"Port Authority says Roxxon Refinery just blew up."
"The whole thing?"
"Any casualties?"
"Hard to say. They can't find the building."
Daniel Sousa, Roger Dooley and Jack Thompson[src]

The Roxxon Refinery was a production facility owned by the Roxxon Corporation in New York City.


Acquisition Attempt

Howard Stark tried to purchase the Roxxon Refinery from Hugh Jones in January 1946. However, Jones refused, given the affair that Stark had with his wife that ended both businessmen's friendship.[1]

Destruction of the Roxxon Refinery

Peggy Carter and Edwin Jarvis went to the Roxxon Refinery to investigate the origin of the Nitramene device that Carter stole from Spider Raymond; according to Anton Vanko, the Roxxon Refinery was the only place it could have been produced.

Carter realized the facility was heavily guarded, given that it was supposed to have temporarily stopped its production. Jarvis tried to accompany Carter, but she refused the offer, because of the danger it may pose and his inexperience with espionage and field missions.


Miles Van Ert works with Leet Brannis

Carter handed Jarvis a radio to maintain contact, and went on to infiltrate the refinery, climbing an electric fence and using the Vita-Ray Detector to locate the Nitramene, as it emitted low levels of Vita Radiation. She finally located the area where Leet Brannis was producing Nitramene, having enlisted Roxxon technician Miles Van Ert to help him.

Jarvis contacted Carter, but the noise of the radio alerted Brannis and Van Ert. Van Ert took a handgun and went to examine the source of the noise, but was knocked out by Carter using a Stun Light Device. Brannis ran to escape from Carter with one of the Nitramene bombs.

Carter shot to the ground in order to stop Brannis, but he ran to open a truck loaded with many Nitramene bombs. Brannis revealed a scar in his throat, and revealed a Voice Synthesizer that allowed him to speak. Brannis asked Carter not to fire again, and introduced himself as an independent businessman, not responsible of murdering people, as he just sold items to the actual killers.

Carter asked about the man in the Green Suit who killed her friend Colleen O'Brien, as he had a similar scar on his throat. Brannis implied that the man in the Green Suit was his enemy and wanted him dead, but Carter swore to kill Brannis shooting to the Nitramene if he did not tell her the name of that man.

Brannis was not afraid by Carter's threats, as the man would kill them both if he was there, and ominously announced the arrival of Leviathan, who would introduce themselves soon, and create a future that Carter would not like.

Brannis threw the Nitramene bomb he had in his hand and quickly escaped using the Daisy Clover truck loaded with the rest of the Nitramene bombs. The Nitramene would implode in 30 seconds, so Carter quickly ran and called Jarvis to bring the car for escape.

The guards at the refinery started to shoot at Jarvis, who apologized to Howard Stark for the damage that the car was sustaining. Jarvis arrived at the access road of the refinery, and Carter quickly jumped over the car. Without stopping, Carter entered the car and prompted Jarvis to drive faster.


The Roxxon Refinery explosion

The Nitramene bomb finally detonated, with a blast that destroyed the whole refinery and an implosion that crushed the whole compound into a heavy ball of wreckage. Though they managed to escape, the car that Jarvis was driving was reached by the blast, and its bumper and license plate were fused with the rest of material.

Carter and Jarvis exited the car and witnessed how the whole compound had disappeared, with Jarvis noting that the Nitramene actually worked after all.[2]

The debris resultant of the destruction was taken to the New York Bell Company Office, where Chief Roger Dooley tasked Agent Ray Krzeminski to dismantle it and find any evidence towards its creation.

Ultimately, Krzeminski was able to find the bumper and license plate of the car that Jarvis and Carter used to visit the facility.[1]


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