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"Lot of hubbub today, Peg. D.C. line's hot. Love the hat!"
―Rose Roberts[src]

Rose Roberts is a worker at the Strategic Scientific Reserve, specializing in front-of-the-house operations for the SSR's cover offices. She was the senior phone operator at the New York Bell Company Office, but when Daniel Sousa moved to Los Angeles to open a branch of the SSR there, she joined him in the new office as the receptionist for the Auerbach Theatrical Agency.


Phone Operator

Rose at the New York Bell Company

Rose Roberts was busy with her work as a phone operator inside the New York Bell Company Office. She noticed Agent Peggy Carter and complimented the hat she was wearing, opening a hidden elevator to let Carter enter the secret Strategic Scientific Reserve office inside the building. Later that day, Carter called Roberts and asked her to redirect all calls to the briefing room, so Carter take part in a briefing instead of being relegated to the role of secretary.[1]


The ladies of the New York Bell Company Office cried openly when they heard of the death of Ray Krzeminski; Roberts told Carter when the agent came to work that morning.[2]

First Defense

Roberts speaks to Edwin Jarvis

"She's passed the same training as the men upstairs, and she protects all of you."
Peggy Carter[src]

Edwin Jarvis entered the New York Bell Company carrying a briefcase; the telephone operators looked at the stranger as he walked toward the door of the office. Roberts asked Jarvis what he wanted. Jarvis asked her to allow him to pass to see Chief Roger Dooley. Roberts feigned ignorance as she reached for her gun under her work station; Jarvis assured her that he knew that this was an office of the Strategic Scientific Reserve. Roberts would not allow Jarvis access until he said that his briefcase had a signed confession from Howard Stark.[3]

Moving to Los Angeles

Roberts moves out to Los Angeles

"How is…everything?"
Everything is through the first door on the right. You can't miss him."
Peggy Carter and Rose Roberts[src]

Roberts was enthusiastic when she learned that Daniel Sousa was leaving New York City to start a branch of the Strategic Scientific Reserve in Los Angeles and was one of the first to request to accompany him. She found the city to her liking, including the fact that it was not humid though the temperature was often high. Roberts eventually learned how to surf. Sousa gave her the position as receptionist and talent agent for the SSR's cover business, the Auerbach Theatrical Agency. Roberts was amazed that in spite of the agency not being listed and its marquee being very small, clients and performers constantly entered the establishment, forcing Roberts to endure – and reject – a never-ending stream of auditions.[4]

Roberts auditions young dancers

Roberts knew that Sousa had begun to date Violet after his failed relationship with Peggy Carter.[5] Roberts watched as a pair of dancers tap-danced before her, hoping to be accepted by the Auerbach Theatrical Agency, when Carter entered; Roberts was jubilant to see her friend and quickly dismissed the young ladies once their performance ended. Roberts and Carter caught up on how much Roberts liked Los Angeles. Roberts then showed Carter how to enter the hidden SSR branch inside the Agency. When Carter asked evasively about Sousa, Roberts advised Carter to see him for herself.[4]

Hidden Information

Roberts discusses Daniel Sousa's love life

"I fear Chief Sousa maybe losing his composure."
"Oh. He's just worried about Peggy."
"As are we all."
"No. Chief has a special kind of worry about her."
Edwin Jarvis and Rose Roberts[src]

The next morning, Roberts and Daniel Sousa walked to the Agency together; Roberts questioned him as to why he did not tell Peggy that he was now in a relationship with Violet. Sousa wondered what would happen when the two women met, which Roberts warned him was inevitable, and Sousa's avoidance of the situation would only make things worse – for him. As they entered, Roberts and Sousa saw the two laughing and conversing. Roberts listened as Violet explained that she came to the Talent Agency to bring Sousa a snack before she went to work and ran into Carter. As the three talked, Roberts, thoroughly entertained, sat at her desk and ate one of the cookies Violet had brought. Once Violet had left, she sarcastically offered Sousa a cookie as well.

Roberts and Edwin Jarvis discuss Sousa

As Sousa was leaving the Agency to go on a date with Violet, Roberts received a phone call from Edwin Jarvis. Roberts called Sousa "Mr. Auerbach", not to reveal his true identity as there were auditioning clients in the building, and Sousa took the call. When Chief Sousa returned to the Agency with Edwin Jarvis, Rose watched as Sousa yelled orders to his agents to find Carter because she was in danger. Jarvis did not understand why Sousa was acting so frantically; Rose explained that Sousa had a special concern for Carter.[5]


"Got it. Thank you, Rose. You are a wonder."
Peggy Carter[src]

Peggy Carter, with a license plate number, called Roberts to learn the name of the car's driver; Roberts reported that it was Rufus Hunt and proceeded to tell Carter about his military background.

Later that evening, Roberts called upstairs to Daniel Sousa to warn him that Vernon Masters and the FBI were approaching when that agency wanted to stop an SSR raid of the Arena Club.[6]

First Field Assignment

"Ah. I've seen bigger."
―Rose Roberts[src]

Roberts, who had earlier made the pie everyone ate as they celebrated the engagement of Sousa to Violet, watched a client audition for the Auerbach Theatrical Agency when she was forced to assault him; Roberts noticed that Peggy Carter and Daniel Sousa were watching her fight the man.

Roberts was asked to join Carter and Sousa as they planned an Infiltration into the Roxxon Warehouse to keep Whitney Frost from obtaining an Atomic Bomb. While the three were looking at various gadgets in the SSR laboratory, Aloysius Samberly entered, vexed that they were touching his designs without his permission. Samberly wanted the three to leave his lab, but Roberts began flirting with him, citing that she made the pie that he enjoyed during the party. Flustered, Samberly talked Sousa into including him in the mission.

Roberts and Samberly pretended to be a lost married couple seeking directions when they approached the rude guards of the Roxxon Warehouse; Roberts noted that Samberly constantly touched and hugged her when he got an opportunity. He then used an invention to incapacitate the guards.

Inside, Roberts volunteered to fight one of the Manfredi Crime Family members that Frost hired to help her; when he unsheathed a knife against her, Roberts joked about its size. After defeating her opponent, Roberts found her compatriots and calmed Samberly so he could free Edwin Jarvis, who was trapped in a secured room with the bomb. When Samberly asked her for a date during the mission, she told him to focus on completing his task.

Later, Roberts and Samberly took the uranium rods that Jarvis had procured to a safe location as Sousa and Jarvis took Carter to Violet's house for her wounds.[7]

Sick Mother

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Roberts learned that her mother was sickly and took a flight to be by her side.[8]


"You want me to back her up?"
―Rose Roberts to Daniel Sousa[src]



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