"Nice night, I'm not alone. You wanna come with us or you wanna make a mess?"
―Rory to Punisher[src]

Rory was a member of the Kitchen Irish who was ordered by Finn Cooley to find the Punisher, only to be shot and wounded during a stand-off with his target and later gave up Cooley's location while undergoing Daredevil's interrogation and torture.


Kitchen Irish

Finn Cooley's Mission

"Get out! Get out! Move! Let's go! That bastard shooter that massacred our brothers. Where is he?"

Rory offers Finn Cooley a drink of whiskey

Rory was called along with other members of the Kitchen Irish to mourn the loses of their allies in the wake of the Massacre at the Burren Club which had just claimed the lives of Nesbitt and many of their members. While Seamus gave a speech to honor the dead, they were interrupted by somebody walking into the room, causing Rory and the others to draw their guns. Seamus however ordered them to stand down when he saw that it was Finn Cooley who had arrived, so Rory was told to give Cooley a drink to welcome him, as Cooley noted that he remembered Rory while taking the drink.


Rory witnesses Finn Cooley killing Seamus

Rory watched as Cooley looked at the body of his own son, Kelly Cooley, who had been killed in the massacre. Seamus attempted to comfort Cooley but, as Rory looked on in horror and disgust, Cooley grabbed an ice pick and stabbed Seamus through the eye, killing him. As Cooley took some pills, Rory handed him a second glass of whiskey, which Cooley thanked him for. Cooley then ensured he had the men's loyalty before explaining that the Punisher had stolen his money when he attacked their Burren Club and ordered them to go and find him to get their money back and get their revenge.


Rory demands to know the Punisher's home

Following Cooley's orders, Rory first charged into a bar, armed with a shotgun which he held up to the owner's throat and then demanded information on the Punisher. Showing he meant business, Rory shot and killed one man in the bar before noting the Punisher clearly had some form of training from the United States Marine Corps to which the bartender claimed he had an idea of who he meant. Rory and his men then went into a pet store where they interrogated the Owner, with Rory shooting him point blank in the arm. The terrified man then noted the Punisher had a dog and gave them an address.


Rory searches through the Punisher's home

Eventually, Rory led Cooley into the residence of the Punisher, finding that he had kept Max the dog when he had killed Thomas during the shooting. Cooley ordered the men to find his money while he and Rory overlooked the residence, finding he was eating out of cans and slept on a poorly made bed. Although Rory's men failed to find the money, Cooley found a map of New York City on which Central Park had been highlighted, which appeared to confirm to Cooley who he was looking for before he ordered Rory and the others to leave and take the dog with them and then prepare for an ambush.[1]

Showdown with the Punisher


Rory comes face to face with the Punisher

"The one they call Punisher."
"Where is he?"
"It doesn't matter 'cause when we're done with him, he's as good as dead."
"That's helpful. But it's not what I asked."
―Rory and Daredevil[src]

Rory and his men successfully tracked the Punisher down to Central Park where they had found him sitting alone in the dark looking at the carousel. Once all the families had left, Rory made his presence known, noting that he had not come alone as more members of the Kitchen Irish came out from the darkness and all surrounded him. While the Punisher said nothing, Rory invited him to come with them willingly or threatened to make a mess if he chose to fight.


Rory's own life is threatened by the Punisher

Despite the threat, the Punisher got up to his feet and began walking towards Rory, who went inside his pocket. The Punisher managed to grab a hold of Rory and pulled the gun from his hands, however, Rory was still able to inject him with a needle. As the Kitchen Irish drew their guns, Rory desperately reminded them that Finn Cooley needed the Punisher alive. Despite Rory telling everyone to calm down and not shoot, the Punisher fired at the mobsters, with Rory being shot in the gut in their crossfire. While Rory lay on the ground in agony, his needle had its effect and the Punisher became dazed and was soon knocked out when shot with tasers under Cooley's orders.


Rory is tortured and questioned by Daredevil

Still in agony from the bullet in his gut, Rory attempted to crawl away to safety, however, he was found by Daredevil, who dragged him to the carousel. Despite attempting to shot at the vigilante, Rory was quickly disarmed as Daredevil demanded to know who had killed the men around them. Although Rory refused to answer his questions at first, Daredevil noted that he was bleeding out and that Daredevil would stay there all night if he needed to in order to get his answers. Rory eventually admitted that the Punisher was responsible for the deaths, but refused to admit where Cooley took him until Daredevil had twisted his arm and he confessed everything he knew.[1]


"Now, I count two ankles, two knees, one elbow. And guess what? I got five more rounds."

Rory showed himself to be a thuggish criminal, as he would hurt innocent people to get the information he needed from them. Despite this, he was loyal and dedicated to his job, as he told Frank Castle that he could take him to Finn Cooley, or it would be a mess. Though loyal, he showed himself to be cowardly, as he gave into Daredevil's demands despite refusing so at first.




Rory threatens a bartender with his shotgun

  • Mossberg 500: Rory used a Mossberg 500 shotgun to threaten some shop owners in Hell's Kitchen and learn the identity and whereabouts of Frank Castle. He killed a bar owner that tried to defend himself with his own shotgun, and then shot a pet store owner in the arm, making him confess Castle's address.
  • Para 1911 G.I. Expert: During the ambush on the Punisher, Rory drew this handgun only to be quickly disarmed by his target. Rory later attempted to use the gun to kill Daredevil only to be disarmed yet again by the vigilante.





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