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"Energy, cleaning supplies, macaroni and cheese. Child labor, slave trade. They have their fingers in everything. I believe it's called diversification."
Elektra to Matt Murdock[src]

The Roxxon Corporation is one of the largest conglomerates in the world. In the 1940s, it had ties to the Council of Nine since the founder of Roxxon Hugh Jones was also part of the council.


Popular Radio Program[]

"And now it's time for "The Captain America Adventure Program," brought to you by Roxxon motor oil."
Radio Announcer[src]

In order to take advantage of Captain America's huge popularity during World War II, Roxxon Corporation sponsored a radio serial titled The Captain America Adventure Program. A fictionalized retelling of Steve Rogers' adventures, the serial became a huge success.[1]

Destruction of the Roxxon Refinery[]

"Port Authority says Roxxon Refinery just blew up."
"The whole thing?"
"Any casualties?"
"Hard to say. They can't find the building."
Daniel Sousa, Roger Dooley and Jack Thompson[src]

Hugh Jones discusses Howard Stark

In 1946, Miles Van Ert developed a Nitramene weapon based on a formula created by Howard Stark. Van Ert collaborated with Leet Brannis in this project. When Peggy Carter infiltrated the Roxxon Refinery, she stumbled upon these two. She was discovered, and Brannis dropped a Nitramene-bomb to help in his escape. Brannis, Carter and Van Ert survived the resulting implosion that destroyed the Refinery.[2]

Two days later, Hugh Jones had a meeting with SSR officials regarding the implosion. They concluded that whoever was responsible would emit Vita Radiation, as Jones knew about the Nitramene formula through corporate espionage in Stark Industries. They scanned the Roxxon employees, which led to the arrest of Van Ert.[1]

Atomic Bomb and Darkforce[]

The Roxxon Corporation became known for the creation of Atomic Bombs for use for the United States Armed Forces. In 1947, Isodyne Energy was testing the effectiveness of an atomic bomb created by Roxxon, when a rift was created that sucked the military vehicles and personnel into it. When the rift closed, a black substance which was called Zero Matter was the only thing left.[3] After that test, the two additional bombs were placed in storage at the Roxxon Warehouse under heavy security.[4]

Acquiring Isodyne[]

"Isodyne doesn't exist anymore. Its assets were acquired by Roxxon Corporation in the '50s."
Leo Fitz to Alphonso Mackenzie[src]

On October 13, 1952, Roxxon Corporation acquired all the assets of Isodyne Energy.[5]

Destruction of the Roxxon Gulf Platform[]


The Roxxon platform off the coast of New Orleans explodes

In 2009, the Roxxon Gulf Platform in Lake Bourne was destroyed in a massive explosion, killing many employees and placing the engineer Ivan Hess into a catatonic state, as well as indirectly leading to the death of the Roxxon scientist Nathan Bowen. The company immediately shifted the blame on Bowen and seized most of his information about the facility.[6][7]

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Duel of Los Angeles[]

A Roxxon Corporation truck was accidentally hit by Iron Man and Iron Monger as they fought nearby the Roxxon Corporation Building, causing car accidents in the process.[8]

Grand Prix de Monaco Historique[]

The Roxxon Corporation sponsored a driver for the race at the Grand Prix de Monaco Historique. One of the opponents during the race was Tony Stark from the rival company Stark Industries. The Roxxon car was among the ones destroyed by Ivan Vanko during the Duel of Monaco.[9]

New Mexico Gas Station[]


Roxxon Gas Station

Over the course of time, Roxxon began to set up gas stations all over the United States of America. Traveling through New Mexico at night, Phil Coulson of S.H.I.E.L.D. stopped at one of these Roxxon Gas Stations. While he was trying to decide between two sets of donuts, two thieves entered the gas station. Coulson deceived the thieves and stopped the robbery, rendering them unconscious. He paid for both sets of donuts with the shocked store clerk, and recommended for her to tell the police that she was able to disarm the robbers using Tae Bo techniques learnt from videotapes.[10]

Clint Barton stopped at the same Roxxon gas station Coulson stopped the night before, coming across the police yellow tape and correctly guessing that a "guy in a black suit" thwarted the theft.[11]

Roxxon Norco Oil Slick[]

Roxon Norco

Roxxon Norco

"This is the Roxxon Norco!"
"And of course, you'll remember that when she spilled a million gallons of crude oil off the coast, thanks to you not one fat cat saw a day in court."
Matthew Ellis and Aldrich Killian[src]

The Roxxon Corporation faced scandal when the tanker Roxxon Norco spilled a million gallons of crude oil off the coast of Pensacola, Florida. However, thanks to the company's political ties to President Matthew Ellis, not a single Roxxon executive faced a day in court.

