"Headin' out, boss."
"Be good, Roy."
"Why start now, huh?"
―Roy Healy and Luke Cage[src]

Roy Healy is the barkeep at Luke's.


Tending the Bar

At the end of a night of work Healy told Luke Cage that he was heading home. Cage told him to be good, to which Healy reacted by asking why he should start now. He then walking away laughing.[1]

Before opening the bar a few days later Healy was reading his newspaper, while Luke Cage was counting the cash. When Jessica Jones came in to have a talk with Cage Healy gathered his stuff and walked to the back.[2]

Relationship Advice

Healy took care of Luke's while Cage took some time off to get away for a while. While restocking the liquor in the bar, Healy noticed Jessica Jones and told her Cage was not there. When Jones said he wanted to tell Cage something, Healy guessed that she wanted to tell him she loved him, wanted him back or that she was having his baby. Since he heard the story before, he advised her to just move on. He also told Jones that Cage would not miss her, and that the only one he ever missed, Reva Connors, laid under the ground.

Jones, who already denied his story about her loving Cage, told Healy to tell Cage that the right people will be punished for what they have done and that she did not except forgiveness from him. Before letting her walk away, Healy told her that when she burns a bridge she has to learn to swim or fly, something he himself found as a hilarious remark.[3]

Losing his Job

Roy Healy was called by Luke Cage, who under the influence of Kilgrave destroyed Luke's, to give him some bad news. Cage apoligized to Healy after telling him he lost his bartending job and they agreed to talk later. Cage was sure that Healy would be alright, since there was always work for a good bartender.[4]




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