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"The laws of nature have changed, and until the laws of men change to reflect that, we can only do what we feel is right."
―Rosalind Price[src]

Rosalind Price was the first head of the Advanced Threat Containment Unit, charged by President Matthew Ellis to control the increasing numbers of Inhumans appearing across America. Since her organization was formed as a replacement for the outlawed agency S.H.I.E.L.D., she initially treated Phil Coulson and his agents as enemies, but later accepted them as reluctant allies in the fight against the rogue Inhuman Lash. She continued to build up a rapport with S.H.I.E.L.D., even growing romantically attached to Coulson, until she was tragically assassinated by Grant Ward.


Early Life

Spy Career

"I was the spy taking risks. He was a cardiologist, an honest man, a good husband, and cancer sucks."
―Rosalind Price[src]

Years ago, Rosalind Price was married to a cardiologist who contracted cancer. During his illness, Price worked as a spy and did not give much time to him. Ultimately, he died; Price wished that she had had the ability to preserve his life until a cure for cancer was found. She decided to keep momentos of him throughout her house, such as his baseball bat autographed by Frank Robinson and Mickey Mantle worth $7,000.[5] In 2001, Price met Gideon Malick as his company was consulting with NASA on Project Distant Star Return.[3]

Using different aliases, Price was a member of different agencies. From 2008 to 2009, she worked at the CIA Office of Middle East Study and Technical Analysis using the alias Sarah Russell. While there, she was presented with the agency's Silver Seal for distinguished contributions to the OMESTA branch in Langley, as well as overseas as part of CIA stations in Kandahar, Amman, and Riyadh. She was also tasked with periodic liaisons with the Senate Foreign Relations Committee to deliver briefings on overseas agency operations.

Rosalind Price's many top secret aliases

Using the alias Jane Thompson, she worked intermediately for NASA from 2010 to 2012 on Project Valhalla. She left NASA in early 2012 after funding was pulled from her project after the Battle of New York. During her time with NASA, she also began working for the British Embassy in Tripoli using the alias Margaret Campbell. During this time, she moved to London and began to work with a joint MI5/MI6 taskforce looking into extra-terrestrial radio transmissions. One year into the project, she went off the grid while in Peru's Nazca Desert.

From 2013 to 2015, she used the alias Samantha Potter. On November 28, 2013, she was hired as a consultant for special projects by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta, Georgia. On April 24, 2014, she transferred to the Washington, D.C. branch to serve as a special adviser to Congress. On June 6, 2015, she was reassigned to a top-secret clearance-level initiative with a classified location. Eventually, she resurfaced as Rosalind Price, now working for President Matthew Ellis and running the Advanced Threat Containment Unit, a unit focused on capturing Inhumans before they caused harm to innocent people.[1]

Advanced Threat Containment Unit

Hunting Inhumans

Price gets an update from Luther Banks

"We had him pinned down but the target escaped."
"He didn't escape; he was extracted."
"We'll secure the area, clean and contain the situation."
"Manage it without making anymore noise, there were helicopters this time for god sake. It is getting harder for this to go unnoticed."
Luther Banks and Rosalind Price[src]

Price ordered Luther Banks to lead his small team of agents from the Advanced Threat Containment Unit to hunt down and capture Joey Gutierrez, who was accidentally causing havoc with the power to melt metal. Although Banks' team almost captured the man, they were interrupted by S.H.I.E.L.D., which had extracted Gutierrez. Price arrived onto the scene as Banks was keeping the public away; he updated Price on the situation and she ordered him to clean up the scene without making any noise while also keeping the media away.

