The Roxxon Oil Corporation Headquarters served as one of the primary headquarters for the Roxxon Corporation.


Industrial Sabotage

Chief Roger Dooley and Agent Jack Thompson arrived at the Roxxon Oil Corporation Headquarters to interview Hugh Jones regarding the destruction of the Roxxon Refinery, believing that Howard Stark might be responsible.

Jones ordered his personal assistant, Winston, to offer the two gentlemen a glass of whiskey, while he explained that he used to be a friend of Stark, sharing lunches at the club, Christmas parties and charity functions. Jones proposed a toast, and since Dooley noted that it was very early in the morning to drink, Jones ordered Winston with a gesture to put ice in their beverages.

Thompson drank a sip and asked Jones the reason why his friendship with Stark ended. Jones revealed Stark had an affair with his wife. Dooley acknowledged there was a big difference between an affair and industrial sabotage; Jones claimed that, for Stark, personal matters and business are all the some as long as it amused him and made him earn money.

Jones added another possible reason, that Stark wanted to buy the Refinery in January, but he refused, so its destruction and the fact that it had become a federal crime scene both benefited Stark.

Thompson asked Jones if he knew what kind of technology could have destroyed the refinery, but before answering, Jones tried to evaluate the possibility of being incriminated for industrial espionage by the Strategic Scientific Reserve if he revealed everything he knew. Dooley simply answered their interest in industrial espionage was low, and Thompson assured Jones they were not investigating him. Jones then revealed that some of his sources inside Stark Industries revealed the existence of Molecular Nitramene, a compound that caused a concussive blast followed by a vacuum implosion.

The effects of the Nitramene were consistent with the damage sustained by the refinery, and when Jones commented that the formula was developed based on Stark's work with Vita Radiation, it made Thompson realize they could find a lead using the research done by the SSR during Project Rebirth.[1]

Vita-Ray Detection

Peggy Carter arrived at the Roxxon Headquarters in order to deliver the Vita-Ray Detector that Chief Roger Dooley had requested. Hugh Jones, CEO of the Roxxon Corporation, was impressed with Carter's beauty, but he made an inappropriate compliment considering her just a secretary, to which Carter replied that her first name was "Agent".

Carter handed Dooley the Vita-Ray Detector and prepared to return to the New York Bell Company Office, though both Dooley and Jack Thompson asked her to stay in order to help them. Carter doubted their intentions, and sarcastically asked them if they wanted her for filing.

Dooley explained what they had discovered, thanks to Jones, that the weapon used to destroy the Roxxon Refinery was Nitramene, and anyone that had been near it would have been exposed to Vita Radiation; they wanted to scan every member of Roxxon's staff given the chance one of the employee had been responsible for the destruction.

Jones doubted that any of his employees had been involved, but given that he had some spies hidden within the ranks of Stark Industries, the contrary case was probable too. Carter asked what would be her task, and Dooley explained she would scan the ladies, despite Thompson's volunteering as Dooley considered it would not be appropriate.

Carter went to the bathroom to use the detector on herself given that she was involved in the destruction, realizing that her wristwatch had been contaminated with Vita Radiation. Carter had to put the wristwatch into a trash can, and apologized to her grandmother out loud, given that she gave her the wristwatch.

Thompson and Carter analyzed every Roxxon employee, under Jones' and Dooley's supervision, while Dooley checked the files about the staff. Carter recognized Miles Van Ert, one of the men that were developing the Nitramene at the Roxxon Refinery the night it was destroyed.

Seeing that the Vita-Ray Detector was not able to detect any sign of radiation in Van Ert's body, Carter had to think quickly of a way to incriminate him without confessing her involvement in the events.

Carter realized that Van Ert and the rest of technicians were wearing uniforms, and asked Jones if there was any place where they changed their clothes. Jones acknowledged there was a locker room for technicians tasked with handling hazardous materials.

Upon Dooley's request, Carter explained that Vita Radiation would be washed from a person's skin with a hot shower, but clothing was able to retain the radiation, so she suggested to analyze the clothes used by the employees that morning.

Dooley acknowledged it was a good idea, but Van Ert tried to escape, feeling he had been discovered. Thompson and Dooley ran after Van Ert, but Carter calmly asked Jones how to reach the front lobby.

Carter took a briefcase from a man, and used to hit Van Ert, who fell to the ground and was finally detained. She then humbly asked Dooley if she could be of any further assistance.[1]


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