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"Lorelei's taste run toward palaces, castles. This is far more humble than her usual abode."
"The draw wasn't the place; it was the manpower."
Sif and Grant Ward[src]

Rosie's Desert Oasis is an establishment run by Rosie in Nevada.


Lorelei's Enthrallment

"You have men? You are their leader?"
"Last time I checked, yeah."
"You and your men now serve me."
Lorelei and Rooster[src]

Lorelei and enthralled Jimmy Mackenzie stopped at Rosie's Desert Oasis while traveling out of the Mojave Desert. Mackenzie went to grab some supplies for their trip, and Lorelei was approached by Rooster, leader of the Dogs of Hell. Rooster commented how a beautiful woman like Lorelei ended with a man like Mackenzie, guessing he should be rich. Lorelei casually revealed that she simply took him from his bride because she needed safe passage, and Rooster recommended her to stay there, as the area was a good place to stay unnoticed if she was in trouble.

Lorelei was shocked to see Rooster's Harley Davidson Softail, thinking it was a kind of beast, and Rooster offered to let her sit on his motorbike to feel its roar. Impressed, Lorelei asked Rooster his name, revealing that it was the alias his men gave to him. Seeing Rooster was the leader of a group of men, Lorelei enthralled Rooster to make his men serve her.

Mackenzie returned and tried to get Lorelei away from Rooster. He was hurt to see that Lorelei had replaced him even though he thought they would be together forever. Lorelei decided that his usefulness had ended, and killed Mackenzie throwing him against his car with a single blow.[1]

Building an Empire

Lorelei at the bar with the Dogs of Hell

"Sh-she is nobody next to you."
"Nobody?! Really?! "Nobody" owns this bar. You know what? Everybody out. Out! We are closed! Out!"
Rooster and Rosie[src]

Using Rosie's Desert Oasis as a base of operations, Lorelei ordered the Dogs of Hell to steal from nearby towns searching for gold; the bikers did not literally fulfill her orders and stole money, jewels, weapons and everything they considered useful. Lorelei was not pleased when Rooster offered her the money he stole until he explained its value. Lorelei asked her about the identity of Benjamin Franklin, who was depicted in the bills, mistaking him for an "ugly woman", and Rooster wrongly explained that he was one of the Presidents of the United States and ruled the whole country. Lorelei asked if women were able to rule, and though technically possible, Rooster told her she would be the first.

Rosie then appeared wanting to know why he was ignoring her calls, as she had been worried about him the whole day. Rooster explained that he simply turned off his phone because its sound bothered Lorelei. Jealous, seeing Lorelei using her clothes, and angered as his husband told her she was nobody next to Lorelei, Rosie ordered everyone to exit her bar. Lorelei, tired of the quarrel told Rooster to silence her, and Rooster simply killed his wife strangling her with his own hands.[1]

S.H.I.E.L.D. Assault

"Traced the men to a biker bar called Rosie's Desert Oasis. Probably where Lorelei's hiding out."
Grant Ward[src]

S.H.I.E.L.D. traced the Dogs of Hell to the Rosie's Desert Oasis, and ordered Phil Coulson to led an assault team, with the assistance of Sif, to apprehend Lorelei. They also requested the support of the local authorities, but members of the Nevada Highway Patrol were enthralled by Lorelei.

Coulson, Grant Ward and Melinda May arrived at the bar with Sif, who was surprised to see that Lorelei did not choose a castle or a palace as her base of operations as she used, though Ward informed her that she probably chose it for the men at her disposal.

S.H.I.E.L.D. arrives at Rosie's

A Sheriff of the Nevada Highway Patrol started a fire fight against the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents to protect his enthraller, and the agents used the recently created I.C.E.R.s to retaliate without damaging the enthralled men.

Lorelei was bothered by the noise of the gunshots, and Rooster informed her that law agents have arrived. Lorelei reminded he swore to fight for her, though Rooster was concerned by the amount of firepower that S.H.I.E.L.D. brought, and even a female warrior with a sword, that Lorelei instantly recognized as Sif.

Coulson asked Sif, who could withstand the gunshots, to provide them with cover, and she did it literally, moving a huge RV with a single kick to cover the agents, who then managed to knock the enthralled men down with their weapons. Coulson then ordered his men to stay outside and let Sif apprehend Lorelei, and told Ward to surround the building and guard the back exit.

Sif went inside the bar and confronted Lorelei, but she ordered his men to kill her while she escaped. Sif easily defeated the bikers, although the Asgardian Collar meant to stop Lorelei's enthrallment was damaged by a gunshot.

Ward was ambushed by Rooster, and easily knocked him down, but she was confronted by Lorelei herself. Ward ordered her to surrender, but she tried to enthrall him. Ward resisted her first attempt and asked for backup, but she managed to touch him and fully enthrall him, leaving together the area and travelling to Las Vegas.[1]


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