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"Marine, you saved my ass more than once tonight and the lives of everyone in that building. That's a fact."
―Roy Hardin to Frank Castle[src]

Sheriff Roy Hardin is a high-ranking officer of the Larkville Police Department.


New Prisoners

"You're looking at four counts of murder. That's a death penalty crime in Ohio."
"I didn't murder anybody, Sheriff."
"You telling me you didn't do it?"
"They died from terminal stupidity."
―Roy Hardin and Frank Castle[src]

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City Police Case

"Sorry to bother you, Sheriff. The paperwork's en route. Fax is probably coming through as we speak. Bottom line, I'm here to take two prisoners off your hands."
"We're talking about a white male, white female?"
Ferrara and Roy Hardin[src]

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Attack on Larkville County Sheriff Station

"I think you're sitting alone in the dark, Sheriff. You got wolves all around you. And I think you know it."
Frank Castle to Roy Hardin[src]

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Homeland Security Interference

"Sheriff, Mr. Castiglione here is part of a very sensitive Homeland Security investigation."
"Is that right?"
"I would like it if he was never here. Officially."
Dinah Madani and Roy Hardin[src]

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Other Equipment




Behind the Scenes


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