruby informed Strucker that Hale would not allow her to go inside the Chamber until they finished testing as she still listened to what Carl Creel told her. Strucker noted that she could betray Hale, while Ruby claimed that she did not know why she had not done it already.

Ruby greeting Hale when she returns

While Strucker left, Ruby had her door remain open until Hale walked by and came to investigate. Hale noted her surprise that Ruby had not left with Strucker to which she noted that whether there was a lock on the door or not, she could never run away from her own mother, noting that overall the years Hale had succeeded in making her completely obedient. Hale claimed that she had great plans for her daughter, to which Ruby noted that Daniel Whitehall once had great plans for Hale herself, noting that while Hale always wanted a choice, she had hypocritically never provided Ruby with a choice.

Ruby making her tearful confession onto Hale

Ruby began crying, as Hale acknowledged that she had been asking a lot from her recently, to which Ruby claimed that she had been asking the impossible. Ruby tearfully confessed that she had done everything within her own power to be what Hale wanted from her, including eliminating her weaknesses while passing every test and yet she still was not enough, reminding Hale that she had called her a disappointment following a previous mission. Hale listened in dismay as Ruby continued telling her how she had continued trying in order to please her mother, before calling Hale her one weakness.

Ruby subdues Hale before leaving her behind

Upon hearing this confession, Hale sorrowfully took Ruby in her arms and embraced her. However, this proved to be exactly what Ruby had planned as she noted that she was also Hale's only remaining weakness. With Hale defenseless in their embrace, Ruby launched her over her shoulder and slammed her against the ground, before grabbing her Chakram and combat armor before walking out the door. As Hale begged her to stop, Ruby promised that she would make her mother proud before locking the door behind her, trapping Hale inside the room with no possible exit available for her.

Ruby happily smiles at Werner von Strucker

With Hale having been dealt with, Ruby put on her uniform before rejoining Werner von Strucker who had successfully executed two of the HYDRA scientists and ordering the terrified third scientist to prepare the Gravitonium for transport to the location of the Particle Infusion Chamber for Ruby to finally complete Project Destroyer of Worlds' goal for her. Ruby joined Strucker as he still held his gun to the scientist when Strucker then asked how it had gone with her mother, Ruby responded that they were finally free before smiling at Strucker as their plans were now finally all coming together.[8]

Capturing Fitz and Simmons

Ruby captures Leo Fitz and Jemma Simmons

"You two are adorable. I ship it. I really do."
"Do you have any idea of the consequences of what you're trying to do? We've seen where this leads."
"Your little trip to the future? Coulson filled me in."
―Ruby Hale and Jemma Simmons[src]

Together, Ruby and Werner von Strucker then traveled to the HYDRA Herefordshire Facility where they discovered that the Superior had been defeated, resulting in his Sleeper Mechs shutting down. Investigating the facility, Ruby soon found Leo Fitz and Jemma Simmons in one of the rooms surrounded by downed Sleeper Mechs. Ruby then got their attention by throwing one of her Chakram near them, embedding it into a table, while Strucker held them at gunpoint.

Ruby threatens to cut Jemma Simmons' neck

As Strucker noted that both Fitz and Simmons had been there while S.H.I.E.L.D. and Lincoln Campbell had tortured him while he was locked into the Theta Brain-Wave Frequency Machine, he then went to the Particle Infusion Chamber only to discover that Fitz had just destroyed a vital part of it, meaning they could not infuse Ruby with the Gravitonium. Ruby then went to Simmons and placed her Blade under her throat, demanding that they fix it or she would slice her throat. Despite Simmons noting that they could not allow Ruby to do this, Fitz then claimed that they never had any other choice.[8]

Hale threatens Leo Fitz and Jemma Simmons

Taking control of the situation, Ruby tied up Simmons to a chair and did target practice with her Chakram making sure that her every blow landed just inches away from her face in order to compel Fitz to complete the machine faster. Eventually, Fitz became too distracted by all of her sadistic target practice and desperately requested her to stop, although Ruby only mocked Fitz's request while commenting that she rarely got to go out and all this was highly enjoyable for her. However, Fitz then managed to convince Ruby to free Simmons as he claimed that he needed her help, which Ruby reluctantly obliged as she cut Simmons free and then allowed her to go back to Fitz.