Price discusses Inhumans with Luther Banks

Back at their headquarters, Price and Luther Banks discussed his failure to capture Joey Gutierrez. As they talked about how many Inhumans were appearing across the country, Price looked at the room filled with the bodies of the Inhumans they had found; many of whom had been found dead and with a hole blasted in the center of their chests from an unknown attacker. Price made it clear that she and President Matthew Ellis were not happy with the results her team were bringing in and that she found it unacceptable that one of the subjects had gotten away and insisted that Banks find him.[1]

Ambushing Phil Coulson

Price speaks to Phil Coulson

"You're not an easy person to pin down."
"Really? 'Cause you were no trouble at all."
Phil Coulson and Rosalind Price[src]

Fully aware that S.H.I.E.L.D. director Phil Coulson was hunting her, Price arranged for a trap. She set up a fake routine for herself so Coulson and Lance Hunter would try to capture her on a train; when they did, Luther Banks and his team drew their guns and handcuffed the pair. Price and Coulson spoke about their history, with Coulson explaining he knew about her changing agencies and Price being aware of the Project T.A.H.I.T.I.. Price demanded to know why S.H.I.E.L.D. was killing the Inhumans they were finding; surprised at the accusation, Coulson insisted that his people were not responsible for the killings.

Price witnesses Phil Coulson's escape

Both Price and Coulson then received a phone call, which Coulson noted meant neither of them could be behind the killings if they were both being informed at the same time. Price left Banks to guard Coulson and Hunter while she answered the phone. She was informed that a mysterious attacker had attacked a hospital and killed guards. As she spoke on the phone, a loud crash shook the train; when Price went to investigate, she found Coulson and Hunter had escaped and ripped the train apart in the process.

Price learns of a new Inhuman

Following up the call she had received on the train before Coulson's escape, Price traveled to the hospital, accompanied by Banks and his team of agents. Once there, they discovered that the monstrous attacker had ripped the hospital apart, killing security guards, using the same deadly energy beam they had been investigating, terrifying the patients and doctors. Price found Banks speaking to Doctor Tina Adams, who reported that her co-worker Lincoln Campbell had battled the attacker within the hospital alongside another woman with devastating powers.[1]

Hunting Lincoln Campbell

Price and Banks discuss Lincoln Campbell

"He didn't just disappear, unless he did. He can't do that, can he?"
"No, electric's his thing."
―Rosalind Price and Luther Banks[src]

When an attempt to bring Lincoln Campbell into custody failed, Price made the decision to first include the FBI and other intelligence agencies in the chase before going public for the man-hunt, releasing Campbell's picture to the news with the story that he was an alien who had killed people. She then had a meeting with Luther Banks in her car where they discussed what had happened and how to proceed; Price questioned if Campbell had the power to vanish but Banks assured her that he just had the power to control electricity.

Price agrees to meet with Phil Coulson

As they were talking, a call from the White House came in, but when Price answered it, it turned out to be Phil Coulson, who was attempting to get a meeting with Price, questioning why she had gone to the FBI instead of asking for his advice. Coulson suggested that the two of them meet for a peaceful discussion on their missions. As she spoke to Coulson, Banks got a call giving him Lincoln Campbell's location and Price ordered him to bring him in. Price then agreed to meet with Coulson.[6]

Uneasy Alliance

Meeting Phil Coulson

Price greets Phil Coulson

"He got away and I've made assurances."
"I assure you that if you insist on taking my agents in you will start a war. I will devote all the resources and manpower of S.H.I.E.L.D. to crushing your agency."
"It's not personal, it's work, and right now I need to show results."
―Rosalind Price and Phil Coulson[src]

Price drove to the coast-side where she found Phil Coulson waiting for her. At first, they shared small talk about Price's car and she teased Coulson about his prosthetic hand. Changing the subject, Coulson informed Price that she was going about her work all wrong and by panicking the public, the situation was at risk as it was turning violent very quickly.

Price and Coulson discuss their agencies

They discussed how the ATCU was founded due to S.H.I.E.L.D.'s implosion, noting that the public needed to feel safe by seeing an organization protecting them. Coulson told her that his team knew how to handle these threats and tried to convince her to allow him to bring Lincoln Campbell in so nobody risked getting hurt but Price refused as Campbell was too dangerous. When Coulson told her he would be safe with his team, Price assured him that they were not HYDRA and would not harm him. Coulson suggested her reasons were more to do with the pressure she was getting from Matthew Ellis to show results or their work, which she did not deny.

