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Roscoe[1] was a member of the Sakaaran Rebellion, who joined Korg and Miek on a slave revolt. Later, he fought alongside the remaining Asgardians against Hela and survived. He joined Korg, Miek and the Asgardian people in their journey towards Earth following the complete destruction of Asgard. However, on their way, the ship was ambushed by Thanos and the Black Order, and Roscoe was one of those who died fighting.


Gladiator Years

Roscoe was a gladiator for the Grandmaster, fighting during the tournament known as the Contest of Champions. As such, Roscoe used to live in the gladiators' quarters near the Grand Arena.[2]

Joining the Rebellion

Roscoe and the other prisoners have their Obedience Disks removed

Roscoe joined the Sakaaran Rebellion when Valkyrie infiltrated into the gladiators' quarters and disabled their Obedience Disks. Along with the other Sakaaran rebels led by Korg, Roscoe made his way through the Grandmaster Palace. They ultimately reached the Grandmaster's garage, where they encountered Loki. Once Korg disabled Loki's Obedience Disk which had been planted by Thor, Roscoe followed him as Loki took the rebels aboard the Statesman in a journey to Asgard.[2]

Battle of the Rainbow Bridge

Roscoe fights against the Berserkers

Roscoe joined the rest of the Sakaaran Rebellion during the Battle of the Rainbow Bridge. Along with Loki, Korg, Miek and Hajo, Roscoe fought to protect the Asgardians who boarded the Statesman to evacuate from Asgard and the tyrannical rule of Hela. Roscoe successfully held his own against several Berserkers, enabling the Asgardians to get onto the ship. Near the end of the battle, Roscoe then boarded the ship as well.

Roscoe witnesses the Destruction of Asgard

However, Hela stopped the spaceship by creating massive rock spikes which forced the Statesman to remain close to the Rainbow Bridge, enabling Berserkers to get onto the ship and threaten the Asgardian refugees. Roscoe attempted to hold them off until he was wounded in the leg by one undead soldier. However, due to Skurge deciding to turn against Hela and side with the Asgardians, Roscoe avoided death as Skurge killed the Berserkers, sacrificing himself. As the battle was over and the Statesman slowly left into space, Roscoe watched Asgard’s destruction.[2]

Attack on the Statesman

Roscoe lying dead on the Statesman

In 2018, Roscoe witnessed as the Statesman was intercepted by the Sanctuary II and the subsequent attack by Thanos and the Black Order. Roscoe was unable to escape and was killed along with half of the Asgardians.[3]



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