Roxxon consultant Thomas Richards had an execution staged by the "Mandarin" as part of Aldrich Killian's scheme to kill the President and install Vice President Rodriguez in his stead. Furthermore, when the Kidnapping of President Ellis took place, Killian used the Norco in an attempt to show a connection, even though he did not care either way about the scandal nor the Roxxon Corporation.[12]

Landman and Zack[]

"Roxxon must vigorously defend its patterns in relation to the extraction and refinement process that you by admission had intimate knowledge of. In light of this, we will be pursuing damages."
Parish Landman[src]

The Roxxon Corporation was a client of Landman and Zack. Parish Landman and his team of lawyers, including interns Matt Murdock and Foggy Nelson, worked for Roxxon in a case against a former employee of the Londonderry, New Hampshire plant. The employee, who felt sick at that time, shared information about the plant with his doctor so that he could find out what was wrong with him. The Roxxon Corporation, who vigorously defends its patents in relation to the extraction and refinement process, did not accept this and decided to pursue damages.[13]

Batesville Gas Station[]

While at work in a Roxxon Gas Station, Taylor, the shop attendant, blamed one of his customers, Hannah Hutchins, for the explosion at the StatiCorp facility. He argued that one of the victims, Jack Benson, was his friend and Benson's wife blamed Hutchins. Even though Hutchins wanted to leave the store, Taylor continued to confront her.

Unbeknownst to both Taylor and Hutchins, Tobias Ford, who has been stuck between two worlds and followed Hutchins to the store, started trying to protect Hutchins by throwing cans at Taylor. Both Taylor and Hutchins think it is her doing it. Taylor ran away scared by the attack, while Ford caused the gas station to explode. Not knowing it was not her fault, Hutchins blamed herself for the explosion of the gas station.[14]

Infiltration by the Hand[]

Roxxon Corporation was one of many companies in New York City secretly infiltrated by the Hand disguised as the Yakuza.[15] The Hand held the son of Roxxon accountant Stan Gibson hostage in order to ensure his cooperation in the illegal transactions taking place in Hell's Kitchen.[16]

Drilling in the Arctic[]

In May 2016, Roxxon Corporation was illegally drilling in the Arctic as reported by WHiH World News.[17]

Drilling in New Orleans[]

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New Offices in Los Angeles[]

Gordon Hotel

Roxxon sign on Gordon Hotel

"Committed to cleaning up our oceans & beaches. Committed to you."
―Roxxon Energy[src]

Roxxon Corporation used a billboard on the side of the Gordon Hotel building, advertising the opening of new offices in Los Angeles.[18]


Name Position Status
Hugh Jones Founder and CEO
August D'Angelo CEO Active
Peter Scarborough Chief Executive of Risk Management Comatose
Ivan Hess Senior Engineer in Fluid Dynamics Retired
Vance Caruthers Chief Executive of Upstream Strategies Active
Gideon Green Chief Executive of Emerging Technologies Active
Tucker Price Chief Executive of Public Relations Active
Sergio MacCullagh Group Chief Executive (Crisis Management Directory) Active
Renato Tremlay Chief Executive of Upstream Active
Li Oshiro Chief Financial Officer Active
Adina Johnson Community Relations External Consultant Active
Louden Swift V.P. Environmental Operations Active
Mina Hess Environmental Engineer Retired
Hirochi Asano Robotics Representative Deceased
Miles Van Ert Scientist
Nathan Bowen Scientist Deceased
Thomas Richards Accountant Active
Stan Gibson Accountant Deceased
Sam Engineer Deceased
Convenience Store Clerk Gas Station Attendant Active
Taylor Gas Station Attendant Active
Charlie Welder Deceased
Winston Butler
Trip Active
Tommy Deceased
Stan Deceased
Monsieur Flambé Deceased
Stan Bartlett Active
Dan Hartlett Active




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