Price makes a deal with Phil Coulson

Coulson changed the subject to discuss why the ATCU had not released Daisy Johnson's picture; Price confirmed she did not know who Johnson was but knew she worked for Coulson. They began working out a deal to keep her identity secret and Coulson agreed to let her take Campbell into custody. However, when Campbell was able to escape, Price ordered Luther Banks to take Johnson instead. Coulson refused to allow this and threatened to go to war; instead, they agreed to let Johnson go free in exchange for Coulson working as an advisor for Price. The agreement went ahead and Price later called Coulson in his office to check if he had given her his real phone number.[6]

Working with S.H.I.E.L.D.

Price greets Daisy Johnson

"Everybody stand down! S.H.I.E.L.D.'s not the enemy and you definitely don't want to piss off the young Agent Johnson here. We've got about nineteen Agent Johnsons on our side, though none that can take down a building."
―Rosalind Price to the ATCU[src]

Price was contacted by Phil Coulson about the location of another pair of victims of Lash. When Price and her team of ATCU agents arrived, they found themselves threatened by Daisy Johnson and Alphonso Mackenzie, who were also hunting Lash. Price was able to calm the situation and introduce herself before Coulson explained he had called them for their assistance.

Price teases Phil Coulson

Price and her team examined the home of Shane and Lori Henson, a happily married Inhuman couple who had been brutally murdered by Lash. As their bodies were being moved, Phil Coulson questioned what would be done with them, in response Price questioned how he had known of the couple beforehand and what he was keeping from her, noting that the Hensons clearly had been living with their powers for years before the Inhuman Outbreak. Coulson revealed that they were friends of a friend before insisting that they focus their efforts on finding Lash while Price continued to tease and flirt with him.[2]

Capture of Dwight Frye

Price and Luther Banks greet S.H.I.E.L.D.

"You're the brains of the operation and your giant pitbull does all the killing for you, is that it?"
―Rosalind Price to Dwight Frye[src]

Phil Coulson once again informed Price when they gained a lead on a possible Inhuman with connections to Lash. The ATCU arrived first, once she and Luther Banks had the perimeter locked down S.H.I.E.L.D. arrived and they began discussing their plan, with Daisy Johnson questioning what happened to the Inhumans they captured, asking to look around their facility, to which Price requested a visit to S.H.I.E.L.D. in exchange.

Price questions Dwight Frye

Luther Banks and Daisy Johnson led a team into the home of Dwight Frye; once he had been discovered they learned that he had an allergic reaction to being close to Inhumans. Price and Phil Coulson then questioned him over his connection to Lash, explaining that they knew he sent viruses to the computers of the Inhumans that Lash would target. Frye confessed that he was working with Lash but he did not know Lash's current location, Frye went on to explain that he believed that what Lash was doing was not done out of cruelty but mercy for Inhumans suffering with their powers.

Price and Luther Banks discuss S.H.I.E.L.D.

Having learned all that he knew about Lash and his plans for the Inhumans, the ATCU took Dwight Frye into custody, placing him in a van to go back to their holding facility for further questioning. Just as they prepared to leave, Phil Coulson informed her that he planned to put Daisy Johnson and Alphonso Mackenzie on the van as well to check out Frye's holding facility. Although she was uncomfortable with the idea, Price decided that S.H.I.E.L.D.'s support was too important so she agreed; however, first she spoke to Luther Banks and ordered him to return to the facility first. As the pair boarded the van, Price spoke to Coulson about his prosthetic hand and whether or not it had a laser finger like he had told Frye; Coulson told her with a smile that it was classified information.

