"This is a restricted area. Leave."
―Roxxon Guard[src]

The Roxxon Guard is a member of the Maggia in disguise.


Whitney Frost requested from Maggia leader Joseph Manfredi a few of his men to help her move a package from the Roxxon Warehouse; this Maggia member replaced the usual Roxxon Guard and stood watch by the electronic fence.

When a man and his wife approached the Roxxon Warehouse in their minivan and asked for directions back to the main road, the Roxxon Guard told them to leave. The man constantly talked about how happy he was to be married; the Guard became annoyed and once again demanded that they leave. As the two turned to leave, citing how rude the Guard was, an object was thrown over the electronic fence; the Roxxon Guard and his two colleagues went to investigate. The object drew electricity from the fence into the guards, incapacitating them.

Daniel Sousa and Edwin Jarvis dragged him to an area and noticed the expensive clothes and watch he wore, confirming that he was not the usual guard of the facility.[1]





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