"Sh-She is nobody next to you."
"'Nobody'?! Really?! 'Nobody' owns this bar."
Rooster and Rosie[src]

Rosie was the owner of Rosie's Desert Oasis and Rooster's wife.


"I have been texting you all day, worried sick! I thought you were dead in a gutter somewhere."
"No, don't, baby. There's nothing to worry about. I just turned off my cellphone cause the noise was bothering Lorelei."
―Rosie and Rooster[src]

Rosie was the wife of biker gang leader Rooster. After a series of thefts in the region, Rosie worried that his husband may be involved or dead, so she continuously called and texted him.

When she went to the bar she owned, Rosie's Desert Oasis, she found her husband with another woman who was wearing her clothes. Rosie was belittled and angered by Duane's affectionate words to the Asgardian and ordered everyone to leave. Lorelei tired of the quarrel and told Rooster to silence Rosie, who choked his wife to death.[1]



  • Rooster - Husband and Killer (under coercion)



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