Price speaks to Daisy Johnson in a hospital

On its way to the ATCU's base, the van was attacked by Lash, leading to the agents being injured and Dwight Frye being executed in the ensuing battle. Price attempted to contact Phil Coulson to inform him of the development but could not reach him. Price spoke to Alphonso Mackenzie and Daisy Johnson in the hospital; she asked them what Phil Coulson's location was. Johnson revealed that he was after a high value target who was human and therefore did not involve her or the ATCU. Despite hating not being informed of the mission plans, Price accepted the answer.[2]

Testing Phil Coulson

Price tries to convince Coulson to leave

"Maybe I won't like what I see at the ATCU facility so you're trying to make me like you. Working me, ever since the Thunderbird, humanizing yourself so I'll take it better."
"Wow, I am quite the mad genius, huh."
Phil Coulson and Rosalind Price[src]

Agreeing to give Phil Coulson a tour of the ATCU's base, Price had her driver pick him up, with Coulson having them collect him from the street rather than give up his base's location. As they drove along, Price and Coulson discussed what information they would give up before they were interrupted by Price's phone. She was informed that someone had broken into her home; she tried to convince Coulson to reschedule, which he refused to do. Price reluctantly allowed him to come to her home.

Price speaks to Coulson in her home

When she arrived, Price spoke to Officer Stuart, who informed her that the thieves had been scared away by her security system. As they went to look around, Price ordered Coulson to wait in the living room. When she returned, she found Coulson looking at her husband's old baseball bat. While they waited, Price got burgers for the pair of them while Coulson attempted to work out what plan Price had in bringing him there, noting that nothing had been stolen so she could be trying to soften his view of her with a fake break-in. Price relented and agreed to take Coulson to the ATCU Facility.

Price shows Coulson around the ATCU base

Price took Coulson to the facility where they watched as an Inhuman was brought in to be locked away while in an induced coma. She assured him that the Inhumans would be kept alive and safe despite the horrifying look of what they were doing. Price argued that the Inhumans were in so much pain and the ATCU's goal was to find a cure. As they were speaking, Coulson worked out that Price had lost a loved one and she told him about her husband's death from cancer, explaining that she wanted to help save these people pain like she wished she could have done for her husband. She then confessed to wanting Coulson to like her as he had predicted.[5]

Riding on Zephyr One

Price arrives on Zephyr One

"For every Daisy Johnson, there's a Lash, and it's ignorant for you to think otherwise."
―Rosalind Price to Daisy Johnson[src]

Under Gideon Malick's orders, Price informed Phil Coulson that they would be going to a meeting with President Matthew Ellis to discuss the Inhuman Outbreak, when in reality she would bring Coulson to Malick. Price was put into a Quinjet and flown onto Zephyr One, S.H.I.E.L.D.'s flying base, to meet with Coulson and was informed that the tour of the base would be conducted by Daisy Johnson.

Price debates Inhumans with Daisy Johnson

Johnson showed Price their Containment Module, designed to keep new Inhumans safe from their own powers while in transition, before Johnson made a comment about how the ATCU has made many attempts to kill new Inhumans. Price and Johnson debated if it was more humane to put Inhumans in comas or keep them as prisoners but Johnson insisted that they wanted to observe and help the Inhumans. When Johnson pushed the issue, Price admitted that she was scared of the powers that Inhumans had, noting that while there were some like Johnson, there were killers like Lash with the same power levels.

Price flirts with Phil Coulson

While in Phil Coulson's office on the plane, Price admitted that she may have overstepped her mark while speaking to Daisy Johnson, although she said she was impressed by her. Price watched as Coulson tried and failed to tie his tie, having trouble using his prosthetic hand. Price volunteered to tie it for him. Price pressed Coulson for the true story of how he lost his hand, as Coulson had told her it was a shark attack, and Coulson admitted one of his agents had cut it off to save his life.

