The Roxxon Gas Stations are a series of gasoline filling establishments owned by the Roxxon Corporation.


New Mexico Station

A Funny Thing 4

Phil Coulson at the Roxxon Gas Station

Travelling through New Mexico at night, Phil Coulson stopped at a Roxxon gas station. While he was trying to decide between two sets of donuts (chocolate and powdered), two thieves entered the gas station. Coulson deceived the thieves and stopped the robbery, rendering them unconscious. He paid for both sets of donuts with the shocked store clerk, and recommended for her to tell the police that she was able to disarm the robbers using Tae Bo techniques learnt from videotapes.[1]

Clint Barton stopped at the same Roxxon gas station Coulson stopped the night before, coming across the police yellow tape and correctly guessing that a "guy in black suit" thwarted the theft.[2]

Batesville Station

Hannah Hutchins went to an Roxxon gas station in Batesville in order to buy some groceries a few days after the explosion. Taylor, the gas station attendant, blamed Hutchins for the explosion, arguing that Jack Benson, one of the victims, was his friend, and Benson's wife blamed Hutchins, as she was a safety inspector, and he continued to confront her even when she wanted to leave and avoid troubles. Tobias Ford, trying to protect Hutchins, started to attack Taylor throwing cans at him, appearing to be some kind of telekinetic power displayed by Hutchins. Taylor ran away scared by the attack, but Ford caused the gas station to explode, while a scared Hutchins thought it was her fault.[3]

Los Angeles Station


Robbie Reyes at the Roxxon Gas Station

Driving the Hell Charger through Los Angeles, Robbie Reyes, who was accompanied by Daisy Johnson, stopped at a Roxxon Corporation gas station to get some petrol before traveling to Reyes Residence.[4]


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