Ruby mocking Fitz and Simmons' relationship

Watching Fitz and Simmons embrace and comfort one another, Ruby cruelly mocked the lovers about how much she enjoyed the couple's attachment towards each other, claiming that she had shipped their relationship. Annoyed by Ruby's attitude, Simmons requested her to reconsider her course as she may also destroy the planet if she was successful with her scheme, however, Ruby, in turn, replied she knew about their trip to the future as Phil Coulson had told her all about it. Ruby, however, commented that she thought it was Quake who would destroy the Earth which proved all their theories inaccurate.

Ruby is told that the Superior has been killed

While Fitz had still argued that all of the people she cared would be killed, Ruby replied she did not have a lot of people to care about. At that point, Strucker entered and informed her that the Superior had just been killed by Yo-Yo Rodriguez, while Ruby then softly touched Strucker's face. Strucker had informed Ruby he re-programmed the Superior's fallen Sleeper Mechs to seek and destroy anyone present, in order to kill Rodriguez for what she had just done to the Superior, noting that he had once taken one of the Mechs apart and therefore knew exactly how they could be re-programmed from memory.

Ruby and Strucker looking at the Gravitonium

Their conversation was interrupted by the arrival of the Gravitonium, as Ruby demanded that Strucker show her it as they both stared in amazement at that incredible element which she had desired for so long. Seeing Fitz and Simmons were quietly talking to one another while working on the machine, Ruby then furiously ordered both Fitz and Simmons to speed up the repair or she would start removing their body parts as she had maimed Rodriguez, as she sadistically smiled at the pair who then put their heads down and continued with their work while Ruby and Strucker watched them closely, waiting for them to finish their work so that the experiment could begin.

Ruby grabbing Jemma Simmons by the throat

As time went on without the machine was complete, Ruby became convinced that Fitz and Simmons had been purposefully sabotaging the machine again and taking more time than they needed to, she retaliated by grabbing Simmons while Strucker held Fitz at gunpoint, as Ruby had questioned if this task was too much for them. Strucker, however, noted that the pair were S.H.I.E.L.D. best and brightest, and noting that there was nothing they could not do if they were correctly motivated, although Simmons had told Ruby that torturing them both would not make either of them work any faster on the machine.

Ruby brutally beats and threatens Leo Fitz

When Strucker noted that the couple is had gotten married since he had last seen them, Ruby claimed she only needed one of them to complete the chamber, tightening her grip around Simmons' throat. When Fitz tried to defend their recent work, Ruby then proceeded to violently beat Fitz while Strucker held Simmons at gunpoint. Once Simmons begged her to stop, Ruby finally stopped hitting Fitz and threatened both to finish soon or next time she found them failing to complete their work, she would use her Chakram to slice and beat Simmons to death, which had terrified both Fitz and Simmons.[2]

Completing the Machine

Ruby watching Leo Fitz and Jemma Simmons

"Gravitonium is unpredictable. There's still so much that we don't know."
"Hey, please. Please. You can't do this."
"I'm done having people tell me what I can do."
Jemma Simmons, Leo Fitz, and Ruby Hale[src]

While both Leo Fitz and Jemma Simmons were still on the verge of completing their task as they were instructed, Ruby still continued watching from the sidelines, with her Chakram ready if they did not do as they were instructed, with Ruby watching while Fitz struggled with his task following his beating down from Ruby. When Werner von Strucker entered and informed her about the arrival of S.H.I.E.L.D. who had come to stop them from completing their mission in order to save the entire world from its possible destruction.

Ruby celebrates the experiment's beginnings

Knowing that time was running out for them, Ruby decided that was enough and contemplated which body part she should start cutting. However, Fitz insisted that he and Simmons were finally finished with their work, as Strucker inspected their work. Strucker confirmed that the machine was functional as he activated it while Ruby looked on with delight while the Particle Infusion Chamber was opened for her. However, Ruby saw that Fitz and Simmons remained nervous and demanded to know what their concerns were, as Fitz explained that in their experience Gravitonium was still difficult to control.