Price learns Lash's true identity

When a second Quinjet requested to land, Price, Coulson and Johnson met Alphonso Mackenzie and Lincoln Campbell who claimed to have new intel on Lash. Campbell informed them that a woman named Jiaying from somewhere called Afterlife, none of which Price knew about, kept ledgers of all new Inhumans. The ledger had fallen into the hands of S.H.I.E.L.D. and only Andrew Garner had access, and he had just gone missing. Having realized that Garner was Lash, Coulson rerouted the plane and informed Price that the President would have to wait, although Price called Gideon Malick to inform him of the development.[7]

Capturing Lash

Price mission briefs her ATCU team

"Remember this is Coulson's op, we do not move unless he gives the order."
―Rosalind Price to the ATCU[src]

Andrew Garner was soon tracked to an abandoned administration building at Culver University where he had kidnapped Agent Melinda May. While Phil Coulson tried to calm him down and take him in peacefully while his teams of agents took position around the area, Price took a team of Advanced Threat Containment Unit agents and briefed them on the mission, noting to wait for Coulson's orders, while Daisy Johnson, Lincoln Campbell and Alphonso Mackenzie all took their positions, ready to engage when Coulson ordered them to.

Lash attacks and attempts to kill Price

As peaceful negotiations fell apart, Price and her team found Coulson engaged in a one-on-one battle with Lash. Price ordered her soldiers to fire at Lash and allow Coulson to escape; Lash however charged through the agents and killed them all. With only Price remaining, she fired her pistol at Lash in an attempt to kill him; however, the beast disarmed her, picking her up by the throat and dropping her off the balcony. Before she could hit the ground and be killed, Daisy Johnson used her powers to keep her afloat and gently place her down, saving her life. While Lash targeted Lincoln Campbell, Price stayed behind to recover while Coulson and May went in to confront Lash.

Price discusses what to do with Garner

Lash was eventually tricked into transforming back into Garner and knocked into a Containment Module. As they gathered around it on Zephyr One, Price suggested that Garner should be taken back to the ATCU facility where he could be put in a coma until they could find a cure, telling May it could be the only way to help him. Having asked for Johnson's advice, May agreed to give Garner to the ATCU. With the decision having been made Price spoke to Coulson and offered to buy him a drink, which Coulson happily accepted.[7]

Morning Phone Call

Price apologizes to Gideon Malick

"I wanted to apologize for missing our appointment at NORAD. I will bring him to you soon enough."
"Time is of the essence."
―Rosalind Price and Gideon Malick[src]

The next morning, Price, as she got dressed in her home, called Gideon Malick, apologizing for failing to bring Phil Coulson to Colorado to meet with him and the President the day before and promised to bring Coulson to him as soon as possible. Malick seemed to accept her apology, but told her to expedite her efforts as he claimed time was of the essence.

Price shares a kiss with Phil Coulson

As she hung up the phone, Coulson emerged from another room and gave her a kiss. Noticing that he was dressed, she asked him not to leave so quickly before they had breakfast; Coulson asked Price if she cooked, to which she replied she did not, but she suggested a place where they could get a meal.[7] Price would later discuss this new relationship with Luther Banks, who claimed it was foolish for her to get involved with the Director of S.H.I.E.L.D.; however, Price decided to continue exploring her newfound feelings for Coulson.[4]

Exploring S.H.I.E.L.D.

Price oversees the transport of Lash

"Dearest, is it possible that your Containment Module tried to access the ATCU's system?"
"Absolutely. It scans any local network it finds. All our hardware does."
"Well, we noticed, and we're gonna have to go ahead and shut that down."
―Rosalind Price and Phil Coulson[src]

Price and Phil Coulson's team overlooked Lash's Containment Module being loaded onto a van ready to be transported to Endotex Labs. Coulson questioned if they were truly doing the right thing, but Price insisted that they were as it meant Garner had a chance of being cured and remaining human, promising they would continue working on a cure. Coulson suggested that she visit his base to continue discussing the work.

Rosalind is welcomed to the Playground

Price was allowed to board Zephyr One and was taken on a six hour flight, ensuring she had no idea where she was while her phone was deactivated, until they finally arrived at the S.H.I.E.L.D. base, where she was greeted by Coulson. Price immediately asked if the base had a codename, but Coulson refused to reveal it and requested that they be able to scan her phone for any virus. Coulson realized that Price had brought her normal phone only and they continued to flirt and tease one another.

