Luke Cage[src]

Rosalie Carbone's Office is the headquarters of the Carbone Crime Family owned by Rosalie Carbone.


Cage meeting with Rosalie

Luke Cage confronting Rosalie Carbone

With Sugar's help, Luke Cage managed to track Rosalie Carbone down and find her office. Cage then broke into the building before defeating men on the security post. Cage made his way to meet Carbone before one of her men tried threw a hood over his head to strangle him and Cage broke his arms and beat. Carbone's personal bodyguard threw his gun to shot Cage several times but didn't even seem to hurе Cage because of his bulletproof skin. Carbone then decided to speak with Cage. He demanded her to stay out of Harlem and threaten her with destroying all of her criminal assets if she stay in Harlem before leaving.[1]


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