Ruby proves Leo Fitz's own theory is incorrect

While Fitz and Simmons tried to defend their work and tell them that there was nothing to do beyond this point, Ruby noted that was she done with being told there was nothing that she could do, which had terrified Fitz and Simmons. However, once von Strucker activated the machine, Fitz, Simmons, and Ruby witnessed the Gravitonium being successfully moved into the Chamber as they had wished, much to the surprise of Fitz and Simmons who had believed that this would have been impossible following their own research, while Ruby had confidently returned their research to continue the experiment.[2]

Final Gravitonium Experiment

Ruby and Strucker beginning their experiment

"You know, for a long time... you were everything that I wanted. You were my hero. And now look at us."
"Ruby, let her go."
"I am more than you will ever be."
―Ruby Hale and Hale[src]

With everything in place, Ruby and Werner von Strucker had started preparing the Gravitonium in order to merge all it within the Particle Infusion Chamber, as Ruby entered the chamber and expressed joy about finally completing all of their plans and passionately kissed Strucker while Leo Fitz and Jemma Simmons were still watching on from the sidelines. With everything now in place for their experiment, Ruby had then entered the chamber and Strucker finally activated the chamber.

Ruby screaming in complete and utter agony

With the Chamber closed, Ruby smiled as HYDRA's long plan for her was finally going to be completed. However, as Ruby then became infused with the Gravitonium she almost immediately started to feel tremendous pain and screamed in agony, begging to be let out of the chamber while Strucker yelled out in panic and sympathy for her. At that moment, Hale arrived inside of the base while she was with both Daisy Johnson and Melinda May. As Strucker confronted Fitz and Simmons, Hale arrived with S.H.I.E.L.D. and told Strucker to stop the machine as Ruby took eighty percent of the Gravitonium.

Ruby awakens with all her newfound powers

Fitz finally stopped the experiment, as Hale and the others waited to see if they were too late to save Ruby's life, with Fitz confirming that Ruby had only taken eight percent of the Gravitonium. However, as Ruby exited the chamber she levitated over the ground, discovering that the Gravitonium had given her powers beyond her control. As Ruby looked across the room at Strucker and her mother looking at her with complete amazement, Ruby eventually dropped down to the ground as Strucker and Hale ran to her aid while Franklin Hall and Ian Quinn had begun screaming together inside of Ruby's head.

Ruby accidentally killing Werner von Strucker

With Strucker desperately attempting to offer her comfort, Ruby had complained that the voices of Hall and Quinn were now screaming inside of her head. With nobody else seemingly able for her to turn to, Ruby attempted to softly touch Strucker's head; however, her newly found powers caused Ruby to accidentally crush Strucker's head, killing him instantly, much to everyone's utter shock, especially Ruby's who had lost the only person she felt a genuine connection to, while she was watched by Quake and Melinda May who tried to figure out what to do next in order to control Ruby's powers.

Ruby begins crushing both Fitz and Simmons

Visibly distraught and horrified, Ruby desperately explained she did not mean to kill Strucker, as Ruby started hearing voices of Hall and Quinn during a Infiltration into Ian Quinn's Mansion, and desperately begged Fitz and Simmons to reverse the process, which they replied was impossible. Furious about hearing this explanation, Ruby used her newfound powers to launch Fitz and Simmons backwards while she painfully pinned them onto the wall. Horrified by everything she was seeing, Hale ordered Ruby to stop but she did not listen, as she was still being tormented by the voices present in her head.

Ruby hearing both Ian Quinn and Franklin Hall

Eventually, Hale had managed to reach her daughter, causing Ruby to drop Fitz and Simmons as she began crying over the sounds of Hall and Quinn screaming inside her head, as Hale had insisted that they would figure about how to help her. As Ruby continued to freak out, she began using her new powers uncontrollably as tables were flung across the room. In order to get through to her, Quake noted that she had gone through this following her Terrigenesis, promising that she would be able to overcome this experience eventually: However, this had only caused Ruby to become even angrier at Quake.

Ruby threatening to crush Quake to death

Ruby then used her powers to forcibly drag Quake over to her as she quoted Hall's words that every new power was dangerous. Now she had Quake under her control, Ruby explained how for a long time, being Quake and defeating her was all that she had ever wanted, telling her that she was her hero. Finally, Hale instructed Ruby to let Quake go, which she did while standing over her and claiming that she was now more powerful than Quake would ever be. Putting up her hands, Quake insisted that she did not want to fight Ruby but she wanted to help her, only for Ruby to furiously refuse her help.

