"The Italians, the Chinese, the Japanese have been running networks for centuries. Blacks are the only ones who can't keep themselves organized."
―Rosalie Carbone to Mariah Dillard[src]

Rosalie Carbone is the leader of the Carbone Crime Family who aimed to control Harlem. Carbone attempted to make a deal with Mariah Dillard, in order to gain more power, only for Dillard to be arrested and Luke Cage to stop all of Carbone's schemes. Carbone was later invited by Kingpin to buy federal protection from him and was invited as a special guest for his wedding, only for Carbone to then witness Fisk's downfall.


Early Career

Living in New York

"I was born and raised on Pleasant Avenue. Harlem is my home. I'm not going anywhere."
―Rosalie Carbone to Luke Cage[src]

Rosalie Carbone was born in Pleasant Avenue within Harlem, to the family of the Carbone Crime Family. During her youth, Carbone's had witnessed her father making an attempt to take over Harlem's Paradise and the crime scene which was connected with it by unsuccessfully targeting all the Stokes Crime Family, which in turn made Carbone focused on doing what her father failed to do and defeat all the Stokes. Having taken over the Crime Family, Carbone built her relationships with the Russian Mafia and Puerto Rican Mob in order to build her strength up within the New York City crime world.[1]

Criminal Career

Meeting Black Mariah

"Funny how all these plagues begin and end with you."
"Are you calling me God?"
"Calling you a pebble in my shoe."
―Rosalie Carbone and Mariah Dillard[src]

Carbone and others meet with Mariah Dillard

Carbone was called to a meeting by Mariah Dillard to discuss the future of crime within New York City, with Carbone arriving at the Calderwood Auction House with several other criminals as they waited for Dillard to arrive. Once she arrived, Dillard thanked them all for coming at such short notice, as Eric Hong complained that the last time Dillard had called a meeting, his brother Peter Hong had been killed by Diamondback, as Carbone commented on how plagues like Diamondback and Bushmaster all begun with Dillard herself, as she called Dillard a pebble in her shoe.

Carbone questions Dillard's own competence

As Carbone listened, Dillard claimed that the Stylers and Bushmaster were defeated at last thanks to her, although Hong noted that as long as Bushmaster was alive and free, then her concept of uniting all the various crime families in New York would never work. However Hai-Qing Yang promised that they had a plan to kill Bushmaster once and for all. Carbone, however, commented that she could not see why this meeting was needed, noting how various criminal organizations had already been working together for years, while it was only the Stokes Crime Family who seemed to struggle to get organized.

Carbone listening to Mariah Dillard's offering

Insulted by this comment, Dillard claimed that Carbone's weakness was always how all the Carbone Crime Family had kept themselves isolated. Dillard pitched her concept for a larger trade by bringing together their respective organisations, claiming that Harlem was the ideal gateway for this as they had plenty of customers for whatever they were selling, while they could use retail opportunities to disguise their profits, with Carbone questioning if Dillard expected to remain in charge of all this. Dillard confirmed that she would be in charge as she offered to open the walls around Harlem for a specific price.

Carbone being given her ultimatum by Dillard

During the meeting, Dillard's galley of The Souls of Black Folk came up for auction, as Dillard made it clear that she expected Carbone, Hong and Anibal Izqueda to all begin bidding if they wanted to gain access to Harlem's criminal empire, claiming that if they did not buy the galley then only the Yangsi Gonshi would be granted the access to Harlem. While Carbone was already annoyed at Dillard's tactic, she was then informed that Dillard expected the galley to be returned to her regardless, as she then went back to Alex Wesley and left the auction house with Yang while Carbone had begun bidding.[2]

Deal with Luke Cage

Carbone watches Mariah Dillard's court trial

"How much would it cost to get a key made?"
"I can't be bought."
"You can't answer that truthfully yet, sweetheart. You don't know your price yet, Mr. Cage. Next time, let's do this over coffee."
―Rosalie Carbone and Luke Cage[src]

Once Mariah Dillard had finally been arrested, Carbone engaged into the furious War for Harlem as various criminals fought for control of the area now that the Stokes Crime Family were gone, with Carbone wanting the Carbone Crime Family to take over Harlem in the same way her father did many years earlier when he made a move against the Stokes in order to take over Harlem's Paradise. To do this, Carbone also forced Anibal Izqueda into conflict against the Yangsi Gonshi while Carbone moved forward with her plans to take over.

