"Yeah, I'm planning a fundraising gala here at the hotel to benefit the victims of the bombings. Raise awareness on the issues. And a clear act of defiance in the face of terrorism."
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The Royal Hospitality is a luxury hotel in New York City, New York.


During his election campaign, Senator Stan Ori booked a room in the Royal Hospitality in New York City. In the wake of terroristic attacks in New York, Ori planned to organize a fundraising gala here at the hotel to benefit the victims of the bombings what could increase his ratings. However, Ori's anti-weapon policy eventually made him a target to Lewis Wilson and he decided that he need protection. Ori contacted Anvil to provide security systems in the hotel and personally met with Billy Russo in his room. Russo tasked Isaac Lange and Simon to look after Ori while he providing the rest of security.[1]


Senator Stan Ori and Billy Russo meet in the building

Frank Castle eventually learned that Wilson is coming after Ori. He managed to avoid Anvil security, disguised himself as a hotel worker and infiltrated into the hotel. Castle called Russo and asked him to get Senator out of his room, while Castle handled the situation with Wilson. Karen Page then arrived at the hotel for a scheduled interview with Senator Ori. Russo greeted Page and personally escorted her to Ori's room.


Senator Stan Ori and Billy Russo have a talk

Wilson used Lange's uniform to make his way to Ori's room through Anvil security measures. On his way, he killed two guards before arriving at Ori's door. At that time, Ori gave an interview to Page about his policy and current election campaign. The interview was interrupted by Wilson who planted some Homemade Explosives on the door and exploded it. Upon detonation, Page and Ori collapse to the floor, Anvil were guards stunned and quickly gunned down by Wilson. Ori coward in fear as Wilson continued to approach him. Page begged alongside Ori not to be killed before Castle saved their lives by jumping in front of Wilson's bullet.


Billy Russo walking to meet Dinah Madani

Meanwhile, Russo went to lobby where he met with Dinah Madani. Russo noted that he could not really talk due to still protecting Ori, to which Madani claimed she was there to talk about some of Anvil's agents, handing him the files of Tom Weems and the others on that team, noting that they had killed several Homeland Security agents. Russo insisted that he did not have a personal connection to these men, claiming that although they had indeed previously worked for him several years ago they had also likely worked freelance for other organizations. Before they could talk about this, Russo was informed about the incident in Ori's room.

Attack on Stan Ori

Senator Stan Ori is faced with a gun

Ori managed to escape from Wilson, pushing Page right into his hands. As Anvil agents emerged in the halls, Wilson threatened them and Castle that he held Page and that any attempts to kill him will force him to detonate the bombs on his person. With Wilson gone, the agents targeted Castle, who managed to escape into the stairwell. Castle pursued Wilson before he was halted by Madani, threatening to shoot if he did not comply with her commands.

Castle refused and tried to leave but before he could do this, Castle was shot by Russo. As Castle fell down the stairs, Madani aimed a gun at Russo who attempted to finish off his target. Madani demanded that Russo lower his gun, but he refused and continued aiming. Before Russo could kill Castle, he was suddenly found by the New York City Police Department who took Russo and Madani into custody. Castle, however, fought back and used a fire hose reel to escape and follow Wilson.


Billy Russo and Dinah Madani facing each other

Castle managed to track Wilson to the hotel basement, forcing Wilson to grab Page and threaten her with the bomb. While keeping Wilson's attention on him, Castle subtly told Page to pull the white wire, indicating with his head if her fingers got the right wire before confirming if she had her gun in her purse.

On Castle's signal, Page pulled the wire before shooting Wilson's right foot, at which Castle pulled her away from the troubled man, who locked himself in the freezer. As Castle struggled to open the door, Page checked outside the kitchen and saw Brett Mahoney with a squad of ESU waiting outside and insisted she and Castle flee. Castle insisted she leave but she refused to abandon him. He soon got Page out of the way as Wilson committed suicide by exploded himself.


Brett Mahoney and the NYPD confront the Punisher

Then ESU task force under the Brett Mahoney's commands arrived at the hotel to capture Castle. While Mahoney and his armed unit stood outside the kitchen to block the exit, Page's voice called out for them to not fire as she stepped out with Castle hiding behind her, holding his handgun under her chin.

Mahoney ordered his men not to fire as he demanded that Castle let Page go and surrender himself, however, Castle ignored what was being said and moved towards the elevator. With his men unable to stop him, Castle pulled Page inside the elevator and then got away. There, Page was released, no longer needing to pretend to be a hostage, and forced the lift to stop mid-descent, allowing Castle to leave through the emergency exit and find a safe way out of the building.


Brett Mahoney asks Dinah Madani some questions

Following Castle's escape, Mahoney returned onto the crime scene and interrogated Russo, Ori, Page, and Madani about the incident. Russo refused to make a statement and offered Mahoney to speak with Ori. Madani was sure that Castle had not actually killed anyone that day. Mahoney brought Ori into the crime scene, and he gave his version of events in which he claimed that Wilson and Castle worked together in order to assassinate him.

Ori said that he took a gun and fired back at Wilson and Castle before running to get help as the pair captured Page during all of the ensuing chaos. However, when Mahoney interviewed Page next, she debunked Ori's story and told the actual version of events. Mahoney noted that Page should be arrested for helping Castle to escape, but acknowledged she was likely telling the truth. When Mahoney asked where Castle was now, Page confessed that she had no idea.[2]


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