Ruby is offered some comfort by Hale

With a sadistic smile, Ruby told Quake that she wanted to crush her, before using her new power to slowly crush Quake from the inside, leaving her gasping for air while Ruby looked over her suffering with satisfaction. With Quake now suffocating, Hale demanding that Ruby stop, as she turned to look at her mother and freeing Quake from her own grip. Hale insisted that Ruby needed to listen to Quake as she was on their side, to which Ruby furiously questioned why her own mother was not on her side, noting that she was never good enough for her, which Hale desperately insisted was not actually true.

Ruby's throat is cut open by Yo-Yo Rodriguez

While Hale apologized for pushing her too hard, Ruby began to cry while questioning if she was a mistake, which Hale insisted that she was not. While Ruby continued screaming in pain from Quinn and Hall's voices, Yo-Yo Rodriguez returned to the room and recognized Ruby as the one who had maimed her. Ruby began quoting Quinn and Hall's voices and screaming in agony before Rodriguez grabbed her Chakram and cut open Ruby's throat. While Hale watched in horror, Ruby then bled out and died in her arms, before the remaining Gravitonium lifted Ruby into the air and exploded from her body.[2]


Mother's Revenge

"I failed her. Ruby died for nothing, and it was all my fault."
Hale to Phil Coulson[src]

Devastated by the loss of Ruby, Hale went to see Qovas and revealed the location of the Lighthouse so that he could go and try to reclaim the Gravitonium himself. When Qovas asked her whether she was willing to let him kill the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents, Hale tearfully looked at her hands covered in Ruby's blood and replied that she had no reason to stop him.[2]

Later, Hale had a conversation with Phil Coulson, during which he apologized for the death of Ruby, and Hale declared that she was the one to blame and that Ruby had died for nothing.[9]


"I tried to eliminate weakness. I tried to be you! I've passed every test, and I've learned every lesson and I'm not enough!"
"I never said that."
"I'm a disappointment. You said that, mom. And after everything that you've done to me, I've kept trying, because all I've ever wanted to do is please you. You're my one weakness, Mom."
―Ruby Hale and Hale[src]

Engineered and indoctrinated in HYDRA's legacy Ruby has never lived an ordinary life. Her training to undergo Project Destroyer of Worlds and ascend into HYDRA's leadership has molded her into a disturbing individual. Ruby presents herself to her foes and allies alike as a cold, ruthless, sadistic, cunning and unpredictable force. It is with the aforementioned traits that she is able to carry out inhumane acts with little to no remorse such as torturing Glenn Talbot and maiming Yo-Yo Rodriguez. She has very little respect for authority figures of any allegiance, including her own mother and will actively disobey orders in order to further her own goals even if it jeopardizes the mission at hand. She is also a skilled manipulator and employs a variety of sociopathic plays to bend people to her will. It is not below her to employ seduction and intimacy when trying to gain a person's allegiance as was the case with Werner von Strucker. Although, she did develop a genuine romantic relationship with him and became severely distraught when her newly formed powers caused his rather gruesome death. Her stunted social capacities have led her to often copy the behaviors of others in order to express her own feelings, such as mimicking Jemma Simmons' and Leo Fitz's acts of intimacy with her own significant other.

Ruby also has a deep and disturbing obsession with Inhuman S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Daisy Johnson which is rooted in intense jealousy of her. Created by HYDRA to undergo Project Destroyer of Worlds, Ruby was raised believing that it was her birthright to ascend as one of HYDRA's leaders and trained tirelessly to prove herself. However, her HYDRA superiors, including her own mother found her to be too emotionally unstable and ill-equipped. Hale, in need of a viable candidate in face of the Confederacy found Daisy Johnson a more appropriate candidate for the project than Ruby, thus sparking the beginning of her obsession. Her desire to best Johnson is so consuming that she had willingly crippled HYDRA's plans to capture S.H.I.E.L.D. at the St. Louis Aerospace Facility when she learned Johnson was not present.