Carbone being confronted by Luke Cage

While Carbone had continued making her move to take over Harlem however, her Office came under attack as Luke Cage, who stormed inside and easily subdued all of her guards before he found Carbone herself, who had one of her henchmen attempt to suffocate Cage with a plastic bag, only for Cage to break his wrists and subdue him, as Carbone's final guard shot at Cage, only for the bullets to bounce off Cage's unbreakable skin. While Carbone had got her man to stop shooting, Cage commented on how he had figured out all Carbone's schemes for taking over Harlem and was there to stop her.

Carbone watches Cage beating down her men

Carbone however, commented on how she had been born and raised within Harlem and had no intention of leaving despite Cage's threats. While her guard tried to rush him, Cage knocked him down onto his knees as Carbone just looked Cage in the eye as he began brutally breaking her man's fingers one by one, while questioning what part of his threat Carbone did not understand while he screamed out in agony. Remaining confident, Carbone questioned what Cage would do if she simply refused to leave, asking if Cage would be willing to kill her, commenting how easy it would be for Cage to kill her.

Carbone notes how easily Cage could kill her

However, Carbone had noted that if Cage dared to actually kill her, then the Russian Mafia would come to Harlem, causing a massacre where women and children would be killed. When Cage threatened to destroy her trucks, raid her warehouses and destroy all her profits until she became impossible to work with, Carbone responded by suggesting Cage think of another way to handle this which did not involve any violence. Thinking for a moment, Cage ordered Carbone to control where she did her business to ensure Harlem remained out of it, threatening punishment for those who did not obey.

Carbone agreeing to Luke Cage's suggestion

Commenting on how this was putting a lockbox on Harlem, Carbone reluctantly agreed to this suggestion, while she had also questioned if she could find a way to gain access by paying Cage, who had still insisted that he could not be bribed, although Carbone claimed that he could not make that statement truthfully, as he did not know his price yet. While Cage went to leave, Carbone suggested that their next meeting be over a cup of coffee in New York City, which Cage did not answer as he instead walked out of Carbone's office, leaving her henchmen lying on the ground in agony from their beatdown.

Carbone awaiting her meeting with Luke Cage

Sometime late, Carbone learned that Dillard had been killed while she was still locked up inside Ryker's Island, and she had secretly left control of Harlem's Paradise in the hands of Cage who became the crime boss looking after all of Harlem in the wake of Dillard's death. Seeking to build a professional relationship with Cage in his new position, Carbone and Anibal Izqueda went to meet with him at Harlem's Paradise, as Sugar had then personally brought them both upstairs for a meeting with Cage to discuss the future of the criminal underworld while it was now being safeguarded by Cage.[1]

Return of the Kingpin

Carbone being arrested by agent Ray Nadeem

"This some bullshit. What are we waiting for?"
"We'll know when it happens."
"You know something about what's going on?"
"Well, they pick us up all quiet like. No press, no perp walk. Take us here instead of downtown. The feds want something."
John Hammer and Rosalie Carbone[src]

As part of her work in New York City to disguise her criminal actions, Carbone present at an opening ceremony with the public. However, just as their public applauded Carbone, the FBI unexpectedly arrived as Ray Nadeem approached Carbone and demanded that she come with him without causing a scene in front of the audience, as a confident Carbone was then lead away with agents Benjamin Poindexter and Arinori also there to take Carbone into custody.