Price speaks to Steve Wilson

While being shown through the base's science lab, Price was told by Coulson about their team's breakthroughs in alien biology as well as robotics and prosthetics. They were interrupted when Price got a call on her phone from Steve Wilson at the ATCU who informed her of a seeming security breath at Endotex Labs. Wilson suggested that it could have been caused by the Containment Module and Price checked with Coulson, who revealed that it would indeed scan all networks it was near. Price then ordered Wilson to work with the FBI and fix the problem as quickly as possible.

Price explores Phil Coulson's office

Eventually, Price was taken into Coulson's own office where he showed off his many classic gadgets from the 1960s which he had collected, all of which Price showed great interest in, including a camera tie. Coulson revealed how he had first been recruited by S.H.I.E.L.D. while studying history at college before continuing to press Price about whether or not she had ever met another S.H.I.E.L.D. agent, but she insisted that she had not. They continued to discuss the difference between the classic time of spying compared to the modern digital world they lived in, which Coulson claimed was vulnerable to hacking.[3]

Secrets Revealed

Gideon Malick's Betrayal

Rosalind is threatened by Phil Coulson

"I get weekly reports from... from Malick, Gideon Malick."
"I know the name. Industrialist, he served on the World Council."
"He's a friend, I worked with him more than a decade; he advises the President's staff, helped design the ATCU, oversees the science... division... He gave me the T.A.H.I.T.I. intel."
―Rosalind Price and Phil Coulson[src]

Phil Coulson showed Price the room built out of the same material as the Containment Module where they kept any rescued Inhumans. However, as soon as they entered, he closed and locked the door. At first believing it to be a flirtatious move, Price teased him, but Coulson remained serious and explained he she would now have to convince him that she was not HYDRA, revealing that his team had infiltrated her base. Price expressed her disappointment that Coulson had seemingly used sex as a way to get her to trust him before betraying her.

Price learns of Gideon Malick's betrayal

Price confirmed that Andrew Garner was not being kept at Endotex Labs and Coulson revealed that he believed she was lying as only a HYDRA agent could know about Project T.A.H.I.T.I. and demanded she reveal her source. Price confessed she had fallen for him but claimed he was no longer human after being stabbed through the heart. When Coulson informed her his agents had learned the ATCU was not working on a cure, she questioned it, as this information seemed false, she suddenly realized that Gideon Malick was HYDRA and had been lying to her. Price was able to convince Coulson to let her call Luther Banks and ordered him to evacuate Coulson's agents.

Coulson and Price learn of HYDRA's history

Once the agents had been returned to the Playground, they gathered together and Price revealed how she had met Malick in 2001 and he had advised her in many key factors, starting when she was working for NASA. Having done further research into the subject, Jemma Simmons and Leo Fitz revealed that they had discovered that a division of NASA was connected to an ancient HYDRA order obsessed with studying the Monolith for unknown reasons, showing them the HYDRA logo in ancient symbols.[3]


Price has a date with Phil Coulson

"Any sensible girl would swipe left in this moment."
"Honestly, don't know what that means."
"You're such a luddite."
―Rosalind Price and Phil Coulson[src]

One night, Phil Coulson prepared for a dinner date with Price at her apartment. Just returning with burgers, the two discussed how Price had accidentally worked for HYDRA but Coulson apologized for how he handled the situation. They then had a conversation concerning their plan with Gideon Malick and that Price was going back into the Advanced Threat Containment Unit in order to find information on the latter.

