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"Compared to the other facilities, it's quite intense. I believe the word "impenetrable" was used."
Edwin Jarvis[src]

The Roxxon Warehouse is a heavily guarded storage facility which the Roxxon Corporation uses to store its highly classified items, located in Los Angeles.



Unlike other Roxxon Corporation facilities, the security at the warehouse was quite intense to the point of being called impregnable. The elevator required a special key which was impossible to duplicate and that Hugh Jones kept on his person at all times. The doors were rigged with explosives that would go off if someone tried to blow its hinges off. Inside the lock was an acid core that would spray into the elevator if pierced. A 3,000-volt mechanism was located underground to prevent individuals from trying to dig a hole to access the warehouse.

When one of its three atomic bombs caused a rift which resulted in the discover of the Zero Matter, Roxxon stored the remaining two bombs in the warehouse under heavy security.[1]

Infiltration into the Roxxon Warehouse

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