"Matthew?! Oh you're Battlin' Jack's boy, oh you amateur. Now I know your name, nothing to stop me from bloodying the street with your corpse, just like I did to your old man!"
―Roscoe Sweeney to Matt Murdock[src]

Roscoe Sweeney is a corrupt boxing promoter who fixed his fights by using blackmail and extortion. When his fighters had attempted to betray him, he would have them killed. Sweeney was later kidnapped by Elektra and Jack Murdock's son who beat him nearly to death in revenge, though the latter chose to turn him into the authorities rather than execute him.


Corrupt Boxing

Jack Murdock's Betrayal

"He don't wanna do it he don't do it. A man makes his choice, and we make ours."
"You wanna step into the ring and see how that plays out?"
―Roscoe Sweeney and Jack Murdock[src]

Sweeney and Sammy Silke bribe Jack Murdock

When Jack Murdock's son Matthew was blinded in an accident, Murdock became desperate for money and approached Sweeney, who began paying Murdock in exchange for deliberately throwing his boxing matches. Sweeney and Sammy Silke set up a fight between Murdock and Carl Creel, which Murdock would be forced to lose. Although Murdock was reluctant, Sweeney was able to convince him that the money would be worth it. Murdock had a change of heart, however, and during the fight he was able to beat Creel, having also bet money on himself. Before he could escape, however, Sweeney's men tracked him down and murdered him.[2]

Matt Murdock's Revenge


Sweeney is ambushed by Elektra Natchios

"You don't remember me? You killed my father."
"Well I hate to break it to you son, but I killed a lot of guys' dads."
"Then let me help you... he hit hard, like this."
Matt Murdock and Roscoe Sweeney[src]

Due to his many crimes, Sweeney became a high profile target for the police and as a result, he was forced to go into hiding for several years, although he was still able to maintain his fortune even while on the run. While returning to his own mansion one day, Sweeney was attacked by his front door and subdued by Elektra, who pinned him to the floor and pressed her heel hard against his throat before revealing what she had done to Matt Murdock, who looked on his horror.


Sweeney is tied up by Elektra and Murdock

Sweeney was then tied onto a chair while Elektra tormented him by waving a knife by his face and threatening to either hit or cut him again if he dared to continue talking. Sweeney told Elektra to do whatever she was going to do, however she revealed that it was Murdock who would be hitting him. Although Sweeney at first did not recognize the young man, when Murdock claimed he had killed his father before hitting him hard across the face, Sweeney realized this was Jack Murdock's son, who he had killed when he failed to throw his rigged boxing fight against Carl Creel many years earlier.


Sweeney is brutally beaten into submission

As Sweeney began to torment Murdock, claiming he would paint the streets red with his blood like he had done with his father, Murdock began to brutally beat Sweeney, hitting him so hard Sweeney's face swelled up and he was knocked out. However, despite Elektra still pushing him to, Murdock could not bring himself to kill him, choosing instead to call the New York City Police Department and then report Sweeney's location, telling them he had located a fugitive of the law. When Murdock looked back at Sweeney, he saw that Elektra had gone, leaving him alone with the unconscious Sweeney.[1]


"He don't want to do it, he don't do it. Man makes his choice and we make ours."
―Roscoe Sweeney to Jack Murdock[src]

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  • In the comics, Roscoe Sweeney is also known as the Fixer due to his illegal activities that led him to be responsible for Jack Murdock's murder. He was the first criminal that Daredevil brought down, though he died as the fear caused him to suffer a fatal heart attack during the encounter.

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