Carbone and the crime bosses wait together

However, rather than being taken into custody, Carbone was taken to the Red Fish Blue Restaurant where several other crime bosses were also waiting, as Everett Starr and Latimer Zyl had complained about the situation and demanded to be allowed to go free. Carbone then insisted that they should simply wait and see what happened, noting that they had been picked up without any press coverage and were not taken to the FBI Headquarters, so they clearly wanted something from them, as Carbone then witnessed Wilson Fisk stepping into the room, much to the complete surprise of everyone who was there.

Carbone being offered a tax from Wilson Fisk

As Starr questioned what was happening, Fisk explained that this was an opportunity for them, before Fisk claimed that he could offer them all protection from future FBI investigations and prosecutions, although John Hammer and Sophia Carter were unconvinced and believed Fisk was involved with a sting, with only Carbone asking Fisk how much he wanted for this protection. When Fisk demanded twenty percent of everything they made, Starr claimed Fisk wanted their confessions so he could stay in the Presidential Hotel, as Starr told Fisk that he had no interest with whatever Fisk was offering.

Carbone accepting Wilson Fisk's offerings

Following Starr's insult, Poindexter stepped out of the shadows, now wearing Daredevil's Suit and launched his Billy Club at Starr's head, fracturing his skull as Starr dropped down dead at the table, blood slowly pouring out of his head wound. Fisk then raised the price to twenty-five percent as Carbone told Fisk that he knew how to put on a show, before she then questioned how he wanted her to hand over the money. Carbone and the surviving crime bosses remained there for a short time as Fisk waited for Daredevil to show up so they could kill him until eventually Fisk gave up and returned to his hotel.[3]

Wilson Fisk's Wedding

Carbone listens to John Hammer's complaints

"That was a bold move to sit me next to the prosecutor who tried to send me away. I told him to hold my purse."
"That must have been very satisfying for you."
"It was. My tax dollars at work. You never disappoint."
―Rosalie Carbone and Wilson Fisk[src]

Carbone was invited to Wilson Fisk and Vanessa Marianna's wedding which was taking place at the Presidential Hotel. As Carbone arrived, she listened to Latimer Zyl question who Fisk had thought he was by inviting them all there, to which Carbone simply noted that Fisk was the only one with the power and influence to do it without any consequences. While John Hammer still noted how much Fisk angered him with his arrogance, Carbone handed Hammer some champagne and told him to relax, claiming that it would make him live longer.

Carbone greets Wilson Fisk at his wedding

Carbone then attended the wedding and found that Fisk had sat her beside the prosecutor who had attempted to have her sent away to prison for her crimes, with Carbone taking advantage of this situation by making him hold her purse. Following the ceremony, Carbone had greeted Fisk and Marianna as they got ready for their dance together, complimenting Marianna on how she looked before she noted to Fisk that the fax she was paying was indeed satisfactory is it meant she could insult her attempted prosecutor, before then allowing Fisk and Marianna to enjoy their fast dance as a married couple.

Carbone prepares to exit Fisk's wedding day

Carbone stayed and watched Fisk and Marianna enjoying their first dance, which was filmed on many of the guest's phones. However their dance was interrupted as footage of Ray Nadeem appeared on everybody's phones, as Nadeem confessed that several FBI agents, including him, had been blackmailed by Fisk into committing crimes. Seeing that everything was being exposed, Carbone made her hasty exit, moments before Benjamin Poindexter arrived at their reception and attempted to assassinate Fisk and Marianna, with Daredevil then stopping him, resulting in Fisk and Marianna being arrested.[4]


"Tempi cambi. That's your weakness, Carbone. You've always kept yourselves isolated."
Mariah Dillard to Rosalie Carbone[src]
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  • In the comics, Rosalie Carbone was a Mafia princess of the Carbone Crime Family who became attracted to the family's new addition, Johnny Tower, who actually was Frank Castle who infiltrated the family.


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