The Roxxon Gulf Building is a facility owned by the Roxxon Corporation located in New Orleans.


Tandy Bowen approached Mina Hess on the parking lot of the Roxxon Gulf Building, posing as a simple intern eager to learn more about Roxxon Corporation with her.[1]

Bowen later stole Adina Johnson's access card to the building to ambush Peter Scarborough. Infiltrating the building, she used her Lightforce daggers to cut the light, then stealthily approached Scarborough from behind and abducted him to interrogate him in another location.[2]

During one of her days at work in the building, due to being under a lot of pressure, Johnson suddenly lost her temper while reading a Roxxon press release and burst out of anger in her office, eventually taking it out on her assistant.[3]

During the Terror in New Orleans, Scarborough returned in his office and smashed several hard drives to destroy all evidence of Roxxon's involvement in the outburst threatening to consume the city. As he attempted to leave the building, he was ambushed in the elevator by Bowen and Mina Hess, who forced him to reveal the way of stopping the process by going to the Roxxon Gulf Operations Facility. Afterwards, Bowen used her powers to empty Scarborough of all his hopes, leaving him in the elevator in a comatose state, only to be found by Ashlie hours later.[4]



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