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"I'd like you to sign your company over to me, for a fair price of course."
"Yeah, look, there's no love lost between us, and though I respect the brass it took to make that pitch, I'm really not into people wasting my time. I hate it."
Gideon Malick and Rowan Hamilton[src]

Rowan Hamilton was the CEO of Transia Corporation who was forced by HYDRA to hand over his company to Gideon Malick. Although Hamilton did as instructed, Hive used him in a test, ordering Malick to crush his skull with his own Exoskeleton.


Hostile Takeover

"Gideon, there is not a chance in hell that I am gonna sell you a single share of this company, let alone controlling interest."
―Rowan Hamilton to Gideon Malick[src]

As CEO of Transia Corporation, Hamilton agreed to meet with Gideon Malick, an influential businessman and prominent figure of HYDRA. Hamilton and his board of advisors met Malick and Hive at the Transia Corporation Building. During the meeting, Rowan was astonished to hear Malick offering to purchase all of Transia Corporation. Distrusting Malick, Hamilton refused.

Hamilton agrees to sell Transia Corporation

Hive intervened in the talk and had Charles Hinton touching Hamilton, which triggered a vision in which Hamilton saw the deaths of his colleagues, the flesh consumed by Hive's parasites. Afraid by the vision, Hamilton agreed to sign over the company to Malick, but Hive murdered the advisors nonetheless, momentarily sparing Hamilton.

Hamilton is murdered by Gideon Malick

A HYDRA squad then took over the building and brought the Transia Corporation Exoskeleton. Hive instructed Malick to put it on and to experience real power by using the strength provided by the exoskeleton to murder Hamilton. Despite Hamilton's plea, the CEO of Transia Corporation had his skull crushed by Malick.[1]






  • Rowan Hamilton's name is a reference to Sir William Rowan Hamilton, an Irish mathematician and physicist whose discoveries in the field of quantum mechanics foreran the concept of "spacetime".


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