Ruby's intelligent and self-oriented nature has led her to clash severely with authority. During her time at the HYDRA Preparatory Academy she refused to kill her companion dog despite it being an important traditional component of her graduation right, viewing it as archaic and unnecessary. She also clashes with her mother when it comes to the leadership of HYDRA, by believing it is time for her to take control and plots to overthrow her mother's authority within the organization. Her strong belief in herself has also allowed her to be more accepting of impossible realities should she believe herself to be involved, such as when Phil Coulson informed Hale of his trip to and from 2091 and the destruction of Earth. Ruby also demonstrates a lack of impulse control and inhibition, leading her to make rash and ill-plotted decisions to accomplish her goals, such as continuing to pursue undergoing Project Destroyer of Worlds despite seeing how unstable Carl Creel became after absorbing the Gravitonium.

Despite presenting herself as a detached killer, Ruby has a rather emotionally vulnerable aspect to her personality. She has a tendency to form strong emotional bonds with the things and people closest to her with the most obvious being her mother. Despite their numerous disagreements, Ruby considers her mother her greatest weakness and will do anything to make her proud, regardless of how unwarranted or dangerous it may be. She also formed a strong intimate relationship with Werner von Strucker and relied on him as an emotional crutch and later became extremely distraught after causing his death.

After absorbing only 8% of HYDRA's Gravitonium mass, Ruby's psychological state quickly deteriorated as she had also absorbed the warring partial consciousnesses of both Franklin Hall and Ian Quinn. During this period, Ruby mostly lost her composure, becoming increasingly unhinged as the partial consciousnesses she absorbed occasionally took over her. Her behavior also appeared to have regressed into that of a frightened child, simultaneously begging for and rejecting the help and comfort of others.

Powers and Abilities


Ruby discovers that she can control gravity

  • Gravity Manipulation: After being infused with eight percent of the Gravitonium mass in HYDRA's possession, Ruby gained the power to control gravity. She was able to levitate, throw tables, hold Leo Fitz and Jemma Simmons to the wall high above the ground, choke Daisy Johnson, and even accidentally crush the head of Werner von Strucker, all without physical contact. Due to the short period in which she possessed the powers, she barely had a hold of it and accidentally murdered Strucker as a result whilst also causing random destruction. Upon her death the Gravitonium infused in her cells was violently expelled in a massive explosion.


"I've worked myself to the bone, trained my whole life to become this. And I'm so close."
―Ruby Hale to Werner von Strucker[src]

Ruby fighting against Absorbing Man

  • Expert Martial Artist: Ruby possessed high levels of combat skill, shown to have taken down two HYDRA students at once during a training match. She was able to temporarily overpower Carl Creel, an enhanced individual. Ruby was also able to defend herself against trained S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Daisy Johnson, but Johnson was able to outmatch her due to her Inhuman powers.
  • Chakram Mastery: As her mother's assassin, Ruby was able to wield her Chakram with skill, predicting where Yo-Yo Rodriguez would be while using her speed, effectively cutting off her arms with extreme precision. She was also able to use her Chakram for close-quarters combat, such as when she fought Daisy Johnson.
  • Tactician: Ruby possessed a calculative mind which she demonstrated when she was able to persuade Werner von Strucker to join her by simply telling him the truth of her mother's orders to her.



  • Chakram: Ruby used her chakram blade to slice off Yo-Yo Rodriguez's arms, and used this weapon in her fight against Carl Creel and Daisy Johnson. Although she has a collection of these blades stored in a cache in her room, she seems to prefer only using one.

Other Equipment

Ruby Hale wearing her own combat armor


  • HYDRA Preparatory Academy: Like her mother, Ruby studied at the HYDRA Preparatory Academy. Due to the fall of HYDRA, the Academy was turned into Hale's base of operations and Ruby remained at the Academy to carry missions ordered by her mother, residing in a sealed room in the Academy. Ruby was occasionally allowed to walk freely throughout the corridors of the Academy to draw the attention of her mother's captives, namely Glenn Talbot, Werner von Strucker and Phil Coulson. Ruby eventually left the Academy in an attempt to become the Destroyer of Worlds, locking up her mother in her bedroom.
  • HYDRA Herefordshire Facility: Both Ruby and von Strucker stormed the HYDRA Herefordshire Facility in order to retrieve the Particle Infusion Chamber. They found Leo Fitz and Jemma Simmons and forced them to repair the damaged equipment, threatening to kill them should they refuse. However, Ruby's infusion with Gravitonium went wrong and she became insane due to voices she heard in her head. Eventually, Ruby met her death in this facility when Yo-Yo Rodriguez murderer her with her own Chakram.






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