"Rougarou. Yeah, I know that place. It's that underground club off Richmond, right?"
Brigid O'Reilly[src]

Rougarou Club is a nightclub in New Orleans.


"I need to make a report. There's several dead bodies inside the Club Rougarou."
Brigid O'Reilly[src]

The Rougarou Club was scheduled to host a meeting between the Uptown Block Kings and the Money Hustle Gang which had been organized by the NOPD in an attempt to buy New Orleans some quiet time. Tyrone Johnson and Tandy Bowen also went to the Rougarou Club and, in an attempt to spy on the meeting, Johnson teleported himself in the back kitchen where it would occur and planted an audio recorder.

While waiting for the meeting to happen, Bowen and Johnson enjoyed their time in the nightclub, drinking and dancing until they noticed that the gang members were arriving. However, they quickly figured out that something had gone wrong when they saw blood on the window.[1] Indeed, the gang members had all been massacred by Mayhem in her brutal investigation on the missing girls who were abducted all across New Orleans.[2] Before dying, Brett Latour drew the vévé of Maman Brigitte on the floor of the back kitchen.

Alerted by the blood, Bowen and Johnson rushed to the back kitchen, only to find several bodies who had all died of violent death. Having retrieved the voice recorder which contained audio of the massacre, they called Brigid O'Reilly for help. When she arrived, O'Reilly confiscated the recorder before ordering Johnson and Bowen to leave the club through a back door. As it happened, when she opened the door, the vévé drawn by Latour was erased. Remaining alone, O'Reilly anonymously called the police before leaving the club herself.

Mayhem, impersonating O'Reilly at that time, later returned to the crime scene of the Rougarou Club in order to get details of the NOPD investigating, eventually learning the name of Latour.[3]


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