Price is shot and killed by Grant Ward

Although Coulson remained concerned about the prospect of Price returning to the ATCU, she teased him about his attempts to protect her and assured him she would be fine as the ATCU was her area of expertise and she believed that Malick would not suspect anything. All of a sudden, a bullet was fired by Grant Ward into Price's neck from another building and she collapsed, bleeding uncontrollably from her throat. Despite Coulson's desperate pleas for her to stay with him, Price bled out and died in his arms.[4]


Phil Coulson's Revenge

"I spent every second since you murdered Rosalind trying to understand just how your sick mind works."
"Shouldn't be that hard. We're not that different, you and me. It's not like we operate in different worlds, Coulson. We both got blood on our hands."
"Big difference is, I've never hurt anyone for selfish reasons. That is, until now."
Phil Coulson and Grant Ward[src]

As far as Director Phil Coulson was concerned, Grant Ward crossed a moral event horizon and his time came to kill him. After he was extracted from her place and back to S.H.I.E.L.D. headquarters, he questioned people on his original team to see what made Ward tick. Coulson, along with Bobbi Morse and Lance Hunter would take Ward's brother and use him as bait and much to Coulson, Morse and Hunter's surprise, he was willing to be bait as long as it resulted in Ward's death. It worked, Thomas helped bait Ward into tracking his phone's signal.[4]

Coulson tracked down Ward to the HYDRA Castle, where Coulson literally would display that he would follow Ward anywhere on the Earth or even off Earth when he followed Ward, and a group of HYDRA agents through a portal created by the Monolith to Maveth. Coulson would capture a now-"enlightened" Ward, who shortly after discovering a HYDRA statue made by an alien culture who worshiped Hive, was claiming he joined HYDRA for all the wrong reasons. Coulson just thought he was talking crazy and told him to lead him to Leo Fitz.[4][8]

When they discovered Hive possessed Will Daniels, Coulson and Fitz attempted to stop them, but Ward fought Coulson, but Coulson had injured him, giving him an advantage and he took the fight to Ward and was winning. He was asking Ward just how many innocent people he hurt and killed, referring to his other victims like Victoria Hand and Eric Koenig, before he crushed his chest with his Cybernetic Hand, killing him and leaving his hand on Ward's crushed chest. Coulson and Fitz escaped back to Earth and Coulson avenged Price, but at a price; Hive returned to Earth as well in Ward's body.[8]


"These altered humans are a threat, and I am in charge of neutralizing that threat."
"'By any means necessary' sounds like it's coming next. And who do you answer to?"
"Mr. Coulson, it's others who answer to me."
―Rosalind Price and Phil Coulson[src]

Rosalind Price was shown to be very sympathetic; to the point of taking in newly transformed Inhumans and containing them in special units, explaining to Phil Coulson her belief that it was best for them, for their relatives and the people around them, until they find a cure. She was more worried for them than anything else, though she had a different approach than that of Coulson and Daisy Johnson.

Price did not trust people easily, an example of this is when she showed great reluctance in showing Coulson the Advanced Threat Containment Unit base at Endotex Labs and when Coulson had her take a walk around their place where she met Johnson, she expressed her opinion that she cannot be so sure that Johnson will not use her powers to attack her, always remaining skeptical of the use for Inhuman powers.

She was shown to be romantically interested in Phil Coulson since the first time that he even noticed that, they both easily fell out for each other despite the events, she never lied about her emotions to him and was willing to do many things to attract him. This also proved fatal to her. When she figured out that she was being manipulated by Gideon Malick, who had been discovered as a HYDRA leader, and cooperated with Coulson's S.H.I.E.L.D. to expose his true intention, had she not fallen in love with Coulson, dated him and figured out the true intentions of Malick, she would not have been a target herself for Grant Ward to take out.


  • Expert Marksman: Price brought a pistol to situations where she could have been potentially harmed. When Lash attacked her, she shot him several times in the chest without missing a single shot.
  • Master Spy: Rosalind Price has been able to be a member of different organizations with different aliases, without facial recognition betraying her identity.



Price shooting her gun towards Lash

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  • Rosalind Price bears some similarities to the character of Lola Daniels in the main Marvel Comics universe, though Rosalind was introduced earlier. Like Rosalind, Daniels was a government agent who became romantically involved with Phil Coulson, only to die at the hands of Grant Ward.

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